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  1. Did give you a beep on Thursday but nobody home.
  2. Its just as well you are not hurrying as Milton Keynes is 4 hours on tickover and Leighton Buzzard another 2. Came up from Aylesbury at the end of last week and had to fill 3 pounds ahead of me above Gudgeon Stream lock - luckily, a CRT chap came along and filled the completely empty top pound as well. Low water levels below Slapton and between Cosgrove and Stoke Bruerne.
  3. OldGoat specifically says EA.
  4. Only pump it through when the tide is coming in..........
  5. Both of which completely go against the original marketing and instructions for use.
  6. It is also tight going up with the single bottom gates.
  7. Thank goodness, the rest of me is too hot to run anywhere.
  8. If you stick an ecofan on the top of the upturned bucket the ice cubes will last twice as long.
  9. Sterile. Got about as much character as a characterless character from Boringville.
  10. My variant to this is emptying all the pork scratching bags into Aldis bin and buying another couple of (full) bags.
  11. My largest panel 240w was a freebie as the glass was completely shattered. It's been on top now for 3 winters and still works perfectly.
  12. There were half a dozen bin bags left by most bridges on the Walsall Canal on our BCN dredge a fee weeks ago, no sensible boaters use the Walsall other than the BCN cruises or challenge ...so you are saying certain boaters have stockpiled these????
  13. The big plus to having the Thames is having London at the end of it. London CANNOT be flooded so everything else on the river is designed to protect London. Taking the staff away who pull the wier boards upstream because you need to pay the Chuggers company at Braunston festival would be the kind of catastrophic mistake that CRT would be prone to make.
  14. But Bradley332 is either jealous, pi££ed off or just trolling with their first post on this eminent site asking the members to clarify such information regarding an unnamed site on an unnamed waterway managed by an unnamed waterway authority.