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  1. We didn't expect to go but a last minute change of mind and a very early start saw us get there and enjoy the festivities Lovely to see a lot of good friends and meet a few new faces too. So sorry to hear about your gearbox problem Alan. I hope something can be sorted out soon
  2. Glad you enjoyed your cycle ride. If anyone else fancies cycling (or walking) the route there is some information here: Chesterfield Canal Trust You can download walking guides (as well as a lot of other information) from the website and there seems to be an increased interest in folks walking or cycling the entire length of the towpath these days, even though many of them do it in bite size chunks.
  3. That looks lovely The spire in Chesterfield is not just twisted though, it leans as well! According to Wikki: " The spire was added to the 14th-century tower in about 1362.[8] It is both twisted and leaning, twisting 45 degrees and leaning 9 ft 6 in (2.9 m) from its true centre. The leaning characteristic was initially suspected to be the result of the absence of skilled craftsmen (the Black Death had been gone only twelve years before the spire's completion), insufficient cross bracing, and the use of unseasoned timber.[citation needed] It is now believed that the twisting of the spire was caused by the lead that covers the spire. The lead causes this twisting phenomenon, because when the sun shines during the day the south side of the tower heats up, causing the lead there to expand at a greater rate than that of the north side of the tower, resulting in unequal expansion and contraction. This was compounded by the weight of the lead (approximately 33 tonnes) which the spire's bracing was not originally designed to bear. Also it was common practice to use unseasoned timber at the time the spire was built as when the wood was seasoned it was too hard to work with, so as unseasoned wood was used they would have made adjustments as it was seasoning in place." I went up there a couple of years ago, it was an amazing experience
  4. Sorry to have taken a while to see your post. I am still struggling to navigate the forum since it all changed. I will try and find your thread
  5. The basin has been there for a while but I could infuriatingly only ever peer through a fence around the building site it was in the middle of. This week Chesterfield Canal Trust Supporters Group were invited to take a walk from Tapton Lock Visitor Centre, along the canal, past the flood lock and along the River Rother and into the site. This meant I finally managed to get the photo I have been waiting to take - a reflection of the crooked spire in the canal basin! Now I need to wait until I can the same photo with Python moored in the basin I have to say the plans are very impressive. They have now watered down the design and instead of a canal link running into the basin they will dredge the river and put a lock up into the basin for daytime moorings with some visitor moorings moorings on the river section but the first houses have been built and lived in for a while and now all the enablement works are complete they expect to start building in January
  6. Clearly written as someone who knows the ropes Thank you - I am still having to correct myself every time I refer to the roof cabin top so I have grave doubts about how long it will take me to replace the word "rope" with "line" in my vocabulary .... perhaps I need to write 100 lines until I get it right
  7. Every day is a school day! Would that fasten to the big metal loop on that rail so it could slide to whichever side it was required? We do not have that rail as Python has doors in that end of the cabin, We have a line each side that is fastened onto the upstand of the hand rail - at least we did have one each side until one got stolen some time back shortly before her bottom was condemned and we have not got around to doing anything about replacing it since because there have been far more pressing matters to deal with. Not for too much longer though!
  8. P.S. Python does use centre lines. They were in use before we had the modifications done in the front of the hold when we could not access the bow of the boat. We do now have some access but centre lines are useful!
  9. Thanks everyone for their replies. I am so sorry I did not revisit this thread last night. I was in a meeting and did not get home until around 11:30pm and my head was spinning! Our own ropes (the "silky" ones) are almost certainly cotton but there are all kinds of grades of cotton and these are lovely to handle. While we want Python to look "right" we are not overly concerned with being 100% authentic, Python is a historic boat that still works and, being crewed by volunteers who may not have a great deal of boating experience we prefer to make life a bit easier (and safer) for them if possible. I am of the mind that if the boatmen of the past had access to things that made their lives a little easier then I am sure they would have adopted them. I will have a look at synthetic hemp thank you.
  10. I used to be a much more regular visitor than I am now and while I remember there being quite a bit of rubbish on that last section into the basin I do not think it is much different to any other canal that goes through a densely populated and fairly poor urban area. (it is not always the poorer areas either!) What surprises me is that there were no other boats seen? Where were the hire fleet and day boats? Where was Panther? Panther does a regular canal clean up trip - maybe a few local folks ought to get involved and help get it cleaned up?
  11. We need to invest in a new set of ropes for Python and I thought I would ask for some opinions from those of you here who have more knowledge about what the different types of rope are called. We do not have a chandlery near to us that I can go to fondle a selection of rope and when ordering the stuff online you can't tell what it feels like. We have some wonderful ropes we use on our boat which are lovely to handle and after the very harsh (and very tired) ropes we are currently using on Python they are a pleasure to handle but we do not leave them on the boat full time. We have a set of old ropes we tie the boat up with at her mooring and bring the "nice" ones inside, only using them when we cruise. They have been on the boat from new (I think that is 13 years this year) but only used for leisure. They are a natural material and when an end started to come un-spliced a couple of years ago I noticed the fibres are very soft and almost silky. I have a feeling they might have been quite expensive? . I suspect if they were used as permanent mooring lines they would have been long gone though and I need what we use on Python to be good value for money and last well even if used permanently and not taken inside. If folks can share their experiences of both good and bad please (so I know what to avoid!) Thank you
  12. I have just noticed this thread has been resurrected and so I thought I would give an update on my opening post. We decided to trim our side of the huge privet hedge down to a much more manageable height at the tail end of summer 2015 and during 2016 we put more pressure on ur neighbours to bring their side of the hedge under control. Eventually late in the summer of last year they got the hedge cut and now it is all a more uniform 7' high. Through the winter the sparrows returned! I suspect the top of the hedge being unruly was putting them off. They like to perch on top and look all around them but can vanish deep inside the hedge in a second if they feel threatened. They have been collecting nesting material in the garden this spring and I am looking forward to them bringing the first of the fledglings to visit. The problem now is that we appear to have not one but two new cats in the neighbourhood
  13. Yes she has a very pretty bow doesn't she - I am a sucker for a Josher bow even if the cabin isn't the prettiest of conversions: I have now discovered how to get a photo to embed in the thread which I have not been able to do since the forum changed
  14. Thanks everyone who has taken the time to make suggestions. I have quoted Dan because what he says makes perfect sense. We have had a meeting this evening and discussed the livery and it has been decided that we will keep it blue. If we have to repaint it every couple of years to keep it tidy so be it. If we have a new friend who manufactures paints and the original has faded a bit then I am sure he will mix accordingly when we go to buy the next batch
  15. Thanks Hughc, yes we have used Dacrylate a few times, it is good stuff. On this occasion we will be using Paintman products as they are very kindly supporting Python by supplying it for us. Looking at their website I have high hopes that the quality will be superb. I will get the team who use it to report back once they have tried it. We only use Bitumin above the top guard on the hold (because it stays black and is easy to touch in and keep it looking reasonable) We have used a 2-pack on hull below that. She will be slipped at the end of May, almost 2 years after it went on and it will be interesting to see how it has held up