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  1. We had an early morning flight from Heathrow to Schiphol to look at our boat "Friesland" that day. It was an eerie drive. The plane did take off OK, and we seemed to arrive almost before we left. The Dutch has closed the road that crosses the Isselmeer, and the sign said "Warning - dangerous Vogels" (birds!!!). Yesterday we had a new fence put up in Twickenham - this should test it's strength.
  2. That's fine if we have anything to sell that people want - and the work force of British citizens to make such items.
  3. It has! and the pound.
  4. Its strange though that the message implied it was nothing to do with CWDF and the problem was with MY server.
  5. As said, you need to say how much it draws. However your estimate sounds odd - if your 62' boat weighed in at 18ton why do you reckon one that is only half as long would be just over a quarter of that weight? As you call it a butty it presumably has no engine and that obviously affects the estimate, but it still seems strange on the face of it.
  6. Son Jason (in the woolly hat) did this for Trueman with Stamford https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bnkN_KPHi8A . Towcester and Bingley were used repainted as Venus and Ariadne for the TV programme Hold on a Minute - BFI apparently have a copy of but refuse to make it available. We were also filmed for the title sequence of a Steptoe movie but never got to see it (had no telly back when we were working the boats). We also had quite a lot of stills taken of Towcester when we were moored on the old Cowley tip for a magazine (Di thinks Bride, possibly). It was an article on crochet lace making and included a pattern for a porthole doily Di made. There were quite a few more but I've rather lost track. Tam (Stamford somehow transmorgified into having a cruiser fore-end part-way through)
  7. Perhaps he was told his case was not really Clean Cut enough to win
  8. In that case Keeping Up only got any recompense by taking the issue to the Small Claims Court (his post #127 in that thread) as the Solicitors supposedly pursuing his insurance claim refused to do so as they felt it unlikely to succeed. Whether a Solicitor more experienced in boating matters rather than in insurance matters would have been successful can only be a matter for conjecture.
  9. I don't have time to search right now, but as I recall (and it was fairly recent) the wife of the person travelling straight ahead suffered injury, but he was held culpable as he did not have anyone one the fore end keeping a look out as he approached the branch canal.
  10. True MtB. There was the recent case discussed on CWDF where a boat travelling along a canal was rammed by one coming out of a branch to one side where injuries suffered by persons on the boat that was rammed were held to be his own fault. I'm sure relevant experts should have been able to prove the boat that did the ramming was culpable there. So it does depend upon the OP's situation. There are obviously people familiar with laws governing C&RT's business operations, but the OP refers to staff negligence which would be a rather different field.
  11. On the face of it it is difficult to understand why you need a Solicitor familiar with CRT operations in particular - it would obviously be relatively easy to find experts familiar with accidents at work or where some organisation has a duty of care to the public.
  12. "Following an ingenious suggestion by the Shipyard Manager" no less! Does anyone know who Noatun actually are or what their boating and design credentials are?
  13. Uuuuurrrrrhhhhhh! The whole thing is extremely tasteless and ugly, but I agree totally about the wheelhouse. I don't see how they have the gall (the ignorance?) to suggest that it is suitable 'to tour the waterway'. As for the 4' portholes front and back of the wheelhouse - compared to the silly little things they've used elsewhere obviously 4' ones will 'improve the visibility'. I think it would be dangerous - the visibility is so limited it would actually be illegal to cruise with that on the continent. I can't see who the people selling it actually are on their site, but if they actually believe their description of the works as being sympathetic and complementing the hull they are totally self-deluded. I suspect though that they are just throwing those words in as part of the sales pitch. Poor Chaceley
  14. What photo are you looking at? The one in IanM's link doesn't have one and the text says "The next stage for Tirley is to add a new roof and wheelhouse".
  15. When I get phishing mails I mostly forward them to the organisation they purport to come from, just so they know about them. Some do then send me something to thank me and (needlessly) advise me not to open any link. I get 4 or 5 a month supposedly from Fedex, but they've never got back to me and I've stopped forwarding any more. As they are seemingly so unconcerned I would certainly never ever make use of Fedex - possibly unfair as it means the phisher is winning, but I'd not feel safe trusting anything to them.