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    anthing that gets me out of the wifes way
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  1. rocking horse droppings springs to mind
  2. try these guys very good based tamworth done my mastervolt when mastervolt was talking silly money http://www.sellweb.co.uk/
  3. just got one from these folks very helpfull and fast delivery http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/High-efficiency-30A-MPPT-solar-charge-controller-regulator-up-to-150V-PV-input-/120919403536?hash=item1c275bac10:m:mSc7dvZNshT9TIQzhY_PGlw
  4. or me to move it
  5. and it also depends on how many sluices are open at colwick
  6. going back to the original "wasnt told river was in flood " oh yes they were told and advised not to go FACT
  7. if its worse after cruising i suspect its on the hot water side,took me 3 years to find my leak as it only happened when i used hot water and the pipe leaked only while hot water was in the pipes
  8. a bit of 3 x 2 timber will suffice
  9. what you have to remember is tides are a guide and do not take into consideration if there is extra flood water coming down river ,if the rivers up then tides are weaker and if rivers up and its only a small tide that wont be of any help ,,,plus how much actual power the boat has i have done trent many times with beat up 2 cylinder 14 HP listers and lived to tell the tail and with nice big 70 hp Mitsubishi engines and struggled
  10. seems after going up and down it around 30 times i am wrong so please ignore
  11. the trouble with them charts how ever well intended is that they are so out of date,,every time we have a big flood the sand banks move and thats been pretty regular over the winter they are fine for showing the bends etc but not much else , as i said stay in middle dont cut corners and all will be fine
  12. its clearly been fixed as it has tape on it lol
  13. its simple just stay in the middle and dont cut the corners except for the 2 sunken islands which have big yellow signs on which tell you which side to keep too
  14. Aegir does not happen on every tide only at certain times think its new moon i have been on floating jetty at gainsborough a few times when they do come,,, EA predictions for this year seem to have disappeared,,they do publish times as a rule ,,here`s last years predictions , http://www.owston-ferry.co.uk/2014_Trent_Aegir_Predictions.pdf