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  1. The Lime Kilns pub at bridge 15 on the Ashby does very good food and drink. There are good moorings and a water point also.
  2. Do not use ordinary paint stripper on GRP, it will dissolve the resin. What you need is Dillunet made by Owertrol.
  3. Departed
  4. I think the age is irrelevant, how many hours has it done ?
  5. If I remember correctly the Beta 43 has a breather pipe (1/2" bore approx. rubber pipe) that goes from the rocker box to the filter. Check this is clear.
  6. Territory
  7. Breathtaking
  8. When you change the air filter, check that it's complete because if it's broken up the debris will have been sucked into the engine.
  9. Go in a lock that's descending, leave it full with the top gate open,. There's no way the bottom gates can open as they open inwards.
  10. Gongoozler
  11. Neighbourhood