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  1. Ta. I think that's the page I pulled up but was thinking it was last week. D'oh!
  2. Where did you find this, Phil? I've been looking but can still only see last Thursday's listing.
  3. I like that
  4. Yes, absolutely.
  5. So it's a recommendation not a rule and it's considerably smaller than that ridiculous building Reg that was quoted.
  6. Absolutely So 16mm2 it is. [ sup ] 2 [ /sup ] without the spaces
  7. Agreed
  8. If you only wanted 0.5V drop then you'd need 16mm2.
  9. The size of cable required can be calculated with the following simple formula:cablesize in mm2 = 18*metres*amps/(V*1000) Where metres = entire cable length there and back and V = Maximum permitted voltage drop. So, plugging in your numbers, and assuming 1V maximum voltage drop, we get 18*16*25/1000 = 7200/1000 = 7.2 Round up the 7.2 to 8.5mm2 (readily available size). Tony
  10. Yes, that's what he said
  11. Smiley face-->emoticons-->scroll down.
  12. The terrorist threat level has just been increased to 'Critical'. Apparently this means that the powers that be suspect another attack is imminent.
  13. It's your boat. If you fancy a distressed paint look then go for it, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. If you do it and decide you don't like it then paint over it
  14. They're not the cheapest - around 15% more than some suppliers - but their quality is good and the colour and grain matching is excellent.
  15. It was in my original post: