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  1. So whens the planks party? Hang on, bludgeoned I did not bludgeon
  2. From a tree point of view the timber is as old as the year is has grown, once the initial growth stage is over in the cambium layer the wood is functionality dead, so no cell replacement
  3. Asda and sainsbury close to Birmingham and Fazeley.,+Ventura+Park+Rd,+Tamworth+B78+3HB/@52.6247569,-1.7075228,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4870a9682d018781:0x356e325b156b6b88
  4. The planks birthday is the day it was processed from the raw material
  5. The material that is processed to make the planks grows in trees
  6. I remember that, was it Warrington new town? Ok it wasn't an add for Warrington new town, for some reason I was thinking of the Eileen Bilton Adds
  7. Well as it isn't as hot here as it was yesterday i propose "Well it isn't as hot as yesterday" And 20 times a day seems appropriate
  8. The Aldi chainsawa are resonable for occasional use but the recoil start is weak and the bar fitted is stupidly big, in fact makes the saw dangerous to handle in my opinion
  9. Purely opinion but I would suggest it comes down to quantity and location, the occasional litre or two would be unlikely to cause a serious issue, as soil bacterial would likely deal with the base oil. As long as the oil was held in the soil and not washed into a water course and the soil had a high organic percentage, meaning sand/silt heavy soils weren't used, allowing time for the bacteria to work Dumping large quantities could (?) Overwhelm the bacteria But its not just about the base oil, modern oils contain all sorts of additives and waste oil contains all sorts of unpleasantness and even if these compounds are broken down, what is left behind?
  10. Avatar, 3 hours of blue hippy peeps, being hippies. Plus as I am unable to see the 3d in 3d films that aspect was wasted on me as well
  11. Well hello, have the new two sorted their world domination plans yet?
  12. Fair enough, I stopped going because of previous landlords but I had heard the last landlord was better, so sorry about that. Hmmmm I suspect I should know who you are in the real world
  13. The aqueduct inn on the Chirk side of the aqueduct has gone through a bit of a revival recently and i am hearing good things about it, new landlord, new menu, well kept real ales. Its about time because its been through a series of time wasting landlords of late and had gone right down hill
  14. Dunno but I have bought plenty just in case
  15. The conscripts