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  1. What frippery, all I need to cook a full Sunday roast is a tea light and an upturned clay plant pot
  2. Canal central as far as I am aware have no connection with the moorings, there used to be a boat moored offside opposite the shop and they might have a contact number for the farmer. Best bet is to pop down to the moorings and ask around tbh, I am not in the area anymore otherwise I would have myself, nice excuse for a wander
  3. Philistine
  4. I love that passing boat at the end completely ignoring whats going on
  5. Errr roughly your age! I had a hard paper round I know but "roughly your age"
  6. I was brought up in very white British area with a small Irish comunity and I knew exactly what the word meant and how it was used in an derogatory sense
  7. Thats neat, thank you
  8. I've no idea why that tickled me so much but the idea of the electrons falling out has made me giggle. What sort of container could be used to catch any accidental spill?
  9. Well my profuse apologies I am absolutely wrong and just goes to prove your a much better human being than me Still think a bit of baking would be a good idea
  10. The story has been posted on here by firstratefirstmate, so unless there are 2 boats stuck in the same place with the same problems its reasonable to assume its the same person or at least someone on the same boat and your right it was an unpleasant place to be stuck and yes your right the RCR bloke was useless and CRT should dredge more often. Personally if I was close I would have offered to help, if he would have accepted, because being stuck where he was caused him and his guest some concern. There was a strange and pointless irony by GG in effect outing a previously banned members new forum name and I saw no veiled threat just a suggestion that some bread or cake making would be nice. I am glad he is now safe and on his way
  11. A nice chocolate cake maybe?
  12. Well thats nice
  13. Bored are we? Maybe try baking next tume you feel the need to stir something
  14. Well as he is posting again all seems lovely again doesn't it