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  1. Where is bridge 9 3/4?
  2. The man came on here for help and support to deal with mistakes of his own and others resulting in the prospect of enormous bills. He has got the clarification, admitted some of his own shortcomings, and is still in need of tea & sympathy. There is no need to harry the guy further. imho.
  3. and a rope can be cut in moments of need though I can't think of a relevant circumstance where you might want to.
  4. When scrolling down I accidently run over the poster's icon and get a nasty huge pop-up. This happens a lot and is irritating. To display the poster's details should be a click not a rollover. (On a Mac)
  5. First hump the cassette up the steps (assuming your bog is not on the roof). Then across to the pooery. Then heave it on to sink. I can't hump that much these days.
  6. Congratulations on reaching 1000!
  7. I have 2 mud weights that I have never used. I am confident I could lift them out as far as the water surface but I am not sure about getting them back over the side. They are 56lb. I'm also not sure how good they would be at keeping the boat in one place. I think the boat would flop about a bit on the slack in the rope/chain (assuming 1 at each end).
  8. Can you stand it on end (the blunt end)? Would that give any benefit?
  9. Fish kettles are available on free loan at Waitrose. How long ago was that? Did you obtain any documentation from your sprayfoamer as to what heshe used?
  10. How old is your cauliflower? Is the noise coming from the tank itself or one of the connectors or the expanson tank? What brand of cauliflower is it? Do you have a pic? Have you tried using a piece of hose to locate the sound? (like a stethoscope)
  11. And remove all fridges! (Ice blocks to be supplied daily.)
  12. Anybody able to give a reference to this as I can't find it in the BSS guide?
  13. In the age of the terrorist rehousing the occupants of these high-risk towers is an even higher priority than it would otherwise be.
  14. Conjecture: If you spray water over the boat then the air will be saturated and evaporation from the surface will be severely reduced. Ideally pour the water thinly over the surface with a strong breeze (however obtained) for maximum cooling. It's the latent heat of evaporation that you're after, not the simple transfer of heat from the metal to the water? Or am I way off the mark here?
  15. I'm a keen supported of QE but I have no interest whatever in any of her relatives and have no idea who they are. I am not a member of young people!