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  1. Or you could use some of this Butter me up by Allan Jones, on Flickr
  2. How bad is the sandbank? At 67 ft we would expect to go through on the level.
  3. When the Forum was first updated ISTR that "Mark Site as Read" was a button at both top and bottom of the VNC page (or whatever it was called then) on the PC-format display. I found this quite useful. Now it is only at the bottom. Please could it be reinstated at the top as well?
  4. I don't mind so much on the Thames locks, although I confess I'll make do with a single line when going down if there's nobody watching, but i thoroughly object on the Avon locks. On those my stern is going to be only a few inches from the cill and i refuse to stand at the bow guessing whether it's going to hang up or not. My priority is the safety of my boat, and on the Avon, Thames, or Great Ouse (all of which have the same stupid rules) i can best ensure that safety by standing on the stern holding the stern line around a bollard with the loose end in my hand. Going up is of course a different matter entirely and i will happily use bow and stern ropes.
  5. Going down as well as going up?
  6. Don't you mean Floati the boat builder?
  7. As I heard it, originally there was starboard (steering board) and larboard (loading board) - possibly with board meaning "side" as in the French "bord" rather than the English "board" - but they changed to using Port instead of Larboard when they found there was too much confusion when it was shouted to the steerer in a gale.
  8. I believe that everything you say is correct, you don't need to have VHF or lights and as a privately owned boat there are no other special conditions. 42 horsepower is plenty. Don't forget that a life vest doesn't work if you don't wear it, and an anchor doesn't work if it isn't attached. Enjoy the trip
  9. The list price of mine was almost £28k. With a little bit of haggling I knocked the dealer down to £17k (it was new but pre-registered) and then I traded in my worthless old Mazda (I say worthless, it needed £2k5 of urgent repairs after which its book value would have been £2k) for another £3k off that which made it quite good value. Since then its maintenance costs have been very reasonable, until now !
  10. That's interesting. You mean they needn't even replace the washers, just cracking the injectors open a quarter turn and tighten them back down again?
  11. Not boat related, hence in the VP. //rant mode on My car is a 5 year old Mazda 6 with a diesel engine. The Mazda main dealer has just told me that the next annual service will cost almost £1000 because, apparently, it includes replacing the copper washers on the injectors! WTF are copper washers made of, solid gold ??? And this is the same garage that last year replaced two tyres, and this year failed its MOT because some clowns had put those two new tyres on backwards. And the same garage which last year gave me an MOT advisory warning that the brake pads were almost completely worn out, yet this year passed those same brake pads saying they were only 20% worn. Now i know why they call their mechanics "Grease Monkeys" // Rant mode off
  12. The MLC have issued a notice that Salters Lode lock is closed UFN for repairs to the guillotine gate. Last time it failed, IIRC it took them forever to fix it. I hope they do better this time,we had planned to go that way next month.
  13. Thanks Rich. That's much better now!
  14. On my Beta the needle "freezes" when i switch off the ignition, but if i leave it switched on for about 10 seconds after stopping the engine it drops back to zero. To avoid having to listen to the alarm sounding during that period i have fitted a relay to disable the alarm while the stop button is held in (or while the heaters are on)
  15. Surely a Canal forum whose format is deliberately made to be "a problem for those out on the cut" is illogical. I spend up to 6 months of the year actually travelling, without access to WiFi and having only a small mobile data allowance, often seeing only a slow connection. My phone is then my only way of seeing the Forum and i need it to be as convenient as possible. Do you really welcome them on the phone screen (as opposed to the tablet)? They are effectively only a few strips of coloured decoration at the foot of the page, to be ignored.