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  1. Old Mother Hubbard's reclusive living arrangements in her latter years stemmed from her her desire to avoid any association with her brother, L. Ron...
  2. No , you misunderstand me. Britain as a state was very early on in the slave trade suppression game, and that's my point. We hear all about the guilt that we should feel for our ancestors participation in the trade, but not enough about the pride that we should feel for their part in abolishing the trade. As for the Romans, I don't think they could have given us the aqueducts without the slaves...
  3. My mantra is "you should only judge a boat by the state of it's baseplate."
  4. Perhaps we should also acknowledge and celebrate the people who ended the slave trade. Starting with the various abolitionist societies and the first faltering steps taken by a sovereign state, the Republic on Vermont in 1777.
  5. There are several of these around that I can think of. Dusty on the Oxford, and Spencer and Victoria's boat on the K&A
  6. That depends on the pond Fair enough. That just seems like a very narrow circle of friends to me. I do find you intolerant, but as a matter of interest are you becoming more so as you get older? I think I went the other way.
  7. That's quite a revelatory post. I do think about what you say, so consider that a success, but it does become difficult to focus on your argument, if you then drift into sneering or personal abuse. Your comment about my research on Sebrenica is a case in point. I referred to "hundreds" rather than "8000." I look at these discussions as a conversation in a pub. If we have to check each precise fact on Wikipedia before we post, then in becomes somewhat stilted. In this case Sebrenica was not even the subject of the discussion. I used event was being used to illustrate a point and the basic facts were correct. Your comment on the "echo chambers" of your friends could be taken as either an indication that you regards your friends with contempt as they are only capable of "echoing" your views, or that you do not have any friends who do not have exactly the same opinions as yourself. Neither of these interpretations show you in a particularly good light, so I am sure you will furnish me with a better one. I did not attempt to conflate Rotherham social workers with everyone who voted for Blair. it was a question to you as to whether you did. Your views on relative culpability are so far from mine, I was curious to see where your boundary was. I commend your belief that there are "other ways of living that show more empathy and compassion for those that share it" (our planet). However you seem to think that such high ideal gives you the right to laugh at people such as "Alan" (whoever he is) and compare them to pondlife because their mindset differs from yours. In what way does that show empathy or compassion? It shows arrogance and distain. Is it really that different to say "I am better than you because I am cleverer than you" than "I am better than you because I am richer than you," or "I am better than you because I am whiter than you"?
  8. I can't argue with that
  9. This post seems to indicate a sneering contempt for anyone who challenges your opinion. Its a pity because I have said before, you put forward some thought provoking arguments, but claiming the moral high ground seems much more important to you than rational discussion. I suspect that if you could restrain that contempt, you might be able to influence a lot more people towards your way of thinking. As it is, your reasons for engaging in debate appear to be more about reinforcing your bubble and point scoring.
  10. The myopic Mrs Thompson, whose children would later go on to form a pop group in the 1980's, always used to wonder why it was such a struggle to fit her children into their buggy.
  11. I'm certainly struggling with your interpretation of that concept, but I suspect that my own view is closer to most, otherwise a sizeable portion of Rotherham police, social services and and an entire battalion of Dutch troops would be serving or have served considerable prison sentences for their part in the atrocities discussed. As far as I am aware, none have.
  12. You must have a very strange browser if it can find Brian on Wikipedia, but can't find Steve. Can it only find musicians? (and I use that term very loosely)
  13. Robbie always felt as if he was the odd one out in the Williams family. His sisters used to murder him at tennis
  14. Of course it's harsh, they were 8000 human beings. Are you trying to put words in my mouth? Many people were culpable, but your assertion that both the murders and the Dutch soldiers, from the commanding officer to the lowest private soldier, are are all equally guilt of murder seems like emotive nonsense to me. Can I infer that you believe that all who voted for Tony Blair are equally guilty of his war crimes, or is that an extrapolation too far?
  15. If their culpability is absolute, then the lowliest private soldier must be as guilty of murder as the battalion commander. That seems a bit harsh.