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    getting our boat to steer in a straight line.
    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. Does anyone have a oil diesel Rayburn on there boat, on a wide beam.? be nice to hear any comments folks have. col
  2. Hi there just seen these on eBay, I know there's a few Chinese cheap ones arround and most things are made in china but has anyone bought one of these??
  3. Just to say, my 2/3 year old skylight is still for sale ive put it on eBay 99p start. No reserve its also in sales and wanted
  4. Okay one last question if I may. a normal 16 amp supply, what is a safe kw output fan heater, 2 or 3 kw or more?
  5. Okay I've undone the bracket showing me the wires,I imagine the 2 black wires go to the 2 elements, shall I just disconnect one black wire. the only thing 1 bulk wires goes to neutral, and 1 goes to live
  6. Hi Tony theres 2 separate fillements, so if I cut the the joining wire to both elements, will the one element still work instead of the two. col Thankyou old goat, This sounds good, I can buy this as a plug connector I think?
  7. So it's looking around, buying another,making sure I get a 2 kw air heater then?
  8. Although Bizzard don't need any more!!
  9. Okay I've just undone the top and I've tried disconnecting 1 of the main white connectors, I've tried each one alternately but fan works blowing out cold no heat at all. it seems as tho there is two elements, and there are two starts to the element. im thinking just snip on of those little wires? As in photo 3 and 4 thankyou for your advice so what do you think? Greenies been given lol. Thankyou
  10. I know it's not boat related, but I bought a redwing sunfan of eBay for £6 its like brand new, considering their over £100 new I thought it be a bargain but it has no settings, it's just 3 kw, which is too much for my electrics is there something I can do to reduce the out to 2 kw? as in inside wire or something? i would appreciate any advice as it was a bargain lol, but being on a wall stand makes it ideal Many thanks in advance i know there be folks that will say just go out and buy a 2 kw one! but if it's just disconnecting a wire Col
  11. We're delighted to say Wot ever : Tony: is going to build us a Dog box skylight to Mike Jordan's design and plans. came down yesterday re final measurements, were very happy. also bumping really but our double glazed approx 2 year old skylight is up for auction. it will be a bargain for someone,please feel free to make a offer. Has to be collected asap or within 2 weeks to make room for wooden one.
  12. A forum member kindly emailed me the waterways Plans. Many thanks Kevin all I've got to do is find someone to build it for me. be nice if that some one didn't live too far away. wotever can't have manflu for long?? anyone knows of anyone please let me know col
  13. That be so nice of you, drink your man flue off and I buy you a new watch lol that would be great!!!!! re the plans they are wanting for me to top up online account min £10 if anyone's got it, I would appreciate a copy, I send you the quid col
  14. Just been on the site,I've joined,they want a quid, no probs but it's saying I've got to top up £10 has anyone got a copy on email they could send me all the best col
  15. Thankyou for the link re plans