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  1. No regular volockies as no facilities for them to use.( They wouldn't be regular with no loo !)
  2. Totally agree with Captain Pegg's advice.
  3. Thought the moorings were looking rather rough when we passed by on Sunday.I'm sure they were better last September !
  4. We'll be looking out for each other !
  5. I'm a member of the other place & I enjoy it.Yes,there are some threads/ comments which make me wince-but I will say what I think & it's accepted.One big plus is that there are no obvious cliques which did seem to be a problem here for a while.Both sites have plus & minus points-I will continue to be a member of both without feeling the need to make attacks against either site.
  6. I looooove the Camp House Inn,cracking place.We are planning on getting onto the Severn on Sunday & a Camp House visit is planned.
  7. I only ever use hands/feet to fend off & can't say I 'd pleased if someone was poking me with a pole.Please note lower case p in pole. Trina ( who had a Pole for a dad !).Please note upper case P for Pole.
  8. Ooh Saddo that I am ,I hadn't spotted the video.Have just watched it & am feeling very old,plus rather worried that I could remember her voice in my head...
  9. I remember Petunia wearing Dame Edna style sunglasses & slurping an ice cream...
  10. Oy! nothing to do with me-Trina (Newton).
  11. We had an excellent meal at the Boathouse & the views were spectacular. I really liked Fort Augustus- even the bow hauling of the boat up & down the locks!
  12. We did the run to Ellesmere Port last Sept & it's the best way ever of visiting the museum.😊
  13. Great selection of beers Dave with descriptions to read & colour samples (you'll understand what I mean) to look at.5 minutes walk from my house 😊👍.
  14. Bathams is just wonderful😊🍻🍺
  15. Bought one there as a pressie for my beloved last year...he loves it 😊Added jubilee clips as I would go mental if he dropped it in the cut(not cheap!)