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  1. Crime is not rising - it's still falling at about 5%/yr, and is now about 1/3 of the level of its maximum about 20 years ago (This report also makes the point that police reporting has been downgraded from 'national statistics' because of quality issues).
  2. In a breeze 1-3amp, stiffer wind 3-6amp, I wouldn't go boating in that 6-10amp. Not seen more than 15amp in a gust. In the literature it says that curent is proportional to wind speed cubed...
  3. I bought an Ista-breeze 400w wind turbine off eBay (£210) in September and mounted it on a 3.8m mast on my roof (mast plus guys etc £40). It's able to be raised or lowered in about a minute or two. Over winter it's saved running the engine for charging on about 10 days (I've been on the southern Oxford). It only makes a major contribution when there's at least a fairly decent breeze and the boat is moored with clear views (away from trees or even tall hedges). The noise when running can be heard up to 50m away. Inside the boat the major noise component occurs when it spins out of the wind and decelerates - this was improved by fitting a garden kneeler to the tail to increase stability in turbulent flows. But it's not massively annoying. Overall, not worth it - payback is of the order of a decade. But I'm going to keep it now I have it. One advantage is that other boaters do tend not to moor as close...
  4. You might do worse than looking in Currys/Argos for a pair of usb-powered computer speakers. Eg although I would search for something under £10... (I'm assuming that your TV has a USB port for the power) (And if you can wait, I have a spare pair of hp ones that are surplus to requirements, and will be coming past you in the next month or so)
  5. Backing data up - always a good idea. It's also worth (if your phone does so) to save contacts to your SIM card rather than the phone; it's more likely to survive immersion - but this is only useful if you can actually retrieve the machine. Or (on an android phone) save the contact data to your Google account rather than the machine - then you can download to your next phone....
  6. I used some building joists to create a box structure over my poles and planks at the front 11' of the cabin roof, the panels are rebated into this. 99.8% of locks I've single-handed in the last 4 years haven't forced me to use that part of the roof.
  7. I fitted 500w 4 years ago. Cruising for the six warmer months then back to mooring (with shorepower) for the beer months. I reckon they paid for themselves within two seasons in diesel saved - effectively every day I didn't move saved me £2-3 in fuel. The past year I've given up my mooring and been offgrid through the winter; the panels are pants in Nov,Dec & Jan, but now I'm seeing them start to power up again. Apart from the monetary saving, there's the peace of mind of just letting them do their stuff and not having to worry about running the engine with the noise and air pollution associated with that. Downside is being horribly judgemental when some sod without panels parks within earshot....
  8. I suspect the irritation arises partially from the 'facilities' aspect of VM's - Eg mown grass, rings/Armco, bins, water, elsan locations etc. All things that a liveaboard will use more often than a dumper. In a crowded system those who occupy 'prime' locations without considering others more intensive use of the available facilities are guilty of selfishness, or thoughtlessness. I'm liveaboard cc'ing, on the Southern Oxford for winter - there are definitely more cc'ers here than the last time (5 years ago) but it's not crowded at all and with Dusty doing regular supply runs (and Hook Norton ales available in hostelries) it's all rather civilised.
  9. I'd go for the Holy Inadequate in Etruria or The Anchor at High Offley or Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller in Wakefield. Nearer to the Southern ditches, further recommendations are welcome.... Dave
  10. 1cm ice in Banbury this morning - from completely clear yesterday...
  11. Aha. Are you also using the aerial on a stick connected to it, or just the dongle itself?
  12. Possibly the overheating mechanism. Some fans have a bimetallic strip in the base that lifts when hot to prevent damage. Or the base is distorting enough to allow out of balance blades to set up an oscillation. Mine, a 3blade ecofan, does this for a particular range of temperatures.
  13. Turnbuttons - loads on eBay!
  14. My bottles' lifespan stretched from about 7 to 13 weeks when I stopped leaving the pilot on. When I added a calorifier (and stopped using gas except for cooking) the life extended to 20-odd weeks. Single male...
  15. Last weekend - 6.5C, during week 10.... [i suspect the warmer weather and having the stove in. Let the stove go out last night and it was at 9 this morning]