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  1. I've just read this thread from start to finish, all 44 pages! Cracking work, really amazing. Its a big job next but when it's done it will seem like it wasn't that bad keep it up, I can't wait to see the next step.
  2. The mysterious image:
  3. Composting, please.
  4. See the first few pages of THIS THREAD for the answer you require
  5. Good day Sir! That is very true, I will pop in soon - we came along earlier in the year but you were out for the day, we saw Paul though and said hello, had a lovely sandwich and a bottle of pop.
  6. You could be quite right! One of the marinas in mind states this: Note that "within" is the end of the paragraph... well written T&Cs! Which does seem to read that they might let you stay on the boat on the mooring every now and then. I might pop along this afternoon to enquire about a fortnight every 5 months, we're going to pop up to Whilton later to browse longingly.
  7. My thoughts entirely, our only secondary concern then would be three trips to Bicester a week, but even then we aren't so far away. Now I just need to broach the idea with the local marinas to see how receptive they are, I've never been any good at that!
  8. Looking again at this today, it would actually be two weeks in the marina every 18 weeks, that's only one fortnight every 4.5 months.
  9. Of course, I can only speak for myself. If there were 10 spare residential moorings on the south Oxford, all priced up at £x per annum I would look at them and then decide whether I could afford one. If I couldn't afford a mooring then I wouldn't continue looking at getting a boat until I could. My situation is that I would happily pay for a residential mooring if there were one for me to pay for! I can see your point many might look at the price and decide they weren't going to pay for it but still wanted the benefits so just take them.
  10. haha - I was just agreeing with him saying that a lack of moorings leads to people trying to get around the regs
  11. Thanks. I wouldn't feel comfortable with a ghost mooring anyway from a moral standpoint. The next sticking point would be to find a marina who would let us stay on the boat on the mooring for a week or two every 2-3 months.
  12. I find the first point to be true. There just aren't any residential moorings around me. PS - if anyone can find a residential mooring within commuting distance to Brackley and Bicester, please let me know!
  13. I wasn't very clear on this, but I do intend on having a mooring which is used for two weeks every 10 weeks or so, depending on how many nice stops there are along the way
  14. While functional, it would look messy. I think the only real option here is to fill with weld, grind flat and repaint, as BEngo said above. The JBweld option works as an alternative!