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  1. I like that! The heron looks really good, nice artwork. I am not against tattoos generally but I do have very mixed feelings about them. I see so many middle aged (or older) women with a coloured splodge on their shoulder that is partially covered by the strap of whatever top they are wearing. I think they probably hoped they were having a discreet, maybe sexy little rosebud or bumblebee applied but unless they wear a strapless top it is always partially obscured and if I get close enough to make out what the coloured splodge is supposed to depict I realise that whoever applied it probably failed art at school. I think this is the problem, if somebody has a design they really love and has someone they can trust to do a really good job of applying it then fine, but it can never be changed and that is the problem for me. I will wear a favourite piece of jewellery for a decade and then just decide to start wearing a different piece because I want a change. I could not do that with a tattoo. I did seriously consider having one a number or years ago but decided to live with the desire for 2 years before having it done. 2 years came and went and I realised I was not bothered about having it done after all. Now some 8 years later I am actually really pleased I did not have it done. But that is just me. It would be a boring world if we all thought the same
  2. Make sure the longer one will fit under any low bridges on "your patch" when your water tank is almost empty and your diesel tank is almost full
  3. Thank you very much indeed Laurence
  4. Oooh! That would be marvellous! What do you reckon Laurence? (she says fluttering her eyelids hopefully)
  5. Yup, Unless anyone else is interested Auntie Wainwright would be very happy to take them and see if some good homes can be found for them with people who are prepared to hand over some money for Chesterfield Canal Trust in return. That would be very nice indeed thank you Laurence. My biggest problem is that as delightful as a day out in Shropshire would be, I am about to head off for 21 days out - in India and most of our volunteers up here are far too busy restoring a canal to be driving across the country for a splendid day out. If there is anyone reading this who lives close to Laurence and might be able to pick them up for us and get them into the CWDF carrying company system then that would be amazing!
  6. It was a huge amount of fun at the time, we felt honoured to be invited to celebrate with the happy couple and it was an amazing wedding. This is what happens when you attend banters and meet other forum members!
  7. For some reason I never actually got around to making this bit of video I took four years ago public until I learned about settings last night! I discovered a couple of daft videos I had uploaded and this was one. Odana of this parish had a desire that when she wed her betrothed in Birmingham her wedding guests would cause gridlock on The BCN Well we were all very happy to oblige and the obvious way to get the group photo of all the wedding guests was to raft the boats up across the canal and get someone with a camera on the bridge. The Master Of Ceremonies became temporary harbourmaster and the deed was done.
  8. Hi Jaq, I am praying you will find peace and courage to take you through this painful time. You clearly have so many wonderful memories of wonderful times spent boating with Les which will be a comfort to you now.
  9. This was brought home to me when we were fortunate enough to go and see the migration near Gruissan in France. So many wonderful birds coming right over our head (some at very low level) and moving so fast on such a windy day (we could barely stand up and people were weighting their tripods down with rocks to stop them getting blow over) . Being so inexperienced at identification and knowing that many of the birds I was seeing were likely to be coming from all over Northern Europe so they may not be familiar to me anyway I just observed with little hope of knowing what it was that just buzzed past my right ear at 90 miles an hour. I was reliant upon the very helpful people from Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux de l'Aude who would point to the bird in their guide for me but relying on the latiin name made it possible. I took a photograph of the blackboard liting what had been spotted that day with the intention of trying to translate from French but never got around to it!
  10. They are obviously playing an educational too!
  11. I have been joining in for years and have not had any problems with demands for donations. It is worth mentioning those that don't have a garden can still take part. All you boat dwellers can simply decide before hand the area you plan to describe as your "garden" then settle down with a nice hot cuppa and a notepad so you can do your tally from the warmth of your boat. When you enter the results it asks questions to determine what time of "garden" you have. It is great fun to do and I think it could be interesting is a few of us came and reported our results here just as a comparison
  12. Is this the first time you have cleaned it in the several years you have had it?
  13. Another vote for Ally here, she knows exactly how to make the most use of space and is very mindful of budget making suggestions that can save a great deal of money in the long run.
  14. Our cratch cover is green..... but it was made out of green fabric It is affected by algae but it doesn't show too badly against the green fabric, the lichen does though!
  15. We have a journey of around an hour to our boat but the walk from the car park to boat is another 10 minutes. It used to be more like an hour and 15 minutes before we moved - except on a Friday night it was very rarely an hour and fifteen minutes! Interestingly we have two completely different routes we use to get to our boat, one using the motorway and the other not. Both take about the same amount of time but the motorway usually feels faster and I suspect is cheaper as we are not stop start. Recently a road was closed and we took a diverison through roads we had never used before and found it lops a corner off the trip and is faster.