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  1. Am I misunderstanding my Tracer? I understood the Load connection was direct from the panels. How can it power a night light?
  2. Just spotted your missive. Me and my SWMBO can help if you still need it in return for a cuppa. We both train CCBM but more importantly it'll get me out of cutting up material for a quilt she's making. Need picking up from Fenny Compton.
  3. I remember radioing ahead to Vale Royal locks on the Weaver a couple of years ago....Vale Royal lock this is Nb reply. Wait 30 seconds. Vale Royal lock this is Nb reply. Ho hum, dug out their number and telephoned. Locky answered straight away and said they would be ready for us. Btw I radioed just now, you mustnt have been listening. "Oh no we heard you, but noone here has a licence so we couldnt reply"!