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    Proprietor of Kizzies Bistro at Lower Heyford on the South Oxford canal, canal side garden and licensed for all you boozers.

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  1. You will never sell it unless you give a price. Unless you put it on an auction site say like maybe Ebay? You can sell for cash on ebay and set a price or let auction run or classified add and there are about eighteen thousand billion people use the site so plenty of coverage.
  2. Try Euromarine on 01843 603345 I have been with them over twenty years. They do all manner of marine stuff including no hassle at all if liveaboard. Worth a call.
  3. I have no need to " Get a grip " lifes is way too short to be taken all seriously and some humour has to be injected into these subjects at some level. I have in the past dealt with all manner of very serious occurences so as this is all realy trivia in the big scheme of things I try to get some of the remain ( Thats Brexit ) to smile a little. Of course you can put me on your ignore list if you want or not open the thread after my replies.
  4. Its actualy not a silly statement. Ms Sturgeon wants Scotland to be run how SHE feels it should be run and not necesarily how the Jockanese people want it. It goes without saying the second part of my post is coming to fruition. One day to go.
  5. Peter ffs keep it in there mate................electric motor ...................
  6. Got her arse kicked. Much like the remain campaign in Brexit
  7. Ebay with next day delivery.
  8. Thats bloomin should post more often
  9. Yep its impossible to find anywhere more expensive ( Harrods )? I am buying a new cooker its 659 quid at Midland swindlers and 525 at Magnum caravan supplies. Both inc vat exactly same spec cooker. Its a shop of last resort.
  10. Perhaps if the Frogs left we could join up with them and call ourselves the " Little EU " it has a nice ring to it like " Liitle Englander "
  11. I was being polite...there are some shall we say " sensetive " folks on here
  12. Absolutely, doesel engines in cars are yuk. As for mazdas my sister who has more money than sense paid 28k for a new mazda and traded it in just a shade over a year later and got 15k for it
  13. Completely agree and I have never seen any of the associated forms but would bet my boat on it that they are far from easy and utterly confusing in many cases. For several years I had a job that was ruled by utter ollocks paperwork that confused even those of us used to it. How on earth can someone who has probably faltered throughout life with paperwork get their head round such forms? I bet the reply is there is help out there for filling them in? but will that help always be available.
  14. I concur old sport that you had more confidence than I did in fact you were even predicting a win when I and others thought the vote would definately go the other way. I have to admit I hadnt realised that the majority of the uk voters where sensible enough to vote out. Still the day was won or hopefuly will have been in a couple of days time.
  15. You dont talk much sense usualy but you are spot on with this one. I so far in life have been lucky enough to never have to claim owt but it seems to me that if you go on benefits and make a lifestyle choice of it early on in life you can claim for everything for ever. However if you have looked after yourself for years and suddenly need help or if heaven forbid you have evr been self employed you are out on your own.