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    Lower Heyford. South Oxford Canal.
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    Proprietor of Kizzies Bistro at Lower Heyford on the South Oxford canal, canal side garden and licensed for all you boozers.

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  1. Im ont boat so will be having some blue moon in a minuet. I must apologise and admit I sell poxy san miguel on draught in my place but I so sell some nice bottled stuff honest.
  2. That reminds me its beeeeeeer oclock well its always beeeer oclock innitt Back on a sewer tube now
  3. I always tuned mine off when it wasnt in use, dont have one on this boat.
  4. Please miss, mine was only 10ft 6in miss
  5. Arent we
  6. All the best boats are 68 feet.
  7. Thats cos youve got a proper boat with a sensible power to weight ratio not a bloody floating skip like us numpty narrowskip owners drive
  8. Theres a 23 ft springer waterbug moored here with a multi fuel stove on......the owner is never I REPEAT NEVER ever cold
  9. By far the most challenging of them all to me was one time at West Stockwith with poor timing on a huge tide in 2000 see I can even remember the year!! oh yessir that was most interesting and I now know the colour of Adrenelin!!
  10. Its usual to give notice but it differs ar each location. Seems like they dont care a hoot so I would just give them the date you are vacating by proper letter and email and pay up till that date.
  11. Didyou get your money on the same day the sale went through like I did or did you have to wait lets say 14 days just for the fun of it?
  12. Absolooootely spot on. Twatter, farcebook and such programmes as " Love island " are for the criminaly insane
  13. You or the boat ?
  14. There are no " No go " areas that I have found. Some are easier and " nicer " than others but all are well worth the visit.