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    Proprietor of Kizzies Bistro at Lower Heyford on the South Oxford canal, canal side garden and licensed for all you boozers.

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  1. I hate pole and plank holders at the rear as its too easy to taffle centre line in. I dont have one at all and dont have a pole as I never need one. If you must I would simply have a couple of wooden cradles made up and place them at the front on the roof.
  2. I would put 2 p on the base tax rate so we all contribute more. That would probably pay for all the cows dropping promises in all the waffle mainifestos given out by every party.
  3. Yep, there is no such thing as bad publicity in business.
  4. Yup you couldnt make it up, we always called em mongrels but they give em fancy names nowadays and people fall for it and pay loadsa money for dogs you once couldnt give away....................
  5. Ive just had a squint on CART website. They still do 3 months licence if you have a home mooring but not for ccers it seems. cheers
  6. Its a mongrel, the result of two different birds doing the business. A bit like dogs such as " Labradoodles " they used to simply be called mongrels but now people give them posh names and other people pay extra money for them you couldnt make it up.
  7. There used to be a three month option has that been discontinued? that would suit your time scale.
  8. Absolutely. Public house attendance is way more important than voting. The reason being if no one votes for a particular candidate all we do is lose another candidate which is no big deal but if people do not attend their local pub it goes bust and closes and that is far and away more important than mere politics.
  9. This I agree with. In the recent Brexit vote I didnt watch one minute of the crap spouted by both in/out camps. My mind had been made up for years by lifes experience and not some badly thought out bunkum of the day. I have said before its another reason I never ever buy a so called newspaper as they are all biased one way or another so pointless to read.
  10. Well put. I personaly think that not turning up just proves we realy do have freedom of choice here but well put anyway.
  11. Trouble with that is that for years no particular party stood for what I thought was right/good so I didnt vote and nor did I complain about the government of the day because there is good and bad in all, none of them get it all or indeed much of it right. If there had been a definite one I liked I would have voted. Things for me have changed so I am voting even though non of them particularily inspire me there is only one with any shred of competence and with any chance of completing Brexit ( The deal doesnt interest me ) so this time the first time since 1979 I am voting in the general election.
  12. A good post however one point of order. Having spoken to my old mum ( razor sharp at 96 ) she believes that conflicts such as the second world war were won to enable us all to have a freedom of choice and our basic human right gives us the choice of wether we vote or do not vote surely thats the most important unlike the Australians who vote or get fined.
  13. Maybe they do?