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  1. Bastards !!!
  2. Never posted a lot ,but liked to read what was going on ....... frankly it's a bigger bag of shit than ever before...... thunderboat at for me it seems !
  3. And that is exactly what the facebook tufty club has been agitating for .....
  4. Could also apply to fluffy people reporting posts they don't like
  5. [quote name="matty40s" What is the purpose of the bungy straps on Flamingo Alan?? When I moved Moondarra (from Brinklow as well incidentally) I could not get forward gear with its Blackstone box, and was struggling in a F8 gale crosswind. I eventually got back on the pontoon and phoned the owner He described how to get forward as "stick the handle in the bathroom!!!" - I then saw the long rubber protective strip along the back cabin roof. yes matty thats the way !! Long arm required :-) Chas (ex moondarra)
  6. Blackfriars QD enamel perfick !
  7. I've used blackfriars QD90 High gloss black enamel , with good results www.blackfriar.co.uk/qd90-metal-paint
  8. Good speech:-)
  9. The Tom Foxon books are a good read
  10. Signed Chas
  11. Try this www.canalrivertrust.org.uk/consultations
  12. WWW.ZEDGE.NET Download to puter/laptop as mp3 file....then Bluetooth to Mobile Chas
  13. A splendid idea, have a greenie ! Chas