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  1. Last four posts on individual spec preferences are really good to read and I found myself mentally ticking off the 'yep, got that' or 'hmmm' or 'nahhhh' as I went! Might be worth adding the length of your boats as well though, because that does affect choices for space use.
  2. How lovely! What a joyous thing boating is. Lang may yer lum reek!
  3. Have a great cruise. I look forward to keeping up with progress via your blog. xx
  4. That says two bedrooms
  5. Makes me feel ill. And all that dreamy music along with it as though this is a wonderful thing. It's just sad; "they" are wrecking one of the loveliest stretches and one of my very favourite locks with this awful development. I wrote and protested, even although I knew it would do no good.
  6. Is it a six figure number and does it end with 118? Do you wear red and white striped old fashioned running outfits? Hmmmm?
  7. Or get them both ......
  8. I've voted yes (in the interests of a rounded and good discussion forum) but would want them in the VP (where I can avoid them easily should I choose to do so!)
  9. What about getting involved with a canal restoration team (Wilts & Berks Canal Trust perhaps, if your "Caversham" location means you're round there. Or suss out the groups who are out and about on the canals through the Winter. A huge amount of amazing work is done and it will certainly get you out on a frosty morning! Go on a WRG Camp. Look at volunteering work on the CRT website. None of it boating, I know, but since the others have covered that bit, I thought I'd throw in the bankside possibilities.
  10. Have a look at Inkling (Aqua Narrowboats). Almost what you're saying. They had the bedroom then a walkthrough bathroom (not off corridor) then the saloon because it meant if there were family/guests in the sofabed in the saloon at the bow, both they and the owners could use the bathroom. It's a great boat.
  11. Nobody's mentioned the Lockmaster charts/maps. We do have Nicholson's and Pearson's, but I love the Lockmaster ones because they're just .... well, if you have them you'll know . And they're for sitting at a table and mulling over rather than up on the back of the boat but all the same .............
  12. There's a THREE-page spread in October's WW all about laundry afloat. Well worth a read I imagine (my copy only came in the post today and I've not time to read it yet, but I did check the contents!)
  13. Geocaching is much much more fun. Talked about in the Virtual Pub only last month:
  14. Butcher's (Coates) in Alrewas and there's a Co-Op there too Atherstone is good huge Sainsbury's up from Hinckley Wharf just by Trinity Marina, and Connor's Bakery just by Sainsbury's which is WONDERFUL Co-Op in Willington That'll sort you I expect.