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  1. We did something similar a few years ago. Our friends parked in the road next to the last few locks. We checked it was alright with one of the local residents first. Moored at the junction many times and it's always been OK. IIRC the moorings opposite the sanitary station are on hardstanding those around the corner on the Peak Forest canal suffer bank erosion and some were fenced off .with Defra rash last time we went by.
  2. Can't speak for the moorhens but I think they won't trouble you too much.
  3. Rumour has it that Gordon Lambert has bought the marina. I agree with pearly. With boats in the poly-tunnel and those moored nearby encroaching into the station mooring it leaves not enough space to get a 57ft boat alongside.
  4. Thank you all for your suggestions. I am trying to decide when to do that trip so no point in ringing the lockie until the date is set. Knowing roughly the times in relation to the tide will help the decision making.
  5. Thanks Joe. I have the tide times at Hull just couldn't remember what time I would need to be at Keadby ready to pen down.
  6. I've gone out of Keadby several times in the past but I am trying to remember the approximate times for penning out to go to Cromwell in relation to high tide at Hull. i.e If HT at Hull is 8.30am what time approximately are we likely to be let out. Please can someone remind me.
  7. Yes I know so if you intend to visit Liverpool during that period the Rochdale is not an option - the L&L is the only route to Liverpool. Having said that you won't be disappointed no matter which route you choose.
  8. In terms of workload there's not a lot in it between the Rochdale and L&L when considering all those swing bridges between Leeds and Gargrave and Wigan flight. Both are set amidst wonderful scenery. I probably prefer the Rochdale as the descent into Manchester is not dissimilar to the descent into Wigan. However if the Bridgewater closure is preventing you choosing the L&L to get to the Macc, it will also prevent your intended trip to Liverpool during the same period.
  10. We've had a Sealand vacuflush with a vacuum generator from Leesan for over 12 years and are delighted with it. I was told the vacuum generator bellows would need replacing after a few years so bought a replacement - it's still in the box. Uses a small amount of flushing water something to consider if you have a small holding tank.
  11. If you go up on a neap tide on a calm day I think you won't find much difference to going along a non-tidal river. It will take a bit longer but you can stay over at Torksey. I'm moored near Huddersfield and find the Trent a much easier and preferred option than the 'Narrow' and Standedge tunnel. I usually aim for an early morning spring tide as I like to get from Keadby to Newark in a day.
  12. I would recommend the Trent going upstream is a less daunting than coming down.
  13. Leeds & Liverpool Canal > River Trent - inconvenient but not impossible. I am due to meet up with my mate in Castlefield in June I'm coming over the Huddersfield and he's coming from the Lancaster Canal. With the prospect of a further delay it's looking like a change of plan for one or both of us. I'm assuming here that only the Leigh branch is closed but it doesn't actually say that on the stoppage notice.
  14. South Pennine Boat Club is a CASC registered organisation which needs to provide facilities for non-boat owning members including the ability to participate in the 'sport' of motor cruising. The register is of those boat-owning members who are prepared to offer non-boat owning members the opportunity to cruise. There is a long waiting list for moorings and berths over 50ft are particularly scarce just now. Some members with boats over 50ft have been on the moorings waiting list for more than a year. Mooring members are expected to contribute to maintenance and upkeep at monthly working weekends. There are no residential moorings. Following Boxing Day 2015 there are now robust flood defence procedures. Along with rise and fall poles there are also safety poles to prevent boats settling on the jetties after a big flood. Edited to add the social aspects are excellent and there are several real ale pubs close by.
  15. An update - my colleague Big Jim overhauled the cylinder head and it looks like a result. Just a tiny bit of blue smoke when the throttle is opened.