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  1. Where abouts are you ?
  2. What a week it has been with one thing and another. I have been putting nits of money away every month towards a new canopy. Nit chap at all with the average being £1500 to have one made. So as this is a project and why break the habit of a life time hey. I am going to have a go at making my own To do this I need to move the boat horizontal along the drive so i have put the car in the pound along with the dinghy mould. A job in itself to move everything about. Now I was going to get a Hiab in to lift it and drop it, but then i had thoughts why not just build a cradle for it and wheel it around......easy The cradle/s can be reused later as the way i have made them i can cut one down on the width to use for the dinghy`s when i pop a few out and the other cut in half so then i van use it as trestleto hang the mould from when laying up. spit roast type cradle. This one of the cradles i knocked up this weekend, the other is in the process of being welded up but i am goosed now so early night to chill out. It is made from 50mm x 2.5mm box section, the castors are rated at 150kg each and each cradle has four fitted each corner. For the chine supports i made them hinged so they can get a good level. Then bolted on 18mm ply. Done but for a quick splash of paint. Ready to go under well one of them. While i was jacking the boat up to get the cradel under the boat started to move forward a bit, i got a little worried so i strapped the boat to the workshop wheer some time ago i had bolted a tow hitch to it for some reason i cant remember now. All good to go and we have the first cradle under. For now i have sat the cradle on blocks so as not all the weight is say on the castors. Besides that i have got the Propex HS2000 cab heater in situ and the water heater is on its way, should be here tomorrow, i have after all the faffing gone with a Propex Malaga 5E which will sit above the HS2000. Fitting the HS2000 vent In the end i decided to fit it here, reason is the pipe work here needs to be minimum 750mm long and if i sat it further back they would of been to short. Not a big deal but for loss of a little storage space. Vent is fitted but no sealed yet until all is good. So that this weekends work done. For those wondering why i need to move the boat out. Where it is sat at the minute i cant look around it and take pictures to help build/fit and design the canopy. During this week the second cradle will be made so next weekend it will hopefully be ready to move. Oh and the two will be bolted together with the help of two lengths of box section to hold all tight. I was going to make one big one but then it would not of been easy to get it under the boat.
  3. Yes but then it is a question on space below the heater. So in total atleast there is 5 foot in the flu and heater. I have decided on a Malga 5. Flue big flue room sealed boat legal. Two neg points is that the need access to both sides for maintenence so need to make a removable panel in the heads aswell now. And 20kg sat high up around 4 foot. Just looking for the best price now.
  4. I have seen then for £100`ish and £50 delivery which is good. Still its as you mention the bits unkown about them. I think i am going to stick wiht he Morco F-11, no big daft flue sticking out as only 80mm as to the 310mm and room sealed for peace of mind. It needs 240v aswell but only 35w which will run easy off a 1000w inverter i am getting.
  5. And i thought i was sorted with eh LPG water heate for the cruiser. I was decided on a Morco F-11 and ordered one for Ely Chandlers. Richard called me to confirm before accepting payment and whilst we were talikng and he mentione dit needing a 15mm gas pipe to it from the cylinder. Reason is that it can fail as not enough gas gets through to fully burn. Now i spoke to Morco themselves a few month back and they said that an 8mm with reducer to 15mm before the heater will be fine. I calle dthwm back today and they now say no it needs to be 15mm all through. Not to much a problem as i still need to fit the pipe work and i am about to look into the fitting a reducer T fittings from 15mm to 8mm compression joints. Oh and i chose the F-11 due to the horizontal flue and short external part of only 80mm. Not forgetting the room sealed part. Now i am thinking on the normal Morco DB61 and the likes but i wonder how high you all have the internal and part ofthe flue and the externalpart. I see it is 300mm but have you cutit down ? Also has anybody got one of these. My BSS chap says they are getting common on boats in the last few years. Did you use a universal flue ? I need to sort this asap so i can get on with fitting out now. cheers wayne
  6. Isnt the rule here ` no pics then its not true or didnt happen ` ? Come on what is the plan you came up with then?
  7. Still difficult to put a date on it I have decided to launch her before fully finishrd. Well re they ever. And do the fiddly bits as I go. Still need to do below water line repairs which I can't do until it is sods blasted. Still not collected it. Canopy funds is the killer. Was not going to bother but I really want one for it.
  8. I managed to get a little more done today. Besides trying to decide where to put the cabin heater I cut the seat lockers out to the best of my ability with a jigsaw. As there are four lids the same I made a template for them. image: I like these Boring bits for this job, but to get a better center hold at first ( aswell as i cnat see where the point is properly ) a small pilot hole does the trick. image: image: As always when drilling with this type of drill bit go halfway through then the go through the other side. Saves busting out the other side and making a mess of a neat hole. image: As the sides are curved I used a batten to help the jigsaw stay straight. I am not the best at free hand. image: And hey ho Oh yes here you can see I got a bit giddy again with the expanding foam. image: Here is the cupboard and where the water heater will be going and cabin heater which is in the pic. A Propex HS2000. image: I was going to fit the Propex in the bottom right of the cupboard but as there will be a cool bow/fridge there it will be a faff to do any maintenance, not just that but the exhaust and combustion pipes need to be a minimum of .75m long ( supplied in 1.2m lengths ) It will be dead space at the back right corner now as the Propex will be housed as in pic. The water heater if I still get the Morco F-11 ( considering the Propex Malaga, this will need to down low though due to the water stored in the unit ) is going in the top right and the rest of the cupboard will be storage. I lie the Morco F-11 as it is room sealed and instant water and can have the flue horizontal so it can go to the side or forward through the sloping part of the cabin top. I didnt manage to glue all the timber in place so thats the next job for this week after work.
