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  1. That would certainly give the Horseboating Society some competition...
  2. I think I would make Lower Heyford the target - about a day past Banbury The stretch through Aynho and Somerton to Lower Heyford is one of my favourite bits of canal.
  3. Welcome to CWDF...
  4. What is an ultramodern polish carwash robot? The guys who wash my car come from Kosovo, and they do a damn sight better job than any automatic car wash. I wish some of the Eastern European small businessmen who have transformed the UK car valeting industry would branch out into narrowboat valeting!
  5. The Cunning Man pub at Burghfield bridge is probably your best bet. Reasonable moorings (for the K&A ) and about 3 hours from the Kennet mouth.
  6. Take a look at the Pierhouse at Port Appin. More of a restaurant than a pub, but in a beautiful setting and on the route from Fort William to Oban. I think you can moor on the ferry pier, but I'm pretty sure there are mooring buoys as well.
  7. No. I think that's total bollocks. If someone committed an atrocity using something that you held dear as a justification, would you not speak out and condemn them? Apostate.
  8. I think he really means " comitting terrorist acts in the name of my particular pixie" I certainly would be vociferous in condemning someone who burned down a Weatherspoons in the name of CAMRA, however much I sympathised with their motives.
  9. I think if the media showed more of the mosque vigils, "not in our name" t-shirt wearers, that sort of thing would probably help
  10. No - that was the late lamented Emerald Fox.
  11. Your argument is certainly robust. There's no waffling - it's very crisp.
  12. I'm not aware of any instances where ex prisoners of war (or their relatives) who had suffered abuse in Japanese camps in WW2 went around committing atrocities against Japanese people after their release.
  13. I think Joxit could be somewhat derailed if it is threatened by Shexit and Orcexit.
  14. Don't forget the Bookbinders Arms in Jericho - the nearest pub to the canal moorings in Oxford. Well worth a visit.