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  1. The bridge bars were nothing to do with preventing damage to the cabin top. They started fitting them after a hire was seriously injured (or even killed) after being crushed between the front bulkhead and an unopened swing bridge (on the K&A ???) which the bows passed under when the steerer failed to stop.
  2. Isn't it rather odd if it disappeared from Blisworth and was last seen leaving Stoke Bruerne locks, that it was found at bridge 42 ?
  3. Congratulations from Pingu and me too!
  4. The fact that it halves the time taken to fill or empty the lock, perhaps?
  5. Have a look on our website for example the 2006 trip at http://keeping-up.co.uk/Canals/2006Boston/2006Drains.htm or the 2011 trip at http://keeping-up.co.uk/Canals/2011East/2011Easthome.htm there are pages on the Drains, Kyme Eau, and Black Sluice
  6. We got stuck in Gosty Hill Tunnel for a couple of hours once, broken down with a fuel filter problem. The tunnel profile made it rather interesting to pole ourselves out but we managed it eventually. By the time we got out it was too late to go to the pub so we moored overnight just outside the tunnel.
  7. Just to add my own experiences into this, as many people here already know we suffered a severe corrosion problem last year. The boat had suffered no corrosion in its first 23 years of life, had always been connected to a shoreline using a GI, and had been on the same mooring for 10 years. Then suddenly during the next 2 years the whole hull pitted to the point of almost complete penetration and needed a complete overplating. We are still not certain what caused it. The only thing that changed was the fitting of a new engine, maybe that caused it; there seems to be possibility that the vastly increased power of its alternator may have driven enough stray currents through the hull to cause the problem. The piling at our mooring is plastic. Four boats share the same supply; the other 3 were unaffected; two of those did not have GIs. Later this summer I will have the boat docked and rechecked, it is disconcerting not to know why the problem occurred or whether it has now been fixed.
  8. When our boat was built 25 years ago we had a Perkins MC42 fitted. With meticulous maintenance (& 3 new gearboxes) it lasted 16000 hours in 23 years before it just wasn't worth the expense of trying to keep it going any more. If it had been in a car, averaging 30 mph, that would have been nearly half a million miles. We replaced it with a Beta.
  9. Phone Gary on 07881542953
  10. We came down from Northampton today to the FORTN mooring at Doddington which is on the reach immediately above Wollaston. The water level is perfectly normal all the way.
  11. Probably not going to attend after all, Mr Down and his bro Ken
  12. A truly dreadful film that is well worth watching for its canal content. Wonderful scenes around Gas Street Basin, and i really envy him that hovercraft. I also envy him that narrowboat which is 7ft wide outside but over 14ft wide inside. The Brumburgers are there but now go under the "Handmade Burger Company" name
  13. Unless of course it's a Sterling