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  1. I've always found "now" to be relative. One question, at what time does "now" become "then"? Actually when we came past in January Hardy was in a worse state than the photo above.
  2. NB Hardy:
  3. Some on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_odkw=dried+milk+tin&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=p2045573.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xnational+dried+milk+tin.TRS0&_nkw=national+dried+milk+tin&_sacat=0
  4. http://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/store/product/ac-052.aspx Three sizes available 6" X 12, 18 & 24" My chimney is double skinned, I use one of these to get extra height when required. I've put a couple of pop rivets in to keep the tube in a cone shape to stop it going too far down the chimney. Easy to pull out when needed.
  5. Class 50's known as Hoovers. "The class were nicknamed "Hoovers"[2] (sometimes shortened to "Vacs"[citation needed]) by rail enthusiasts because of the distinctive sound made by the cooling fan mechanism.[3]" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Rail_Class_50
  6. Just think if it wasn't for progress we'd all still be like this:
  7. Just noticed if you press the green "up" arrow on a post the heart goes green but also a red "down" arrow appears. Is there a way to see your own total of greenies, it isn't in the personal profile any more.
  8. Has the total of green thihgs awarded been deleted from the personal profile ? It was there when the new format appeared but has now gone.
  9. It is also for sale at the bookshop Braunston Bottom Lock.
  10. From "Stem to Stern" by John M Hill is a good guide: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stem-Stern-John-M-Hill-x/dp/0905366271/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1487879014&sr=8-10&keywords=john+m+hill
  11. C&RT Press Briefing 27th January 2017 C&RT Offices Hatton Business Upate CRT is financially on course, with a small planned deficit as a result of the flood damage. Unplanned Stoppages Time Period In our control Not in our control* Total Full year 2015-2106 630 251 881 Apr-Dec 2015-2016 530 206 736 Apr-Dec 2016-2017 379 157 536 *Includes closures to facilitate Police activities, vandalism, third party activity, fallen trees boat damage etc. Friends Update The current Friends total is 20,072. This time last year the figure was 12,250, this represents a 64% increase year on year. Operations Update Elland Bridge. The bridge was opened to pedestrians on the 17th January. Works are ongoing although they have been affected by the wintery weather: cold spells have restricted the times when lime mortar can be used so the parapet is still to be finished. On completion of the parapet the pavement and road will be reopened, planned for week ending 3rd of February. A “stoppage” is currently in force whilst “in-canal” works take place – the wash wall, building a new towpath underneath the bridge and re-profiling the canal bed. Crowther Bridge Works are also progressing here with the foundation abutments currently being cast. The plan is to have the bridge reopened in early May. Work has been structured so the canal can be reopened by the end of March, the remaining works being executed whilst the canal is open for navigation. Lock Usage The top 20 used locks during 2016 year; 1. Locks 2 & 3 Hillmorton, Oxford Canal. 2. New Marton, Llangollen. 3. Cholmondeston, Shropshire Union 4. Colwich, Trent & Mersey 5. Bradford on Avon, Kennet & Avon 6. Wardle , Shropshire Union 7. Woodend, Trent & Mersey. 8. Marston Doles, Oxford. 9. Hurleston, Llangollen. 10. Napton Bottom, Oxford. 11. Lock 43 Tixall, Staffs & Worcester. 12. Marbury, Llangollen. 13. Wychnor,l Trent & Mersey. 14. Lock 21 Claydon Bottom, Oxford 15. Stonebridge, Lee & Stort. 16. Wheaton Aston Lock, Shropshire Union. 17. Lock 27 Star, Trent & Mersey 18. Atherston Top, Coventry. 19. Glascote Top, Coventry 20 Lock 1 Calcutt, Grand Union. Reservoir Update Water resources for the main 2017 boating season are encouraging with reservoirs showing good amounts of refill during December to January despite drier than average condition. The G.U., Caldon and Oxford saw the greatest increase in holdings of 15.8%, 10.4% and 10.1% respectively. The Huddersfield and Grantham Canal reservoirs are currently full. Further refill will still be required during the rest of the winter to maximise water storage for the start of the main boating season. Dredging A 10 year dredging contract has recently been agreed. The contract covers all the Trust’s dredging activity and will take effect from 1st July 2017. Vegetation Management Whilst the Trust spends upwards of £7m every year it recognised there are areas which can be improved. The Trust carried out a review in the summer of 2016 and is putting changes in place: Increased spending on offside vegetation, built up over the last 5 years from effectively zero to c.