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  1. I find that every piece of safety equipment I have come across has, in addition to its designed safety benefits, a drawback of some sort. Safety glasses are an obvious example. They protect your eyes at the expense of reducing your peripheral vision somewhat. I would not recommend the use of lifejackets on non-river canals, rather I would recommend that the candidate make a choice of whether to wear one based on their knowledge of their own sure-footedness and general competence. I find wearing one inhibits movement and adds to the general complexity of the operation. Obviously if the user is already familiar with the particular jacket then this does not apply.
  2. Best wishes to all the teams from another unfortunately vicarious boat, here.
  3. Has anybody got an idea of where these can be bought, or do you have to make your own?
  4. I read the BBC website every week to discover what is bad for me this week and what is ok this week that was bad for me last week. Currently it is Sunflower Oil that is being put to the torch and Olive Oil is our hero. I have no trouble stretching a pat of butter to cover a whole slice of toast and until then I keep it in the fridge. It is easier to use if you cut slices of butter to put on the toast rather than trying to spread it.
  5. Any group that has a grudge has the capacity to grow stronger by nursing that grudge, finding or making an opposition, and confronting it. One was of doing this is to adopt, merge with, or take over an existing strong group and take its principles to extreme. Taking over a religion, either wholly or in part, is an effective way to do this. I suggest that Islam is the victim of an extreme pressure group and should not be blamed in itself, anymore than we blame Christianity for the inhumanity of the Crusades. That is not to exonerate individuals who call themselves Islamists, Christians, etc who commit evil crimes. We need to solve the problem of the original grudge group not the religion.
  6. I've rigged up this giant catapult, Bizz, and I'm firing the cones over to you, one at a time, every hour, on the hour. Unfortunately I've not perfected the accuracy of the trajectory yet, so some may land in Peking or other places slightly not in your back yard. Please let me know when some land within reach.
  7. What is required is love for all, not just those in Manchester, but all those suffering at the other end of this conflict as well. Somewhat difficult to engineer. I look forward to hearing all manner of clerics urging this upon us all? I am ever hopeful ....
  8. The bomber has strengthened our sense of community and strengthened our resolve to fight back. This is normal. By attacking us he has strengthened us. We will now attack his group/clan/tribe/faith back and we will strengthen them in a similar fashion. Which is of course what he really wants. The entire process is designed to concentrate us, the people, all the people, into separate, discrete, groups. Then each group feels good about belonging to their group and this gives considerable but unconscious satisfaction (not the best word) just as in NI each of the factions enjoys considerable "satisfaction" from being reminded that they belong to their group. We (all the people) need to find a response which does not strengthen either side but reinforces the fact that it is us, all the people, who have to find a solution to the underlying grievances that any of us have.
  9. Understanding religious fundamentalism is simple, it is just using the most fundamental survival instinct of a group against severe threat. It is nothing to do with religion proper and more to do with tribalism. In WWII if a member of our armed services volunteered for a near-suicidal mission which would achieve an objective we believed useful to our fight, we would think him a hero, even if there was some collateral damage, provided that the objective appeared to justify it. We would do this because of the severity of threat/damage caused to us by our foes. For the educated Glasgow people to do what they did, they must be impelled by similarly powerful forces. In some way we created those forces. Having accepted that we have created those powerful forces, how do we remove them and thus remove the driving force behind what these people are trying to do?
  10. But it would need to be an art work of some sort, to attract grants, possibly with lasers and sound effects.
  11. What's this all about???
  12. Reform the BBC to report actual news not anticipated news nor opinions legalise the sale of all drugs in small amounts to adults who can show they know what they are doing apply a new & heavy tax on all forms of advertising penalise unnecessary commuter-based working practices where home online working will do and reward online homeworking tax free newspapers, with a double tax on the Evening Standard foster the Oates principle - if you can't toilet yourself or speak or see then its time for you to walk (even though you can't) off-stage make the school/education term 52 week pa with parents free to holiday their kids undertake to flog the Falklands & Gibraltar in 100 years time fix a limit to the population of London & require the possession of a license to live there ban cars from inner cities I've left off some of the more contentious ones, I'll only tell you about those once I've been elected.
  13. Ok, we've worked this topic quite hard and its beginning to flag. Can we inject some life into it by asking for contributions for what forumites would have in their manifestoes? 10 short principles say, without too much detail or waffle?
  14. The professional stuff that is, as in the linked picture. I suspect the diy stuff that comes in calor-style bottles is not quite so solid but that is just from looking at pictures of the results so may be wrong. It is not the same as the professional stuff which I believe is nitrogen propelled. The stuff in cans is weaker still in my experience, probably because of the less efficient propellant system.
  15. It is tempting to think that people who commit these atrocities are demented. They may be to some degree, but a better view is that they are extremely angry with what they consider we have done to them. Does anybody know what that is? I don't.