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  1. In sure I recall reading somewhere (possibly on here?) that there was outstanding finance secured on these boats. That might complicate the ownership situation and who has authority to sell. Glad I didn't pursue these boats further after initial contact, something just didn't seem to add up when I was enquiring about buying one. Tom
  2. I believe Crick is normally only 10 or 15% off but freaky Friday is 20%. Would be interested to know when it is this year as well, had feeling it was usually end of March to coincide with clocks changing but not sure. Usually printed on back cover of waterway mags if anyone has one?
  3. But luckily lots of hire fleets are fitting them to all their boats in preparation for the coming season. Not sure why it's taken this long for such a cheap and basic safety item to become standard though. Should have been standard fitment to hire fleets years ago and without making them mandatory.
  4. As Nick says above, there is nearly always somewhere to moor. Another place that might not be quietest but we've moored before is just along from ICC (under Brewmasters bridge). No signs but bollards to moor to so we just assume it's 14 days. Talking of 14 days, mooring does seem more difficult since the introduction of more 14 day moorings in the centre. Another place we would be tempted to moor if no other spaces, is the old turn end of the very long reserved mooring stretch for trip boats leading from handmade burger company. Don't see why the trip boats need such a long stretch of reserved mooring there, and never seen the end moorings in use. Hope that's not given away all our mooring secrets so there's no space for us next time! We do like mooring in the centre, particularly at night which is when we normally arrive. Tom
  5. We have 4 x 250w household panels wired in series, but remove 2 of them in the summer. Only paid about £100 each for them and easily paid for themselves in a couple of years. It's pushing right on the limit for the 40a Tracer, both in terms of voltage and current. Have occasionally seen around 40a in full sun on bright spring days (and also in mid summer with 2 panels) but the Tracer will limit current to max of controller even if the panels could supply more. Have also once seen a high voltage cut off warning, but only happened once, and in full sun on very cold spring day.
  6. We have 1kw of panels for the winter wired in series to a Tracer 40A MPPT controller. This will just keep up with our fridge use if away for a few days, and we return to batteries at 100% on smartgauge. Everything turned off except fridge and bilge pump. Doesn't do much for any of our other electric usage when on board though, and I assume the fridge uses a lot less without opening and shutting the door. Also of course much colder on boat when we're away in winter. Oh and I believe our Trojan’s are also pretty much trashed after one winter despite trying or hardest to equalise and charge fully when we could. Tom
  7. In addition to the above suggestions, we've also moored at the top of Ryders Green twice. Once only overnight on BCN Challenge, but another time we stopped there early afternoon and stayed the night (after getting stuck attempting Wednesbury old canal). Would definitely recommend Ocker Hill though as a stop over on that route and we found the residents very friendly and welcoming. Tom
  8. Thanks. I'll put a condition on the sale that if they enter the challenge they have to donate their points to us! We'll still be there this year, but hopefully on our new boat. Tom
  9. Was half tempted to cruise our boat down to London and sell. Think it might have fetched a higher price! I have to say I was surprised at the interest in our boat. Had 5 viewings and 2 offers today and it's only been on 10 days or so. Hopefully now sold. Tom
  10. Certainly have spent a lot of money on it! We bought it knowing it needed a lot of work. We had quite a lot of steelwork done on it, and ripped out the complete interior including rotten lining and soggy rockwool. We started again from the steel shell, reusing some interior fittings. We've also recently had the engine rebuilt. None of this was with the intention to sell or to make any money. If doing it again I'd definitely go with a sailaway as don't think the cost would've been much different in the end. Having said that, we've absolutely no regrets whatsoever doing what we did. It's been a fantastic home for the past 5 years and we've had great fun cruising in it, particularly our extensive cruising of the BCN. It's difficult to price a boat such as ours, it's got a fairly limited market. I'd like to think it was priced sensibly and priced to sell, not overpriced like most seem to be on apolloduck. Tom
  11. This also worked well when we had to replace our main diesel tap. We created a slight vacuum in the tank first using a pela style oil extractor connected to vent hose, then clamped vent hose using G clamp. Only lost about a small takeaway container worth. Again, several boatyards told us it wouldn't work and we'd end up with 150L of diesel in the bilge. We also used ptfe tape but with some heldite as well. No sign of leaking for us. Our main concern was if the tap we bought was the correct thread or not! Tom
  12. At this time of year we still get very little unless it's a sunny day. On sunny days though we're back up to nearly 100%. At Christmas we were able to visit family for 3-4 days, and come back to batteries at 100% even with the fridge/freezer left on. That is with 1kw of solar though, but that alone makes it worth the expense for us. If I was to guess I'd say taking all expenses into account, including wear and tear on engine/generator, our solar setup paid for itself in 12-18 months. We did get good deal on the panels though - about £100 or so each (4×250w).
  13. If anyone has the cash it's worth trying - we can only say no☺ We are now only looking for people in a position to move forward quickly though. We would still like to get more than the broker offer but unfortunately time is running out. It is slightly more than mtb says though☺
  14. Our boat was advertised at £29950 and our first offer was a very low £11k. After walking away, and some counter offers we finally settled on £17.5k subject to survey (which was much better than we were expecting it to be!). Tom
  15. Congratulations. Our daughter was born January last year and we had fantastic help and support from our midwife and health visitor. They're there to help and advise you so make use of them, just use some common sense and judgement as they're limited to sticking to official advise on some issues. We have no family nearby (150 miles away) and think we manage very well. You do need to be organised and ruthless with what to keep and what to get rid of - particularly with regard to toys. Babies and toddlers really don't need lots of expensive and bulky toys, they need sensory things and interaction! One modification we did is remove one of the dinette benches to create a bit more floor space to play and roll around in. We've also got a retractable roller style safety gate across the front of the boat to keep Lily away from the front doors and fire. We found this style at safety gate much more suited to the odd sizes on boats. We also found an old fashioned Milton sterilising bucket much better and easier than steam or microwave sterilisers (but we do live off grid). Definitely keep pram/buggy in car and use a sling for carrying baby to and from car etc. Sling has had an amazing amount of use and one of our best buys! Try out several types before you buy though (sling library?) as different slings suit different people (even consider one each). Also don't under estimate the amount of extra laundry a new born baby can create! Particularly if (as in our case) you decide to use reusable nappies and you have a baby that suffers from very bad reflux! Also be prepared for midwife and health visitor to tell you off for having to many blankets on the baby in a warm boat! Finally enjoy what is a wonderful experience and make the most of your time with your baby - is amazing just how quickly the time goes! Hope this is of stove help. If we can offer any further help or advise just ask. Click on the following link of photos of our boat and check out the space by the dinette for play time. (Boat not usually that tidy - photos were just taken for selling!) Just to put mind at rest we're only selling because we want to change to a cruiser stern - we can never see ourselves leaving the cut! Photos of boat: Tom and Becky