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  1. It was the feed to injector pump that failed NOToil gauge pipe
  2. They do need to be paired to the gauge. I would replace it with a mechanical one, more accurate and reliable Whilst your at it add a buzzer along with a warning light, I did and it saved my engine when an oil pipe fractured
  3. Bent conrod perhaps but how would both push-rods be under stress?
  4. Yes let's argue about location, never mind some poor sod has died ...........
  5. Only 12 lpm flow though. The Sureflow one I have is 28 and that's barely enough.
  6. Why don't you sell the motorhome and save even more money?
  7. I was under the impression that the worst place to store batteries was in a heated room as it shortens the life dramatically. In fact Ive known of display batteries in a marina I frequent being totally useless after being sat in the heated shop for 2 years unused.
  8. Generally, they wear very badly due to lack of regular servicing and the cost of repair would exceed value.
  9. Did you loosen the injector pump and alter timing? If not its unlikely to have altered on its own.
  10. They do work in reverse I built my own using a cooling unit from one of those cheap 12v fridges
  11. Yes I have one. It's the later type Not sure how these are programmed, never did any I'll drop it off with your dad next time I'm over possibly this weekend as only there yesterday.
  12. Might have one of those too, I'll have a look
  13. Mercedes used several makes and models of remotes on the W124 ( I used to break them for parts) If yours is the oblong two button type with slide switch on one side and 3pin prog socket on other I have a spare you can have. It will need reprogramming but from memory Piranna alarms in Leicester used to do mine
  14. Another obvious one The winding arbours would have to protrude so far out of the dial for the key to locate they would foul the hands. On a turret clock of which I have seen literally hundreds in my 40 years in the trade, a bending key would be dangerous Bored with this now.........just admit you had no idea what it was !
  15. Still waiting to see a picture of this folding clock key.....