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  1. Still hiding in the marina doing maintaince, no butler here, but will be out tomorrow and probably hit Braunston on Sunday, save us a place.
  2. Do you mean the pub by Rowinton embankment, becaouse that is a private house now.
  3. I am surprised that does not happen more often given that the standard practice is to leave the exit gates open on the lock out to to river.
  4. Thanks.
  5. I don't like those fabricated windlasses, so I guess that makes me an old fart. Most of the hire companies do seem to be using them now.
  6. It does also fit the Nene ones, although a bit loosely I think, but it is mainly that the throw it too long to really use it. We did not make it to the Great Ouse, is the paddle gear different to the Nene?
  7. Not sure I would take much credence by those numbers, for example the section in question is listed as Napton to Camp Hill Length Beam Draught Headroom 21.95m 72ft 3.78m 12ft 5" 1.76m 5ft 9" 1.90m 6ft 3" A draft of 5ft 9in seems to be rather optimistic, and the headroom of 6ft 3in, is probably true in the centre of bridges, but takes no account of profile, and many of the bridges are very cureved, for example this is the pinch point in terms of beam at Blue Lias So 6ft 3in in the centre quite possibly, but the available height reduces very quickly.
  8. It will fit the spindles but when we came up from Peterborough with a boat off the Middle levels, that only had a middle level windlass though that it was a bit rubbish that on the Nene that you could only do half a turn before it fouled on the beam. There had no other idea that there was any other short of windlass!!!!! On the Nene you just want a normal windless, not the special one for the Middle Levels as they are too long. On the Neve you will need a Abloy key of the locks and the services, and on the Middle Level there is their own Yale key for the one lock and the services in March. The lock keeper at Stangroud will sell you thew indlass and a key for I think £17.
  9. To contact Copt Heath Wharf, there is their web site and their facebook page You would need to consider how you would get the boat that you have in mind there, just because the GU is a wide canal does not mean the boat would fit through the bridges etc.
  10. Thanks, just ordered the chart.
  11. Doesn't say when the documentation all went electronic though, which is what was being discussed.
  12. If all goes to plan we well be going Lincoln way in the summer. All I was going to do was ring Cromwell lock a couple of days before and ask then what time we should be going and then plan the approach accordingly. Is that a reasonable plan? Also should I have charts? I missed that, where do I get those from?
  13. Well they should be on their way up Napton by now!
  14. We bought our current house back in 2002, and it was paper based then. I moved the mortgage about 3 years later when the cheap deal on the initial one ran out, and had the paper deeds returned to me then, as they were no longer needed. So my guess would be it changed somewhere between 2002 and 2005.
  15. Unless you were really unlucky and got off very late, with daylight until 8:30 I would have thought you should make the summit for the first night. If you don't then you have 2 locks and 3 locks from the top where you can stop.