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  1. Any good?
  2. I'm hoping that this is not your first welding job, just your first boat?
  3. There are half a dozen boats built by variations of Mallard on the Canalplan boat list so you might get lucky and find an owner on here.
  4. Could you test the output voltage of the AD adaptor? My uninformed gut feeling is that the TV will work on either 19 or 20v and I also wonder how precisely the 12 v adaptor will regulate the output when subjected to various battery voltages.
  5. You are probably right but it would be a hefty clout. I know cast is brittle but the broken bits are about an inch thick.
  6. So the mechanism was somewhat similar to a GU gate paddle spindle ratchet and the ratchets can still be seen on the HB gear. I wonder why they were replaced.
  7. Does anyone know the original arrangement for holding the paddle in the raised position and why it was necessary to put in place the work around involving the claw and chain that is now on the HB gear? Phil
  8. Shobnal?
  9. I'd better sort mine out then. It has been the same for the last 3 surveys though.
  10. Haven't I read that the deck boards are good enough as the battery box cover on a cruiser / semi trad? Mine (cruiser) doesn't have a separate lid. Phil
  11. This was my question at post #8. Pretty sure like others have said above the batteries have had it and some change of behaviour will be needed to prevent the same thing happening to the replacements.
  12. You are right, it was. Not one I was ever tempted to go in though.
  13. I cant see the pictures for some reason but might the leaking grease be from a split in a nylon pipe going to the stuffing box?
  14. This is the strongest mooring if there are no rings or bollards. You can get special bent hooks that go behind the Armco, often called "Nappy Pins" because of their shape, or you can use chains. If you do end up mooring on pins, angle them so that the top of the pin lays towards the ground i.e. not at 90 degrees to the ground and place the pins outside the length of the boat. This will help to stop the boat swinging backwards and forward when a boat comes by. Best not to tie a center rope off the roof too. Phil
  15. Assuming you are on a canal not a river such as the Thames where the rules are not the same. Note also that you should not moor in long term (private) moorings.