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  1. I'm at goole and was ready to go when the weather brightened up but I don't think this system is ready. If it had a few water points on it I probably would have gone. Hopefully they sort it out in a few years time.
  2. Interesting video and it looks like a decent waterway. Cheers Mike
  3. Thanks my mum n dad live in Bridlington so I was hoping to get a little near them. i just need to find out if the system has water points in places.
  4. Cheers is it still the same situation and are there water points on the canal?
  5. If not from what I've been reading it says the frodingham beck is navigatable but can you take a narrow boat on it?
  6. Can you get all the way to Driffield on that canal?
  7. I don't think so. Maybe on a busy river.
  8. You can't beat traveling into Leeds at night. I've done it loads of times. This time it was only 11pm too.
  9. You don't get lock watchers at night too.
  10. 😂
  11. Had a guy come upto me the other night in Leeds city centre giving me crap. Telling me I've left paddles open when I didn't as I know how to work locks and telling me I shouldn't be cruising at night. I told him where to go and he did but if you're on here I'm sorry how I spoke to you but you lied and caused the trouble.
  12. No chance. My dad fosters kids and had to cover his pond up with netting. They do risk assessments of houses and are very strict so imagine a risk assessment on a boat.
  13. My guess is it's in some kids back garden
  14. Just bumping this as you never know. Maybe someone might of seen the little red boat. 😢