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  1. I spotted a little Vulpes hidden between two longer boats in the Alvechurch region as I passed late yesterday morning . 42 locks was enough with all of them against me so I dined at the Eagle and Sun (set) and saved the last 3 until this morning arriving at 8.30.
  2. I take great pleasure in finding my boat interesting enough for people to take pictures and even film me. I enjoy finding old friends pictures and also notices I was in the opening credits of a recent canal program on a major Hanney.
  3. The security services are doing such a good job, they have to look for an easy soft target. If it was a lone operator it makes it almost impossible to stop.
  4. Well I also have bagged a firefly and a lesser spotted vox stellarum already this morning so a fox shouldn't be too difficult.
  5. The marina only unfortunately. Twas Top of Stockton to Hockley Heath...thought I'd throw a swung bridge in fir good measure. ☺ Also spotted a Tawny Owl.
  6. They were both a bit doddery, but all credit to them for keeping the trip boat running. After 61 locks today I may be there Tuesday evening now..if I can get up in the morning.
  7. Next boat paint starts Thursday and I had a few days to kill☺
  8. Dropped my car off at the marina on Sunday, the river is very low. I will be there on Wednesday after about 120 locks.
  9. The white Please pass at Tickover warning inside a red circle magnetic stickers fit perfectly on the front CANT of Hudsons. Lots of them have at least one. I said cant
  10. The only fuel boat that covers that stretch is Mark on Callisto , but I havnt had a text from him in ages so not sure he is on his rounds at the mo
  11. Up the Welford Arm, North Kilworth boatyard, market Harborough basin, Debdale, then nothing until Sileby I think.
  12. Depends on how hard it's raining. ...
  13. Portholes are safer
  14. Rytex is still available from many other suppliers, some of whom even deliver!!!!!!!