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  1. Brilliant, that really does bring back those memories. Thanks for sharing the photo. It's incredible to think that's all filled in now, such a shame they can no longer have supplies brought in by water. Cheers, Brian
  2. I'm pretty sure this is one of the first working boats I ever saw. I used to love to stand on the New Chester Road bridge & watch these barges work in from the Mersey & Bromborough Pool Dock into Lever Bros Works, Port Sunlight. On a Friday evening, my Dad would take some of the barge men their wages. That really is a big Northwich! Now where could we do a fuel round with that ;-)
  3. Thanks for the mention Tim. We had a fab weekend, catching up with old friends & making new ones, demonstrating fendermaking to the public & a few pints of an evening. Big thanks to Andrew & Liz for organising. I'll try & upload some photos. Cheers, Brian
  4. Preparations for investigation
  5. The 4 holes in the canal bed
  6. Sorry I've only just seen your pm. I'll try & upload some photos but I don't always succeed on here. Cheers, Brian
  7. I saw Dean this morning he was alive & well in the real world ;-)
  8. Over the next few days (27 - 29th Feb) Alton will be delivering fuel supplies on the Macclesfield summit & Upper Peak Forest Canals, we'll be out again next weekend 5 - 7th March & 19th - 21st March. We also make regular road deliveries around Manchester (including Hyde, Ashton, Droylesden & New Islington) as well as on the Caldon Canal. If you need supplies, just give us a call or text on 07791 345004. Cheers, Brian
  9. Engineers were taking core samples through this "island" to determine its contruction/ constituents to try and work out how to repair / stabilise the lock last year.
  10. The Cheshire Locks are one of my favourite flights & I must have worked the hundreds of times without much heartbreak. Alton was built & remains 7'+ width and passes through all the currently open (and some of the currently closed) locks designated as 6'10" only. Cheers, Brian
  11. Lock 60 at Malkins (towpath side) has been out of use since June this year simply because the CRT noticed that the chill bumper was broken and after a boat sinking in Cholmondeston Lock just prior to this (primarily as a result of a broken chill bumper), they then decided to close this lock, despite it being a relatively simple job to repair it they haven't got round to it yet. Lock 63 has towpath side has been getting narrower over the past 5 or 6 years, it is thought this is possibly due to movent in the centre island. Alton used to be able to pass through lock 63 towpath side without a major problem, but a few years ago it became increasing difficult to pass through and other modern boats where also getting stuck BW then closed this lock but CRT have recently been investigating the issues with this lock & it is currently being repaired.
  12. David Jones previously worked & owned working boats, including the Bletchley, so I would guess he knew back cabins were a great use of space on a boat. We'll try & remember to ask him when we next see him, he's now retired but still has his own boat. Cheers, Brian
  13. Well it's getting to be a busy time for us coal boaters, Myself, Ann Marie, Martin, Hannah & Jon have all been working our socks of, out in all weathers. :- This weeks deliveries are as follows:- Alton:- we've just returned from our fortnightly run on the Macc & Peak Forest from Macclesfield to Whaley Bridge. For the rest of the week we'll be making road deliveries to areas that we're unable to visit due to stoppages. So we'll be delivering on the Caldon, on the T&M from Great Haywood to Wheelock, the lower Macc and the Staffs & Worc from Coven to Great Haywood. Then later we'll be delivering on the northern T&M from Wheelock to Preston Brook and on the River Weaver Halsall is fully loaded & delivering on the complete length of the Shroppie from Ellesmere Port to Autherley Junction, the up the Staffs & Worcs to Coven. Mountbatten is delivering on the Llangollen, by boat on the western / upper end & by road in areas effected by stoppages. If you need fuel supplies please just get in touch & we'll arrange delivery. Cheers, Brian
  14. Ha, you're on my kind of pub walking times! Have you actually walked it?! It's got to be a similar distance to the one stop shop from Cheddleton top lock (i.e coming on for a mile ;-)) & the beer was undrinkable last time I waas there. However the Dyesrt Arms is worth the mile or so walk from Bunbury Staircase. Maybe you can check them out tomorrow night? Cheers, Brian
  15. Once again, we've had a last minute cancellation for our fendermaking course, running this weekend 17/18th October at Audlem Mill. If anyone would like to join us, just give us a call or text on 07791 345004, cost is £125 including all materials, lunch & refreshments. We start at 10am tomorrow. Cheers, Brian