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    We both love watching tennis former club standard players. Love boating and socializing.

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    Popsey Bell

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  1. If your printer and the router have a WPS button give them a press and it should allow the printer to connect to the router.
  2. On brokerage with New and Used.
  3. I would echo what folk have said above and if you can get yourself to Crick and have a look at one. We have had ours for 18 months or so from new. We had a few snags as you'd expect and all have been resolved in a timely fashion. All the snags we're minor issues and not things major. Our observations are: The internal fit out is solid with a lot of solid wood being used. The appliances are all branded and not cheap brands being used. They have some lovely wood working touches. The paintwork seems to be fairing ok but ours was a summer build. We've received nothing but favourable comments from people in the trade we've had to do work on her. Something is right with steelwork as she handles really well 58 X 10 WB. We had builder of bespoke boats service the engine. And we were told that they recommend Aqualine as alternate boat builder. Feel free to PM if you have any questions.
  4. Also try good.
  5. Any outside lockers it could be in?
  6. Kinver and Wilsons are 2 separate companies. We had Kinver to do our Pram cover and they did a superb job.
  7. We had a be-spoke chimney made not a one size fits all chimney you see from the chandlers. It doesn't even need to be pushed onto the collar tight we just drop it on. No leaks no matter what fuel we burn.
  8. If you were at Mercia did you have a look at the Aqualine range.
  9. I don't think I live in that hard an area we have no issues with Lime scale. Perhaps I'm just overly fussy liking my shiny granite. lol
  10. Lifes to short
  11. We have black granite in the Galley and the Bathroom. I use my Karcher Window Vac to dry it off when its been wiped down or you will always see the water marks on it.
  12. Does anybody have a time frame when this lock will be re-opened. We have friends stuck above it. Thanks in advance.
  13. I'm inclined to agree with Mike. Our oven is a belling and it performs superbly.
  14. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I shall pass all this info onto my friend.
  15. Yawn. Nothing to do with A British entrepreneurs using the Poilish expertise and history of shipbuilding. I have yet to find Narrowbuilt all fitted with British produce ie fridge freezer inverter etc it's quite poor argument