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  1. Somebody gave me this idea last nihgt. the cradles i made here Remove the the pads and fit boat trailer rollers and then get two 75mm box formed rings and join then in four places with cross supports. Then support the boat similar i guess to the your in your link. If i do this i may well look into this way a bit more, still finding the center of gravity so i would need to make the boat supports adjustable a little or it will be a pain cutting out and replace them.
  2. I have about 4 sheets on the old shed that have been open to the weather for years and still in great fettle. Cut edges were not even treated, i also have made a set of boxs that have been out side for as long, excellent stuff. Still i would get some Epoxy, you can get it cheap, the two pack jobbies from the pound shop even , goes along way aswell. I got 5 packs for £1.50.Depends on how much of the edge needs to be sealed once cut. I used a circular saw and Jig saw to cut it. To get a near splinter free edge run the saw of choice down a batten as a guide with he saw on top of the batten for straight edges. For curved edges maybe get a sheet of hardboard to make a perfect fit template and then use that as a guide with the Jig saw on top to help prevent more splinters .
  3. Errr maybe. Hi Rach, not 100% on what will be done yet until i finish sandblasting the hull, the hull is a lot worse at the minute than it look like in the pics, seriously. The jig is just a idea if need be, or if i just want to build a jig for it lol. If i had more room it would be a choice but not where it is. Dont want any damage ( more ). The COG will be tricky to to get it back upright. Watch this space for more updates on what happens
  4. I have a dinghy mould with a built in frame/jig to sit on end frames, but then thats only 10 foot. I have seen them before in many places for moulds but its a different matter fro a near complete boat. Anyway i have designed a good one that `should ` support the boat with out damaging the Bow, transom i have no worries on. I still have to do a bit more blasting yet and if it gets any worse a sin need of work then i may well build the jig for it.
  5. i see it as much like the cradles i made but bigger scale and a steel disc and cable with winch to turn it over and pin in place. I always see things as being just another project and more fun You should be used to me by now kida, like to make work for myself dont i lol
  6. was you meaning to put this reply in the Boat turning jig thread. Or is it a coincidence. I just dont the thought of it being not in control. There are a few ways to roll it, another being to make two profile plates joined together so it can roll on them. Still not keen on that way.
  7. A full size boat like a 75 foot MFV ? lol just kiding. It is only a small boat i need it for and i need it here at home so i will be making my own.
  8. Has anybody made one ?I need to repair sheath the below water line on my 20 foot cruiser and this will make the work so much easier to do.It may not happen and i have never even looked into one for a boat before. Would make a good project in itself though.Main question now are as it is near fitted out and weighs at a guess 1200kg will the transom and bow which are in good solid condition as i have rebuilt them be strong enough ? It only be turned 90 degrees either way.Any thoughts or ideas but for me being even more barmy cheersWayne
  9. I will have probably spent as much on tools as i have on the boat by time i have finished it, cant help myself Still it will all come in for the nextproject Believe me i though of that and turning the boat, i almost started to design and build a spit for it lol..........Now you getting me thing again. In fact i had a dream that it fell over and i said to T `oh well at least i can do an easier job on the hull now` lol
  10. bloody hate sanding now after the boat. I will be getting a good DA for the compressor/s I am posh now as i also have overalls Going to get one of these kits for it and it will come for when i restore the car Just not easy to laminate upside down Rach, but i will sort it I am looking forward o it now as if i missed a spot by repair patches i would not forgive myself, so sheathing it over is the best way to go. I knew this would happen from the start so dont know why i was so bothered.
  11. Ah but still need to fill the voids, they are deep and need to be filled before sheathing over, so more filling and sanding. And laminating upside down is not my choice of jobs. Still it will then be ready to be painted and........dare i say launch it......nah lol
  12. I got on with the sandblasting the below water line area this weekend.I knew it would be bad and in need of a fair bit of work so not a big surprise but heck it cant be any worse now. I wrapped the hull in tarp to keep the media in from going all over the neighborhood, kitted out with overalls/mask/goggles etc etc i set to. I did break he blast pot as whilst pulling the tanks outside i caught the lower valve and snapped it and as it is a twin tank set up i spent an hour trying to fix that but the 3/8BSP T fitting i snapped was not budging so in the end i capped off the tank and used one. Anyway from the boring bits straight to the results, i only managed to get half the boat done as i ran out of media and i have no sieve to reuse the media again yet. So just swept it up and bagged it for next time.Delamination areas image: What looks like osmosis, there is a few large areas like this. image: Cavitys and plenty of old patchs that need redoing better. image: image: This is about 12 inch long image: The thought here is best to sheath it over up with woven and poly resin to either the top chine or above water line and blend in below the lower strake when i fit it. I am glad i blasted it as once the blast pot was set up correct the blasting showed up all the cavities and area that are thin. Still will go over with a toffee hammer to see if i can fined more.Big job ahead, and the biggest yet i would say.
  13. OMG Rach,that is not enough, you need to give your best shot and more. You have been planning and looking forward the the Scotland trip for ages. I so hope you get it fixed. Finger crossed for you Ah hang on, you dont want to go to Scotland now, you have been tempted to go on the booze cruise now instead havnt you lol.
  14. Dont get me wrong i like wood, a lot. I will look into it a bit more. The rear deck will drain off pretty good i hope as it has a good slope, well it does as it sits level and the rear end in usually lower when afloat, forgot what gradient there is to the rear deck drains, but it a lot.
  15. Nah dont like the looks of that, to much like garden decking worked needed to treat it lke the Sapele i have already on the boat. Unless i can be convinced Tell me about it, i get them from the local bargain shop for laminating as the odd bristle loss i can cope with but not when painting with this Jotun paint. Sets quicker than resin lol. seriousley though i cant believe i have ran out. I bought a cracking paint brush at a stupid price to flat out once rolled the paint but this paint is hard to apply with this method, so i used it for the top of the bulkhead until i got the rollers. I washed it in acetone and the bristles now fell out lol. yes i should of known, what a rodders Just not organised nowadays to get jobs done properly. I even had to scrounge the rollers of a mate.