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  1. It may be that the rules concerning special shares are different between syndicates (especially since OwnerShips is no longer around and many syndicates have struck out on their own), but when we had a share boat the specials got first pick of school holiday weeks, not just any weeks. Anyhow, there are lots of different set ups and lots of ways of organising the booking calendar. Not being able to do the autumn shouldn't mean you lose out. Your off season week would just end up being in the spring instead.
  2. It was when we were doing our first two-week hire that some boaters we were sharing locks with told us about shared ownership. if you want three or four weeks of boating a year, it's much cheaper than hiring. That was the beginning of the decent into boat ownership...
  3. Have you seen the boat which has a butty which straps onto the bow? I think they use that as a workshop of some sort, and is also quite short. I can't currently find a photo of it, or even remember what it's called, but someone else might know the one I'm thinking of. ETA:
  4. I'm not really surprised you haven't heard back from New and Used; they sell a range of pretty much off the peg boat, and they don't really build them themselves, so you're way off their usual fare. You could try the big names such as Tim Tyler or Colecraft, but I would expect both of them to be pretty busy. I think Nick Thorpe is an excellent suggestion, as he's already some some pretty short boats and turns out a very nice shell. You could also try Stoke Boats, who do steelwork; Darren at Cauldon Boats is worth a call too; Bourne Boats also have a steelwork arm. Whoever you get to do it, expect it to be relatively expensive. You're asking for all the difficult bits (the bow, the stern, the swims, basically all the curved sections) with almost none of the easy bits (hull and cabin sides). So a 20ft is not going to be a third of the price of a 60ft.
  5. It's the west coast mainline bridge just north of Blisworth. I'd never noticed the blue girders before, in spite of having been under the bridge dozens of times!
  6. The Milton Keynes tip is just a couple of minutes walk from Bridge 74 on the GU. I took some used oil there earlier this week, by boat and on foot.
  7. This one?
  8. This is one of the reasons I like the Pearson's guides -- each page tells you how long it will take, and the timings are pretty accurate, I find.
  9. Flamingo at Cosgrove Lock this afternoon.
  10. Yes, and you also need £3 million for some other waterways, such as the Manchester Ship Canal -- and checking is part of their process to let you go it.
  11. On the widebeams, Elton Moss won with the Cat C Kingsley barge, and second was the 9ft wide Pioneer slimline widebeam by Narrowboats Ltd.
  12. We have a couple of wooden cradles for plank, pole, and boat hook -- which just sit on the roof without any fixings at all. Normally, they're in the middle, so you can get to them whichever side you happen to be; but we have been known, when mooring in the middle of a city like Birmingham for example, to push them over to the far side, just so they're not easily in reach for idle hands from from the towpath.
  13. Not even all Beta 43s have the same air filter. The design changed a few years ago, so it's different for newer engines. One is orange, the other blue. If anyone is at the Crick show, the Beta stand does oil filters and air filters for a fiver each, and if they haven't got the one you need, they'll send you one for the same price.
  14. Yes, but she also has the right to abstain -- although I would advocate that the best way to abstain is to return an empty or spoiled ballot paper, rather than just not turning up at all.
  15. There aren't exactly many locks on that route until you get to Napton, so unless you find steering really tiring it shouldn't take it out of you. At the very least you should cover the bit between Braunston and Napton, which is really lovely (at least ten times better than the North Oxford, IMO). It's the section which is both the Grand Union and the Oxford, and because of that is home to my favourite quirk of the canal system: boat going north on the GU are traveling in one direction, while those going north on the Oxford and travelling the opposite way. Also, the advantage of having your own boat is that you're not stuck with the hire boat week of 3pm Saturday to 9am the next Saturday. You can arrive on the Friday evening and leave on Sunday evening, giving you nine days instead of six and a bit.