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  1. I agree with the above but have to assign blame also to the managements of the day that contributed to the "them & us" management / labour school of workplace relationships.
  2. 5 things that make this country great. Ummm. Here is my first attempt: 1. Basic honesty. Unlike Greece, parts of Italy, Cyprus etc where corruption is a normal part of life. Here we confine dishonesty to the banking system. 2. Climate. Mostly. Excluding Scotland. You can get warmer but I value the great British agriculture. 3. Technology. Shortly all to be sold off to China. Unfortunately a rather high proportion devoted to making devices for killing people. 4. Democratic system. Highly flawed and well behind what current technology could support but better than many others. 5. Absence (mostly) of tyrannical "blocks", such as tribes, religious power blocks, classes, casts, etc
  3. I've got a leaky UFO. I thought that was impossible. I'll have to take it apart and see what is going on. It is on the centre line of the roof as well!
  4. The main challenge we face is convincing these people that there is no "future existence" into which they can pass unharmed after they have committed their atrocity. The afterlife is an invention of many faiths which they promise in order to offer their group the ultimate in welfare which they clearly cannot supply in this current life. It is the ultimate in "jam tomorrow". Religion is the extreme group, where every aspect of being a group is extreme, from unchanging leadership (God) in an unchanging universe to extreme welfare.
  5. You can tell your computer that it is to be hampered by the sand by using the shift and 7 keys.
  6. It would be nice to know a bit more about the beginning too!
  7. Give him a chance, he has a crisis to deal with.
  8. Lend your boat to a relative for a week would seem to me to be the easiest way to get diesel in the wrong place.
  9. They managed it once before, I think, in 1792?
  10. If it is the wish of the majority of our politicians to engineer some sort of failure of the Brexit process to cause us to remain in the EU then I am encouraged. I am supremely confident that our politicians do not have the competence to achieve anything that they set out to do and will therefore fail to keep us in. We do not want to rejoin for at least 20 years. Roll on the French elections!
  11. Thank you both. I must have had an off-day when I was searching the web for it.
  12. Does anybody know where you can get empty paint tins? I have stockpiled a number of 2.5L high VOC tins of paint that I would like to use in smaller quantities. Ideally I would like to decant them into smaller tins.
  13. Is anyone working on getting the Calendar set up for events in 2017? To make it easy for people to see when Banters might be possible? Looking at the Calendar structure, it would be much nicer if the stream output was small & text-based instead of being so large.
  14. I still have my sliderule... Mental arithmetic is not needed "because we have calculators". (anything to oblige.) But yes, a reasonableness check is always a good idea near a calculator.
  15. Before you bother with taking up a subscription with RCR, do their training courses. They will save you a fortune. See also