  9. Why thank you Sir I was seeing if it worked what i was trying to do. And here we are at the minute with it all. I am at one of them stages when I feel I am getting somewhere again A days or so ago I checked out the cold water system was running ok and no leaks etc etc. Only the cold water as I have still yet to get a water heater and we are a while of that yet. Still on deciding which to get still.I have not yet fitted a work top so all I did was connect the taps to the Galley and heads to try it out/I left it under pressure for a while to see if there was any leaks then turned on the taps. All fine and works a treat but for one of the taps I got for some reason is not letting water through. Not to mind as i go two the same by mistake. The water tanks fill well maybe a little slow to fill the second tank as I was told it would be. By time the first is full the second takes a minute or two to level out. I know i should have fitted 28mm pipe to balance the tanks but when i ordered them it was to late. I will either put up with 7 minutes to fill the two 75l tanks or fit another 15mm balance pipe. I can either do that or change the balance pipe to 22mm or 28mm and use T reducers for the 15mm system. The Gulper 220 pump is all good to drain the system, This will also be used as the shower drain. I have fitted two separate shut of taps for when I want to drain the shower or system.Sorry no pics of that but they will come when i get them.I ran out of expanding foam but for the Wicks own which I have had lying around for a while. I dont really want to use this as it is not, as far as I know, closed cell. I have been using Soudal gun grade which is. All that needs to be done is a few feet under each gunnel. Just me being picky i guess. Mean while, the frame work for the seating/berths.Using 32mmx18mm planed timber and 9mm harwood ply I set to work today.I had a clean out as it was getting messy in there. image: A quick trail to work out how its going to roughly be.The birth length is just over six foot long. image: image: All is screwed down but will be glued also when i am happy with it all. image: As said 9mm hardwood ply was used on top. The side will be Sapele 4mm veneered ply with courtesy lights towards the bottom. image: Tomorrows job is to cut out the lockers and do the storage cupboard/water heater cupboard. There is space is for a cool box ( where the grey step is in the pic at the bottom ) as I do not think there is a need for a fridge. Saying that just in case I have made it big enough for one to fit ( 500mm wide ) if we decide to get one in the future. There is 12v power there and also gas for it from the cabin heater which will be at the bottom of the cupboard.Oh yes there is a 250mm space between the seating and cooker which will be more storage and a fold down work top for when more space is needed. image: image: image: Well then, getting there on the interior. I am tempted to go and collect the sand blaster I got a week or so ago so when I get a nice weekend I can then give it a go on the hull. If I dont then it will not be here until the first week of June.
  10. Testing
  11. It will be a lot better incase any moisture does get in. I know its only for a small area but with me being a `faffer` as T says and i Um and Arr about this and that.
  12. I have been using the Soudal gun foam but the Wicks is use once, easy to try it out but a waste of a tin. All it is for is filling the cavity below the gunnels.
  13. I need to know asap as i need to get it finished this weekend. I would get more sense asking at the corner shop from experience when asking Wicks staff in the past lol. I need more timber so if i cant find out tonight i will get some more Soudal tomorrow when at BnQ.
  14. Hi all I have some tins of Wicks expanding foam and i am having difficulty in finding out if it is closed cell The one i have been using is but i have run out of that and near finished the job at hand but for the need for about 3 more tins. The specs does not say either way. Does anybody know if it is open or closed cell foam ? This is the one Cheers Wayne
  15. Hi Squarelips Not long ago i done a good part of my cruiser as i got fed up of sanding, i used to like doing it I used this from Wickes and was better than the other two i tried, sorry forgot the name but i can say this was better. I didnt leave it over night covered over but just kept it damp for an hour with a fine spray from a water bottle or old garden weedkiller bottle or the likes, they give a good size spray fan. I had to remove 3-5 coats of paint and one treatment removed atleast three of them, The first treatment was scrapped off, i used a wall paper scraper and it came off easy then the next treatment i used a pressure washer to blast it off. There are still small areas left that i need to do and should of got in there with a scrubbing brush but after what i found i am going to finish off with a soda blaster that i have now. Will be betetr to get into the treads area that is not easy to get into even with a scrubbing brush. Then once that is done i hope not but sins will be shown from the past, mine is dam scary from what i have found, You may be able to polish anything up and it will need a repaint again with a good three coats of primer then 2-3 coats of paint of choice. Lots to choose from. I am using Jotun on this boat. If you areluckyto be able to polish the gelcoat back up then i would buy a cheap polishing kit like this maybe, but there are lots about Good luck and enjoy wayne