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    Proprietor of Kizzies Bistro at Lower Heyford on the South Oxford canal, canal side garden and licensed for all you boozers.

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  1. Not a chance........not at my prices
  2. My premises is licenced from 8.30 am. Our favourite customers are the Norweigans of whom we get several each season as they are prolific boat hirers. They oft come in for breakfast when returning their boats and nearly always have beer with their English breakfast, non of that peeing about with tea crap the Brits do. So no you dont have to do it after midday heaven forbid
  3. Yeah amazing what some people will believe innitt
  4. Yep, there is no realistic central register. So you register with CART or Broads or EA, Thames etc.
  5. Well done.......eventualy There are strict rules on re naming boats the two most important are rules regarding manner of name change, I cant recall the act and section but basicaly it is something like " Tee total people are not allowed to change a boats name " and just as important " At the point of change ie signwriting a party must be thrown with the use of moocho alcohol "
  6. Mines a blue moon
  7. Condescending? How surely I cant class myself as better in any way when I arent a householder? surely hobby boaters are superior to mere liveaboards? Now where is my beer....
  8. Again way off the mark How easy can I make it. You obviously base your intention of wanting to be shackled on Trade and trade alone. Trade is a miniscule part of the eu and had no bearing on my exit vote. I didnt listen to Camerons lies or his oppositions lies I voted out as I wanted out as did many of the others of our majority. I am a monarchist and prefer to be shackled to that unelected group than some unelected group of " Johnny foreigners " most of whom dont even drive on the correct side of the road for heavens sake!!
  9. Yes birds can be a nuisance but enough of an opening for air to keep circulating is what I meant. I dont believe in pigeon holes but if you must then a hobby boater has a house they use and its usualy in the winter. A liveaboard doesnt have a house they can scoot of to at a whim like myself I binned my house as I prefer the boat and am to be found on it every week of every month of the year come rain or shine unless on holiday which i take away from the boat sometimes. It has to be said though that winter is vastly nicer living aboard than summer as most hobby boaters are not clogging the cut
  10. Swanline by the look pf it. Our first boat was a swanline and its still around though quite recently been re bottomed. Lovely sheerline and quality build for the time.
  11. You beat me to it. Its a problem only hobby boaters get I suppose but if I left a boat over winter without a power point I would leave several windows open and all interior cupboard doors.
  12. I will be hanging around so never fear just fire away the minority usualy whinge longer than any majority I have found throughout life. You still fail to understand that as long as we are out we have got what we wanted in its entirety. out at any cost. It would be a bonus if it went smoothly with a fab outcome but only a bonus and nowt else. Editing to add that my 37 year old daughter and 32 year old son in law who also voted out will hopefuly not pass away into history as quickly as myself so keep on posting
  13. Pugs have a face that only a mother could love.
  14. Still here please hurry up someone or else I will have to find an underling to remove em
  15. The hull is very good by the sounds of it. The more modern 10 or 15/6/4 etc is all well and good but 5 mil or its imperial equivelant is fine. I had an oldish colecraft built with 6 mil baseplate in 1981 which is still going strong. The small loss so far goes to show its good steel. As lulu states " Kedian "