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  1. Before idolising someone remind yourself that everyone is flawed in one way or another.
  2. I looked online for a Nespresso coffee machine, found one for half price (£50) from Currys. Off to our local store to eyeball it first, the assistant informed me there was no half price offer and checked their computer which confirmed his claim. I said it was offered online to be picked up from a Currys store of my choice, computer said no, assistant said I must be mistaken. I set off home full of doubt found the ad and ordered the item for £50 and collected it from the same store next day! No sign of the assistant so I couldn't challenge him. Same with 3Three network 321 free PAYG sim card, they had no knowledge of it in the shop insisting it wasn't free but cost £1 and the data allowance only lasted a month rather than no expiry date. Went home ordered it online for free and when it arrived soon after I topped it up with £10 of calls texts and data with no expiry date Makes you wonder
  3. "... might is right..." Sounds like democracy to me.
  4. My glass is too big.
  5. We have decided to take the risk and go independent of the EU, so let Scotland have their indy ref now so that they can decide whether or not they want to accompany us into the unknown future, no guarantees, just put their money on the line as we are doing.
  6. Good opportunities for unemployed lock wheelers, they are very good at winding folk up.
  7. I can confirm it used to work with the old analogue meters but not with digital ones. ETA: They rarely prosecuted being careful not to publicise how easy it was.
  8. My son found it quite the reverse with some employers during his interview period after graduating. Fortunately a well established London accounting firm recognised his 2/1 in biology from UCL and he enjoyed several happy and successful years with them before moving on.
  9. The old system of uni degrees was very unfair and biased in favouring the cleverer people, but that system was got rid of and now thick people can have a degree.
  10. Form a trough from plywood or some such and fix temporarily around the area, then inject aerosol foam. Wrap the trough in clingfilm before injecting to ease its removal. When film is cured trim back with a knife, the odd void or two may need topping up.
  11. For me the shorter the car the more difficult to judge the length when reversing, we used to run a Fiat Panda and if I reversed as close as I dared there was always a foot or more of space left, when I do the same with our Mercedes estate the gap is less. Strange.
  12. Going back to how successful the IRA was you have to give them credit for detonating a bomb among members of the government plus mortar bombing Downing Street. Intel missed those vital actions.
  13. Deleted cos I can't be arsed to argue!
  14. Get one of those long paint rollers, the ones with a wire bent at right angles, straighten it out and centre of tube can be reached from both ends.
  15. I've only just managed to log on, I happened to come across a spare bookmark which linked to an old thread (head torches) this got me in to that and I then clicked on the page heading which got me in to the main website and I copied it into my bookmarks.