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  1. Damn - Just filled up at Newbold yesterday then passed 3 fuel boats heading to Braunston,
  2. Any fuel boats heading down the Coventry or north Oxford to braunston rally? Or we are currently below Hillmorton locks heading north anyone know the best diesel prices?
  3. That's what those EA employees I met fear. I was told navigation on rivers like the Thames is enshrined in Magna Carta which is something 'private' canals aren't subject to. I believe if CaRT take over EA navigations it will be the system will decline for boating. CaRT have been a big disappointment to many if not most boaters. The management in my experience of dealing with various officers is pretty abysmal and those silly money wasting schemes whilst the system falls apart doesn't bode well for the future. CaRT seems to be becoming a 'leisure' organisation whilst the EA has at least a dedicated navigation arm. Assuming at some stage government will try to save money by amalgamating CaRT with the EA navigations my vote will be for the EA. Couldn't be any worse - could it?
  4. perhaps the CMers should pay more. tin hat on and hiding under the table!
  5. Been on the Thames for the first time and cannot believe the impressive state of the infrastructure. Lock gates that can easily be opened even with a pole, every paddle working on the stretch I did. Lock keepers etc. Speaking to some lockies there seems to be a concern that sometime soon CRT will take over the EA navigation and reduce the quality to current CRT standards - and put them out of a job. Me thinks maybe the EA should take over CRT and bring the system up to EA standards. Anyone got any thoughts?
  6. The answer is to empty more bins more often but that costs and no doubt the moaners would have a field day.
  7. Covering the arses maybe? I've used this site for years and it's always been accurate enough to work out timings for the Ouse and Trent
  8. Any recommendations - good beer essential
  9. This may be of use to some
  10. There's fuel boat somewhere around that area.
  11. Arrived early afternoon today and there's about a mile of empty 2 day moorings just before Isis lock only about 6 boats here now. Considering the length of vacant space you would think CRT would have made some of these 3, 4 or 5 day. Disappointing considering it took nearly a fortnight to get down here from Mirfield. Probably go up to Lechlade after the weekend.
  12. Thanks for this info - fingers crossed
  13. Looks like the Thames then. According to the EA monitoring station at Osney Lock there seems no significant rise in levels after the recent rain. Getting mixed messages from passing boats some say "loads of moorings on the cut" others say "No chance". Suck it and see maybe?
  14. Thanks for the info - I'll probably try the Thames if the VMs are full
  15. Well out of my area heading towards Oxford. Hope to get there Thursday or Friday. Is anyone there who can give me an update on visitor moorings I would like to stay about 5/6 days. So far some venues have been relatively quiet (Anchor Bridge - Hawksbury, Braunston, Napton - others packed - Newbold Cropedy (just managed the last space above the lock when a boat pulled out as we waited on the landing stage).