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  1. I think aluminium is more reactive, but behaves differently to steel as it rapidly forms a protective thin oxide layer that does not fall off as rust does from steel.
  2. I have been told they became unpopular after a fatality on the LLangollen due to a person caught between a bridge and the bar.
  3. 82dB at one metre is quoted on another site.
  4. Transvesseltite surely?
  5. In that case you might be interested in a service like Crashplan (no connection other than as a user at work - other products are available.) You can configure this to save files (encrypted) to their cloud as often as you wish, and keep as many old versions as you wish, then forget it until needed. For an individual I think the service is a few dollars a month for unlimited storage.
  6. I'm sorry I haven't a clue
  7. I see three on the home page, but 10 on the right column of my VNC page. I don't mind the former, but so many truncated images on the VNC page is a bit of an irritation.
  8. Not quite what you are asking for, and not perfect, but setting your "Time" filter to "Since my last visit" would clear away some of the backlog of things you don't want to read.
  9. Yes, the D indicates metal drain plug.
  10. I have used the Baldwin B587D as a replacement for the Vetus original with no issues.
  11. An alternative is to set up a free 070 personal number on for example for use in such cases. You can set this up to record a voicemail and email it to you (or transfer to your own number if you prefer). That way if someone legitimate really wants to contact you they can, but since the cold callers don't like the high call rates for 070 numbers, and in my experience never leave messages, it effectively filters them out.
  12. I have had calls (British Gas I think) where their first comment was "I need to take you through security". I said that they must know who I am as they've just phoned me. This didn't move them so I asked why they wanted to talk to me as I hadn't initiated any contact. They were prepared to say it was in connection with a desire to sell me something, so I declined the call. If it is a call back about a fault though, it would seem to appropriate to take them through security in some way after confirming your name e.g. "what is the number of the problem ticket that you are calling to tell me about", and if all else fails call them back so you know who you are speaking to.
  13. The manual may help:
  14. The ethylene glycol (same antifreeze chemical for all colours) doesn't age. The lifespan of an antifreeze/coolant relates to the life span of the corrosion inhibitors - 2 years for blue, longer for others. Overall cost works out similar for both for the life of the coolant, (maybe a bit cheaper for the longer life stuff overall I've been told). Different anti-corrosion components shouldn't be mixed though, or might lead to chemicals sedimenting out or forming a gel - so your choice depends a bit on how thoroughly you can be bothered to flush.
  15. He would have been referring to the skin tank which is on the right of your first photo, with hoses going from the engine to the top and bottom. Easiest way to drain is to disconnect the bottom hose and catch the coolant for disposal as others have said. Bear in mind on refilling via the expansion tank you need to premix antifreeze and water, otherwise with their different densities they won't mix in the engine.