£1m per year. There are an estimated £3m worth of works backlog to clear before a routine maintenance cycle can be established. The Trust is liaising with the Navigation Advisory Group with regard to setting reasonable expectations for vegetation which will be published in April. The management of vegetation is to be aligned with the dredging programme. Work is to be moved to routine maintenance rather than being reactive. The Trust aims to improve resources to deal with customer enquiries with information to be published on the Trust’s web site. Boat Licensing Review Consultation in three phases will start in February with regard to how boats are licensed. The need for a review is due to: the current system in largely unchanged in more than two decades. The feedback from boaters suggests current pricing can be unfair. The aim is to consider with boaters the most efficient and fair licensing structure. The consultation will be run by Involve, an independent charity specialising in public engagement. In stage one, Involve will interview representatives from the main boating organisations to find out their views on how the consultation should work and what it should cover. During the second stage, which will run from April, Involve will host a series of in-depth workshops with boaters across the country. Participants will reflect the diversity in the boating community. The final stage, will be a consultation for all boat owners to give their views on the options developed during the two previous stages. Winter Mooring Sales These continue to be popular. Total permits sold Total Income Total Months booked Total Length sold Total sites where permits have been purchased 2016 590 £264,264 2028 8610 metres 107 2015 454 £182,999 131 6772 metres 120 You said, we did From the Boaters Own Views survey in 2016: Investment in general waterways upkeep was increased in 2015/2016 to £128 million, an 8% increase on 2014/2015. Winter works plans have been published earlier to allow boaters to have more comment and plan ahead. Review of vegetation management programme including boater feedback. Improvements in London to create more moorable space for different types of boater. There are now 30,500 people reading the Boaters’ Update with plans to reach more boaters to keep them informed. The Trust aim to increase the amount of staff on Boating Buddy trips with a survey to staff and boaters being published on the 27th January. The website was changed to make it more user-friendly, the boating pages will be relaunched in spring. The on line Boaters Guides will be relaunched this summer with up to date information available in downloadable/printable journey guides. New methods of direct communications with boaters were trialled. Crick 2017 The annual Crick Boat Show will take place on 27-29th May 2017. The Trust will have a larger marquee and presence than previous years. A “Journey along the canal” will be a feature for visitors showcasing the work of the Trust and offering information for both adults and children. “T-Rexasty” will be performing on the Saturday night. Boats in Bloom The boats in Bloom campaign will be launched to coincide with National Gardening Week, 10-16th of April. Awards will be presented by staff and or volunteers to thank any effort (small or large) that makes a positive contribution to the waterways. Boats can be nominated for special prizes in certain categories. I am not in a position to answer any questions on the content of the above and I will not enter into any correspondence regarding the report. Any questions please refer them to CRT, thank you.
  12. Naming the some of the Deltics followed the LNER tradition of naming many of the A1 / A3's after race horses. Initially most of the A4's were named after "birds swift of flight." The exception being the first 4 which had the word Silver in their name with the inauguration of the Silver Jubilee. Many were changed in later years to directors names or that of "famous" people. i.e William Whitelaw and Dwight D Eisenhower. There was of course the 100th pacific to be built in 1937, Sir Nigel Gresley, but at the time it was unusual for a person to be so honoured in their lifetime.
  13. Nick, get a couple of these and save on the air fare.
  14. This: Reduced from £525.00,now discounted to £325.00. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112116144701