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  1. I think the OP is taking lift pumps here. My barrus has the lift pump before the filter too, I think it's (unfortunately) common practice. That said, my engine works fine with gravity as long as the 50g tank has more than a couple of inches in it, so it's not a problem if you just bypass it.
  2. I don't get this complaint about pump outs smelling. My pump out never smelt. Decent tubing, decent tank, decent toilet = no smells. Bollocks to emptying cassettes. Horrible job and far too frequent.
  3. Carnage It could have at least been something twee and canal related, like a potter making roses and castle ware or something. What has hairdressing got to do with the canal? What value does it add to the towpath? And why does it have to be a widebeam to fit one bloody chair?
  4. This is a terrible idea. That lock is already a nightmare and heavily congested, I can't believe they granted permission. There were at least eight boats queuing above the lock when I was there last saturday morning. This spot is third in the queue below the lock and the boat is enormous.
  5. I'm sure cardinal richelieu said something about this...
  6. and what is that?
  7. Like clockwork. It's the "nothing to hide" argument! I'm not being rude, I'm asking his motivations. Just like you don't just barge into a pub and demand the locals tell you their life story you don't barge in here and ask ours. Sorry researcher Dan, you're going to have to put in more effort than that.
  8. Having seen the hatchet jobs done by TV on multiple communities I think I've a right to be wary of TV men bearing questions. And if bugger is still in your swearing book you should probably not watch tv.
  9. What is your idea? If it's anything like the recent channel 4 "let's poke fun at those people who are different from ourselves car crash tv" stuff on travellers then you can bugger off.
  10. No, they can't. But it's not stopped them trying!
  11. it's generally considered better if you end up with more money than you spent, no?
  12. The fishing club near bath keeps postin gup signs saying things like "Fishing competition - sunday the Xth of X - moving boats prohibited between 10am and 3pm" and other such guff.
  13. I thought they've caught him.
  14. I moved onto a boat when my lad was four. I was a bit worried but I didn't have to be, he loved it! The same can be said for all the kids I know on boats. Go for it imo. It doesn't have to be a very big bedroom but I'd advise you to get one as the kids will have somewhere to call theirs and keep their things. My lad's room was 6 foot long and 4 feet wide and plenty big enough. I know people who have bunkbeds in the same sized space. This was the layout we used:
  15. great advice ^^