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    Lower Heyford. South Oxford Canal.
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    Proprietor of Kizzies Bistro at Lower Heyford on the South Oxford canal, canal side garden and licensed for all you boozers.

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  1. Oh Dear
  2. I think Matty does them? I may be wrong of course but seem to recall he does.
  3. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus I always use a well trusted local garage sod the big boys they are a con. I havnt spent a grand on servicing in the last ten years never mind one hit robbing sods.
  4. Yes now i see. It never ceases to amaze me that people move to London for the increase in income but blow it all on the costs involved in living there. Better to live somewhere nice with less income and less outgoings, after all its not what you make that counts its what you have going out that matters. Do be careful though as others have said it will cost more to " Do Up " a scabby boat than its end worth and many many hours. I used to run a pub near Grimsby
  5. Surely living in London? is about as bad a plan as is humanly possible to conjure with regarding cheap living of any manner? Your location shows as Grimsby but you state London. Forget trying to live cheaply in London especialy on a boat as Moorings are extortionate and continuous cruising getting increasingly harder due to volume of boats.
  6. Nope I suggest they will be using their PROPER boat bog thats carried on all such boats " just in case "
  7. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not another battery charging thread!!!!
  8. Though I am in no way biased I feel I have to say that at least occasionaly whilton get genuine good boats in on a genuine brokerage sale. My bro in law asked me to check a boat out there, his first about 12 years ago and it was awesome so he bought it, kept it five years and sold it on with ease it was that good. He did get in touch with its previous owner and found out lots re its engine ( a clunk clunk ) so it aint always bad. Just sayin like..............
  9. You are in the lap of the Gods at the moment then.
  10. Are you winding us up?
  11. It will be 15/40 mineral oil.
  13. Forget the gearbox for now!! Get engine oil and DONT overfill it. If thats a modern usual set up you may well find the gearbox oil is the same as the engine oil but GET SOMEONE to have a look or you will have just spent thousands
  14. It will more than likely be 15/40 as it looks like a modern beta or somett. I cant see the pole thing you mean that you tightened up? You may have got away without terminal damage as often even when no oil on dipstick there is sufficient in the engine for it to survive but that will depend on the source of " The noise "
  15. NO...............You need engine oil