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  1. Mine hums but you have to be very close to hear it. Haven't seen it for years - its at the bottom of the electric cupboard. Maybe you have something loose?
  2. I think they are probably the same batteries as I understand all the sealed ones use calcium to reduce electrolyte loss. The C has been dropped from the Numax data sheet product list for calcium batteries even though it still says CXV in the title. I remember reading several threads about short life caused by using too low a charge voltage with sealed batteries so I just ignore the E03 error. This is not a recommendation to anyone else - just my conclusion from reading a lot of very conflicting information.
  3. Are these same as my Numax CXV 31 MF? I set my Smartgauge to setting 6 and get 03 error every time my Victron goes into bulk.
  4. I would leave the accumulator in circuit. My Par Max 2.9 did work OK without an accumulator but it would fire up in the night as the calorifier cooled down. There was also some vibration / hammering when turning off taps. All fixed when I installed an accumulator.
  5. If its a Surecal there is a non return valve in the bottom fitting which stops it draining.
  6. Have a look at Vetus "Round air suction vent" ERV110. It includes a dorade box which is ducted upwards to reduce risk of water entering the vent. I built two into steel boxes (ducts) installed the corners and about 500mm above the rear deck of a semi trad. Scares me seeing open vents in the hull just above water level even on canals and rivers.
  7. New NOx standards and UK carbon floor tax. No new boilers for coal stations allowed. Will all be OK when Hinkley Point is finished - what can possibly go wrong?
  8. Just caught up with the news that the power station has closed which was a major employer and accounted for 9% of the local rates. Rugeley used to have a very big coal mine which also closed some years ago. Was a prosperous place once. Northern Powerhouse?
  9. It is a good restaurant but the a la carte is expensive. They used to have some special set menus on certain nights. Walking distance to a canal and station is a bit limiting. Burton and Stone on the T&M? Paul
  10. Soar Valley use 5mm for roof and sides. Very good welding and all panels straight. Will accomodate any special requests with good advice about what works. Very happy with my Soar Valley sailaway. Paul
  11. Possibly - see: http://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/media/268789/ecp-private-boats-ed3_rev2_apr2015_public_final.pdf Section 6.1.1 and 6.1.2
  12. I think it's called winding! Only way before engines were invented. Paul
  13. 2 strands of 6mm2 would be an alternative. A bit cheaper and possibly easier for getting round corners. Mine is like this. Paul
  14. If you visit Vehicle Wiring Products in Ilkeston you can get a 12v 20a toggle switch (ref # 60300) with standard blade connectors for £6.86 + VAT. Worth getting to know them as you live close by. Paul
  15. 16 valve Skoda - 8 in the engine and 8 in the radio Open top Skoda - skip Double the value of a Skoda - fill it with petrol Skoda heated rear window - keeps your hands warm when pushing it I'll try to remember the others. Paul