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  1. If you read the back of your licence it states it is a legal requirement to display it Di (using Axe's logon)
  2. Hi again - Di here - the one who had the accident. (maybe I should create my own account on here?!) The return to Hertfordshire from Ripon meant dodgy internet access but I can now reply more fully..... Sorry I don't know how to use the quote stuff on here but will answer some questions: - thank you for the kind words from some 'posters' (!) - sorry I can't say much more about the incident (yet) - hence nothing in the media, except my local paper last August - the towpath telegraph worked amazingly fast last year, many hearing of the incident as far away as Yorkshire & it was mentioned (apparently) at the IWA meet. Even last week someone who lives near the Hanwell flight mentioned they'd heard of my accident. (I am now back in full brace/crutches with wound dressings hence the question 'how did you do that?') - what I can say is the boat was in the lock and I was filling it ie top ground paddles open - I KNOW that if I'd been wearing a life jacket I would be DEAD as I would not have gone through the culvert. - I reported it to BW immediately and ONE of the defects was remedied within a month - if it ever happens to anyone was the water pressure that finally pushed me through so I agree - leave the paddles up! - what I would like to convey is how I escaped drowning in the lock once I exited the culvert: the water was clear, the sun was shining, I was being thrown around in the turbulence near the bottom of the water The water from the 2 ground-paddle culverts was colliding mid-stream and creating what I describe as a catherine wheel effect with the sun shining through the water bubbles. SOMEHOW I had the thought not to attempt to swim to the side but aimed for the centre of these two 'wheels' at the bottom. I was carried to the surface! - as for needing more info before being able to comment on the accident, please please, the questions is 'has anyone else ever fallen from a walkway like this, even if not reported' - Cosmic - thank you so much for your advice - I did look at the site you mentioned and agree a phone call to them is my next step Thanks Di PS I do think someone should look into producing a waterways guide for the emergency services as 'Lock 93 Grand Union Canal' really flummoxed them!!
  3. Hi. I am the person who fell - using 'Axe's' account to write this. Yes, there was a fault on the walkway - hence asking if anyone else has fallen. As to the accident....if you really want to know I ended up in the water above the top gates after raising both ground paddles, got sucked down into the culvert where I was stuck for what seemed like hours. I assumed I was dead. All the pre-death things you hear about went through my mind. But the water pressure eventually pushed me through. Then I had to contend with a filling lock and the turbulence. I cheated death twice that day. I had multiple injuries and had an op this August (a year after the accident) to put me back together - I will be able to walk sometime - maybe this year. I still use the waterways, but yes, I still have flashbacks, I still cry but I am still determined that no-one else should suffer and the defect be attended to. So, please be a bit more sensitive, as Sue above said. Thanks Di
  4. I'm sure you all mean well, but I was searching for answers to unanswered questions. the discussion point sttill stands for anyone who might be able too help. Cheers
  5. Hi, In order to help Diane who fell from the walkway at Lock 93 on the Hanwell flight a year ago, I am trying to establish the number of incidents of this type that have occured in the past, specifically where someone has fallen from a walkway into the canal. If something similar has happened to you or someone you know, please could you let me know. I need to know.... 1. Name 2. Date of incident 3. location 4. Was this reported to British Waterways 5. Injuries sustained or near miss 6. Why the insident occured. Thanks in advance for your help in this. Cliff Axe.
  6. Fire Officer - recently retired..... the boat name was there before me ... sort of appropriate don't you think!
  7. At last, a comment from Mr & Ms Axe! Ms Axe is doing fine but has, as yet, not had an operation on her knee. It turns out that ALL the ligaments in her knee were either damaged or torn as she was sucked through the culvert. This will require a 5 hour operation by a specialist. The operation will probably take place in August.... a full year after the accident!!! She is still out and about on the cut ( sometimes with tears) but is copping well under the circumstances. AND I did get a nice hug from Honey Ryder when I passed her on my way to Winkwell Dry Dock. Thanks XXX Axe
  8. Thanks Allen and Derek for 'dispelling the myth' , as I will be travelling up to Ripon in July single handed I will report back how I got on.
  9. I have heard many comments about taking narrowboats up to Ripon, especially if they are longer than 57 feet in length. As Axe is 60 foot long and the locks are 57 foot long it is reasonable to assume that she won't go! Has any one had the experience or know about winding on the upper section of this navigation?