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  1. Many of you will remember me asking you all to get involved in voting for Chesterfield Canal's Trust's project for an archaeological dig when the Aviva funding was available Many of you will remember how thrilled we were when, thanks to your votes, we won the funding. Well now is the time for you to register your interest in taking part and you can do it by visiting this link. Book Your Place Here Please consider sharing this around any groups that you are part of who might like to get involved. We are very keen to encourage as much public participation as possible, so we are inviting you to register and book your place. Each day is divided into two sections – morning and afternoon. Apart from actually digging, there will be lots of other jobs, such as washing the finds, interpreting and explaining to onlookers. We hope to have a simple refreshment facilty onsite. I was going to try and insert the maps from the web page into this post because I know some people on here love maps and ariel photography but for some reason I am struggling to make it work! Please visit the link to have a look at them or perhaps someone else can make it work for me?
  2. Thank you Sandgrown Thank you too for being part of a fantastic group of people who totally transformed my understanding of trailboats last year! I spotted a photo of one of the boats on FB a day or so ago, back in the water after a winter of being trailer bound. Nostalgic thoughts of the wonderful crowd that visited us last year filled my head and I started working out if we can come and see you all at Moira this year - working on that one
  3. We once arrived in Birmingham around 11pm only to find a large section of moorings taped off as there was a dragon boat race the next day. After investigating it was realised that as we were going to be moving off again first thing we would not inconvenience anyone by using a mooring. I would also say that there seems to be a desire to find a "quiet" mooring. While I completely understand that everyone wants a peaceful nights sleep if someone is after a quiet mooring then a city centre is not the place to find it. What you will find is a wonderful vibrant city which comes with a certain amount of activity = noise. One of my favourite impromtu parties was when we moored in Brum on the night that GB won all those gold medals in the London Olympics. There was a huge screen by the Mail Box showing the events live and the balconies and bridge there were filled with people enjoying a night out in the city celebrating our countries achievements. We were moored just at the base of that bridge. We had a great party with the folks on neighbouring boats, it was not quiet!
  4. CRT had their Open Lock event at Turnerwood on The Chesterfield Canal this weekend. No doubt many of you have been to an open lock event before now but this one was a little bit different. Some of you may have seen a similar evening spectacular in London earlier this winter (I think at St Pancras?) My understanding is that CRT wanted to trial the evening event at one urban and one rural location and the rural location they chose was Turnerwood on The Chesterfield Canal. It is an absolutely idyllic location but without a road (let alone a car park) anywhere close by it meant that any visitors had to walk a kilometre up a flight of locks to reach the open event and then another kilometre back down again. Needless to say quite a few people were holding their breath and hoping that people would be prepared to make the effort. What many of those people did not count upon was the huge love that the general public have for The Chesterfield Canal and this stretch is incredibly popular for walkers and cyclists so when the sun came out so did the masses and the site was busy with a constant stream of people making the pilgrimage to see what was going on. Dawn Rose, Chesterfield Canal Trust's hand build wooden "Cuckoo" boat carried the new lock gates up there last week for CRT. Hugh Henshall, the trip boat acted as a pop up cafe to provide refreshments and Python was on hand to act as warehouse space for the performers during the evening event. The entire kilometre length of the towpath was illuminated with flaming torches which was absolutely magical as they cast their reflection on the water. There was something really lovely about the route being lined this way - It was very refreshing that there was not some H&S bod who said it was too risky! Of course it was evident that a great deal of H&S precautions were in place but it was unobtrusive. As you came close to the open lock the grassy area on the offside of Stone lock has Swedish torches burning then there were sculptures with flames and fountains above the lock. There were three performances, each lasting around 20 minutes and they rotated so you could arrive at any time and watch all three through. A soleful saxophone playing in an illuminated empty lock, the saxophonist moving through the crowd in the darkness as he played, illuminated only by the flames reflection off the brass of the sax. Some dancers went through their paces, rising from the lock and doing some delicate and elegant lifts. Personally the piece I liked best was the narrator. His name is Dave Stickman Higgins and he read a piece he had written which incorporated a vast amunt of detail about the history of the canal interwoven with details of things about the canal that are current. It was fantastic! The event was incredibly well attended and I will try and link to some photos of the evening event when I can Apart from organising a crew to move the lock gates on Dawn Rose, A crew to move Hugh Henshall and staff a pop up cafe on board for two days and an evening, a crew to move Python a two day trip in either direction including litter picking there and back again Chesterfield canal Trust have also had two trip boats craned out on the unconnected section, blacked them both and back in last week, had a sell out concert at Hollingwood Hub last Wednesday, achieved a 5 star hygiene rating for their pop up cafe at Hollingwood Hub today, got permission from the borough council for the much publicised archeological dig in September, Hollingwood Hub and one of the trip boats has been involved in a pond dipping educational exercise today, Contractors started work on replacing the flood gate close to Chesterfield today, we have been busy taking bookings for Easter trips on the boats and publicising an open event at Retford & Worksop Boat Club on April 1st. Oh did I mention the trustee meeting tomorrow and the AGM next week..... and then we only have 35 days to get Python ready for BSS Never a dull moment volunteering for Chesterfield Canal trust .... It never fails to impress me the sheer volume of volunteer hours our supporters put in.
