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  1. John McDonnell, what an idiot to state the Grenfell deaths were premeditated! Good job he wasn't on stage with Corbyn at Glastonbury.
  2. 2 or 3 coats of emulsion over spray foam would go some way to slow down its rate of ignition.
  3. Several years ago during a very hot spell we were moored next to a white painted steel narrowboat, The difference in roof surface temp between the two boats was remarkable, our dark green surface was unbearable to touch, literally hot enough to fry an egg on whereas the white boat actually felt cool.
  4. Fridges sometimes explode in a fire.
  5. Pepsodent actually.
  6. You'll wonder where your teeth went when you brush them with Pepsident. When commercial TV was launched in the UK (1955?) Ads were on approx every 15 mins and lasted 1 min. Good old days.
  7. When I used tell folk how much a firefighter earned it was interesting to observe the look of sympathy from one and envy from the other.
  8. Opposite sides of the canal I suppose, one side of our boat used to be immaculate just after I painted it.
  9. I've been called a hero one day and a wanker another day, which is true? Both I would say but I've been a wanker far far far more times than I've been a hero.
  10. Everyone is fallible, we all make mistakes, it's impossible not to.
  11. Surround yourself with like minded people and stop developing yourself.
  12. Getting back to the station was always nice, even nicer was staying there rather going back to the incident. Ticking boxes is a mental exercise. Training for past incidents rarely works because every incident is a unique set of circumstances. In 28 yrs services I cannot recall any exercise that happened for real at a later date. Forward planning is a double edged sword, rolling up with a plan tends to put you in a mental groove that can reduce your ability to think and act flexibly. IMO. ETA: At the end of the day it's just a job, quite cushy most of the time with small periods of danger, no heroics just doing what you have to do.
  13. Not at all, not in our case anyway, can't comment on Grenfell, only my own experience. If anything we'd hang around for some overtime if we could!
  14. Common sense and experience really, isolating services and damping down and waiting for a while until everything seemed cool and inert. We would organise regular re-inspections if, after all that could be done was done, there was any doubt. It's one of the things we used to hate the thought of happening though it has happened on a rare occasion or two. Only once did it happen to me, our crew was recalled to a property fire that seemed originally to be deliberately started. On returning it seemed a bit mysterious until a witness reported movement near the property after we left the first time, seemed the barsteward had had a second go. We breathed a sigh of relief!
  15. Before I retired as a firefighter I was flawless... look at me.