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  1. Got videoed going down Hillmorton Locks by some Polish tourists about six weeks ago. Didn't mind at all.
  2. From facebook:
  3. Alan & Mike, thank you for interesting insights. Always willing to learn.
  4. I believe RLWP can supply reliable PRM 150's. This bottle of Merlot is good. Hic! .
  5. Just been to the basin at Trevor this afternoon. Very busy. I would suggest the ratio of 4:1 hire boats to private boats for the hour we were there between 15.00 and 16.00.
  6. The flash is Billinge Green Flash, one of the three where BW dumped and sank boats many years ago now. There is one left, Brill, of the "fish" class, sadly way beyond any restoration.
  7. From reading "Walkers of Ricky", it would appear the funnel was fitted to any boat they fancied or were specified, which they built. I think only the GUCCCo specified them. Stand correction here though.
  8. Didn't read properly.
  9. Time to re quote: " There are some souls who slow down and some are souls who don't." Attributable to Dave Moore or Phil Speight.
  11. Select neutral for the gear box then advance the throttle as much as you want. In the picture the gearbox is put in neutral by pulling out the silver button beneath the Morse lever (throttle control). Running a narrow boat engine in neutral to charge the batteries is not recommended as it can lead to "bore glazing."
  12. In the early 1930's the then government gave the GUCCCo a grant to widen the locks and much of the cut from Braunston to Birmingham. The original Birmingham to Warwick and the Warwick to Napton Canals being narrow.* The GU from London to Braunston was built with wide locks from its inception. The money ran out when the scheme reached the Camp Hill Flight so they were never widened. Also the GUCCCo didn't pay too much attention to altering some of the bridges, the one at the Blue Lias Pub as a classic example. The idea was to use wide craft from London to Birmingham but the whole scheme became financially nonviable. I do not see CRT ever widening the Camp Hill Flight. (Good) * The canal from Napton to Braunston was the Oxford Canal but that was built to narrow dimensions.
  13. No one has mentioned arachnids!* They land on your face in the middle of the night. Spin webs at eye height to walk into. As they also spin webs by windows, the window sills get covered in spider poo. * arach|nid [əˈraknɪd] NOUN arachnids (plural noun) an arthropod of the class Arachnida, such as a spiders.