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  1. But his butler probably will be.☺
  2. "Incredibly attractive"?? Necessary maybe, but no way can that be described as attractive!
  3. Is the water in the fountains round Nelson's Column deep enough to float a narrowboat?
  4. I thought modern paint stripper didn't dissolve anything much (unlike the old solvent-based Nitromors)!
  5. From memory there are two pubs in Wootton Wawen - The Navigation right next to the aqueduct and canal basin, and the Bulls Head (which used to go by the name of La Tete du Boeuf) on the main road to the north. But I haven't been in either for years so can't comment on what they are like now.
  6. Most of the locks on that route are in closely spaced flights allowing you to make good time if one of the crew can walk ahead to set the next lock.
  7. I have been told milk makes quite a good cutting lubricant if you don't have anything else.
  8. CRT's Reservoir Watch for April 2017 shows the overall picture to be pretty healthy. It notes that Tardebigge Reservoir and Chasewater are being held down for safety reasons.
  9. Pinball Bizzard
  10. Your first photo shows the pale blue and white (complete with wavey logo) which BW used from about 1970, and which replaced the dark blue and yellow livery you are seeking to replicate.
  11. With a ring you are comitted to completing the full route, even if that turns out to be too ambitious, unless you bail out after a couple of days and go back the way you came. With an out an back route you can just suck it and see. Travel for half the week and then turn at the next winding hole. If you get back early you can always overshoot. From Napton you could go up to Braunston and back if you have half a day to spare. You can wind at the marina entrance or by doing a three point turn around the island at Braunston Turn.
  12. According to their website " Radweld works its way through the system seeking out leaks and forming permanent repairs in minutes." Its worked for me as a permanent repair in the past.
  13. Without this the next election would come in 2020, rather too soon after the end of the two years of Article 50 negotiations. An election now puts the next one back to 2022, giving the tories more time rebuild support after the inevitable chaos of the brexit process.
  14. If the duct is connected to that large hole - which looks to be 50-60mm diameter, where would the wires come out?
  15. Do you have a mooring arranged near Bristol or Bath?