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  1. Ah, is this the boat that was broken down at your place when we dropped Firefly off. Double bad luck.
  2. These towpaths have all been resurfaced to provide a smooth hard surface for cycling so I don't think 9mph is hard at all, from the BCR site That is the point, CRT did not pay for this so it is hard for them to dictate how they are used.
  3. In case anyone is remotely interested, I have just put the new starter battery on, and all is good, engine back to turning over at normal speed I also bought some jump leads, for next time, but hopefully that is not going to happen for a very long time.
  4. It is a good concept but one that does not sit easy with CRT having accepted funding for towpath resurfacing from cycling groups to create cycle-ways for communing etc. For example the Birmingham Cycle Revolution project If you look at their maps the travel times on towpaths are based on 9mph cycling and 3mph walking.
  5. Certainly sir, anything you want
  6. Lick of paint and they will be fine. There is also one at Wolfampcote (again)
  7. The link is fine you just need to be signed into Facebook for it to work. If you are not signed into Facebook, try this link
  8. That's a relief, looking forward to the Scotland pictures, love that part of the world (except the midges).
  9. It did indeed create the diversion at Alvechurch, a different phase of the M42 construction. In the early 80's we lived in Tamworth and watched that part in the M42 being built, it was a concrete surface which was very interesting to watch the construction.
  10. Didn't realise it was so old, early 80's then, surprised it is so old. That's what I thought too, and looking at the map I don't get how in can be the M42
  11. The new top lock was built when the M6 Toll was constructed. Presumably it is just going down that is tight?
  12. That looks a good plan to me, and given the history you have explained I would say do that route. If your family have never been to Stratford then it makes a very good destination for the trip. My main comment would be, the mooring at Upton is very limited, you will most likely need to breast up to another boat and be happy to climb over another boat to get ashore. A plan that does not have stopping at Upton (other than optionally for lunch) would give more certainty. As to moorings on the Avon, there are more than just in the towns, they are listed here Mar 130001.pdf and if you use then you will be able to identify their locations. You will get a leaflet with you Avon licence which you will need to buy, £50 for the week.
  13. Good point on the thermostat. We have the same central heating and when we were buying the boat the survey was done on a day like today, and it was noted that the central heating was not working, as soon as it was colder it worked fine! If the pipe its hot it does sound like an air lock though.
  14. The battery is old so no great shakes in replacing it, they are cheap enough, and it can go in the garage with all the other ones! As to what next, that would be a question, but I will cross that when I get to it.
  15. Most people who hire a narrowboat will never have been on any boat other than perhaps a ferry! You have experience of sailing boats are already much more experienced, you realyl do not need to do a course, just have 2 days extra hire and take you time. You will be given instruction when you set off, although some hire companies are better than other at this, for example ones that are not near a lock tend to use a video or model to show you how to work a lock, where as *some* who are close to a lock will actually give you instruction on a real lock. If that is important to you use that in helping to choose a hire company.