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  1. I think I have just seen a new Collingwood fat boat going into Droitwich Spa marina, unless it's going a very complicated route to the Avon.
  2. No, I meant Tuttle Hill, the online ones nearer to Nuneaton than Springwood. There's a couple of boats there and about 4 spaces.
  3. Do you speak Coot too??
  4. The summit is NOT wide enough for fat boats, residential they may be, but guarantee they will sneak out and moor across from overhanging trees or on blind bends.
  5. Oh bloody NO!!!please.... NO!! The base for the workshops is beginning to take shape. From the left, you can see the entrances for the carpentry, engineering (widebeam capable) and paintshop. On the right is the lift-out area (also widebeam capable).
  6. Quite a few of the old Hawkesbury Junction locals (continuous moorers...) have taken the online moorings. Whether they have been encouraged to do so by local enforcement in order to keep their boats on the water is not known, however, this has happened in several other areas. Lots of space at Tuttle Hill, Nuneaton.
  7. If the CRT boats stop hogging it!! Just above Barrow Deep lock is good access for pubs and shops. I would stop at City centre Castle Garden moorings rather than North Lock, it's secure and on a pontoon, some new ones just past King Richards Bridge too.
  8. It was a long way off open last autumn, I heard they were only working on it when Debdale wasn't so busy.
  9. I say yes, it's a Lister Gardner model. What are the solar panels for?? KEEPS THE BOAT COOL.
  10. No idea, it's obviously not a straight forward theft of 6 boats from a marina so I didn't bother to report it. My OP was to warn prospective buyers. One of the senders of the alert email I saw is a member on here so could have reported it if she so wished.
  11. It turned into Legsit. ..
  12. You can NEVER have enough tools..
  13. I remember as a kid, well over 30 years ago, lots of dog poo in the streets. It used to turn into crumbly white as the dogs were given lots of bones then. There were also no dog poo bags then. This is nothing new.
  14. Aldi currently have a mini ratchet set for less than a £10 er
  15. Toast