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    getting our boat to steer in a straight line.
    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. Thank you all I know it's all faff, but be good if it all works Little things keeps us happy some times Will the be a day,I just come on the boat And ask Alexa to do the hot water lights etc Just be interesting if we can make it happen
  2. still Looking for wifi 12v bulbs? Be nice if someone can let me know if there is such a thing? Ditchcrawler has it right, be nice if it can be done. Just messing about Col
  3. We also have a Nespresso machine and wouldn't be without it. I'm buying coffee works out 10p per cup. Have to say we just tested it on inverter, no problems at all Hope you get sorted soon Col
  4. Family bought us a Amazon echo, which so far the family has fun with it games etc. We also use it as a callender and weather, it also suppose to control lighting heating etc. Does anyone have one of these, and any suggestions re 12volt wifi bulbs please It be fun to control the lighting with Alexa (echo) Are their such a thing yet? 12v wifi bulbs Many thanks Col
  5. Face full of experience, RIP Skipper
  6. Nor can I? Find this deal I would go for it to top up my other allowance. 14.50 fo 32 gb would be good! Col
  7. It does look a good price Good manufacturer as well
  8. I'm pleased that Hilary is now the owner of the 2 dog life jackets. Col
  9. Hi Hilary Okay then let us know how you want to get them, do you want the one or the 2 0f them? Have you got 2 dogs? Does your friend come over to willowbridge marina. Message me, I will give phone number Col
  10. We have 2 1 x small. Yorkshire terrier 1 x Xsmall toy yorkie Am in MK Couple of years ago I was given a life jacket from Slim, for our basset So I like to do the same so Free to someone in need Col
  11. You can get different sizes shapes and small to large tanks 1000 ltr tank.
  12. wouldnt it be nice if you could place a can of paint,blackjack what ever close the tank and activate!! What was done to a previous boat, integral tank, top was cut of to slow access, we bought a mobile thick hard plastic water tank The type mobile valeting vans have in their vans. Has holes already for pipe fitting and breather hole.fraction of the cost job done. Col
  13. If you was fitting out a new boat, I was under the inpresion you had to install a twin wall flue Do you have to install a twin wall flue For boat Safty cert?
  14. Hi I'm on a 50gb plan From EE Just done a speed test,can anybody confirm is it good, or fair I know it's faster than before with 3. Thanks in advance
  15. It's amazing you could book a very very nice hotel room service excellent meals, or indeed go continually cruising around the world for 1/2 that!! Meals drinks included with wake up call and cleaning all sorted. Let's not forget free drinks and entertainment. And I bet you won't get a nurse beating you up, unless you pay her for it