  5. I have a bottle of Colron Wood Lightener on one of my Auntie Wainwright shelves. It says it lightens wood and removes stains. The contents are 27.5% w/w Hydrogen Peroxide. What part of the Midlands are you in? I could not send this through the post to you because it's corrosive and has a vented cap so it has to stay upright but you would be welcome to it if I can get it to you somehow. If some shrapnel out of your purse made it's way into Chesterfield Canal Trust's coffers that would be nice, but not necessary
  6. I have looked at our plan for Python this summer and we do have a couple of days spare between slipping at Sheet Stores and arriving in Coventry in June so purely on the basis of available time it appears feasible. What I can't say is whether any of our volunteers fancy a detour to see The Erewash for a couple of days and whether our volunteers are happy to share their sleeping quarters with a large lump of cast iron for a few weeks. (the one who stubs his toe on that when he gets up for a pee in the middle of the night will curse!) I am also no expert on how the weight might affect her handling (although I have taken on board the comments from those who have experience here. We have a crew meeting this week and I will put it to the team and see what they think.
  7. The OP says it is a bare engine block. Is the weight you mention for a complete engine?
  8. Hmmmm Python will be at Long Eaton in May and travelling on to Braunston. A trip up The Erewash might be a possibility but we have to loiter between times and will be in Coventry for a short time. I need to check dates I presume there would be cranes at both ends and the engine will be strapped to a palette in such a way that it can't fall over? My concern would be that somebody might take a shine to a large lump of scrap metal in an open hold of a boat. I know it would take some getting out but if they have a some chain and......
  9. Copied from Chesterfield Canal Trust's website - the link can be visited here:
  10. I admire anyone who can work with yarn or fabric. I have knitted two garments in my lifetime (I thought they were OK but Ma-in-law was never without a knitting needle tucked under her arm and as I was never going to measure up to be suitable wife material for her son the items I made were subject to great scrutiny and critism so it put me off) I have never managed to crochet. Grandma used to knit and crochet dolls which she would sell. I remember them being really rather beautiful. She also used to make lace. When I was in my teens (in the 70's) she made me a waistcoat out of crochet squares. Proper wool, all really taught and sort of close stitching. I was about 15 and I HATED it! I remember wearing it once under sufferance just to please Grandma then it was put away. Grandma died but when my first baby was born Mum has unpicked the squares and made it into a pram blanket for her. Mum also crochet a second pram blanket. I still have both blankets, One day we will have a boat they have a place in
  11. Oh come on.... you have read all these posts saying how VHS tapes are a dying breed, you should consider it an investment - I mean look how much pre-recorded Betamax video tapes or 8-track cassettes sell for now. People should be clamouring to take these off my hands, probably a safer bet than leaving your money in a bank I guess that is a cue to sort out another auction, yeah, OK. Only just got acclimatised to being back in UK after 3 glorious weeks in Goa and I have a team of volunteers working like the clappers to try and get a historic boat ready for a summer season and some serious renovation work going on at home. I will try and get something together in the next few weeks to satisfy your need for an auction and I will include a VHS tape in that
  12. No I used to volunteer at the last charity shop in Chesterfield that took VCR tapes. We used to get huge bin liners full of them. I used to sort through them and throw out all the copies of The Full Monty and Brassed Off but put any nature, travel, train, old westerns or old B&W films in a dump bin and they would get snapped up at 50p each. Of course they were s/h unknown quality films, not brand new stock like these but there is still a market for them if the price is right
  13. Crikey MrSmelly - £20? Is that just for one title? If so which do you want? I was going to pop them on eBay at a price reduced from that Laurence had been selling them for - I also have an outlet at our pop up shop at Hollingwood which is very close to Barrow Hill and consequently gets a few passing steam train entusiasts. They are a breed that still use VCR!
  14. Just to resurrect this thread, I have not taken delivery of the videos and they are great thank you very much Laurence. Many thanks to Tree Monkey and my daughter for sorting out the transportation and storage of them for me. Anyone want to buy a VHS video? All proceeds to Chesterfield Canal Trust