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  1. Oh, may I? A sideshow, yes, but one which is guaranteed to raise public morale - just as her mother did when visiting bombed parts of London in WW2. I have no doubt that, be she in Manchester or Mayfair, the Queen will have "security protection" - so if they're being employed anyway, she can use them wherever she wants. Once again, bravo! your Majesty.
  2. I rest my case.
  3. A post in the Diplomatic Service is surely yours for the asking. Rarely have I seen a more elegant way of saying "'e's trouserin' the dosh, innee?"
  4. Do you have concrete evidence of that?
  5. I have just watched the television news and am full of admiration for our Queen who has been up to Manchester to visit and comfort wounded people in hospitals. At 90, it would have been reasonable for her to have sent a spare prince or duke to do the job, but she went personally. Well done, Ma'am.
  6. Ill met by moonlight.
  7. Ah, a works outing then!
  8. Apparently a very long, and fairly expensive, blue thing. I suspect that brokers often rely on information given to them by the boat's owner, as may be the case here, though the best ones will surely check information if they are able to. Am I right in thinking that Rugby Boats is under new ownership? Perhaps the new management are not knowledgeable about old boats.
  9. I was delighted, an hour ago, to see (and hear!) n/b's Petrel and Oberon chugging determinedly past the end of our garden, heading in a Great Ouse-wards direction. A bit of internetting suggests that Petrel, which is in carrying condition, is an ex-FMC craft (now in Orion Carriers company lettering) and that Oberon, which has a full-length cabin and blue & yellow BW livery, is a modern Brinklow Boats replica. A bit of listening suggests that both have Listers. I wonder, are they simply on a leisure trip or is there some sort of rally or boat gathering in these far-flung parts?
  10. Good to hear a positive story about CART, and good to hear from you - welcome back. I had not realised that you had been badly (as we say oop North) but am delighted to hear that you're feeling better. Take care.
  11. ..or "recharging the batteries and heating the domestic water" as it is officially hight. Yes.
  12. I'm sure I did, but I evidently lack your memory capabilities! I wonder why, if Gardner says or said 400 hours, other people reckoned that they were mistaken. A rough mental calc. suggests that we probably don't exceed 400 h.p.y., as we tend to use the boat only 7 or 8 months a year, and often for long weekends only during those months. So servicing once a year should be ample.
  13. Thanks for this advice. We do have the engine regularly serviced, every year, generally late August or early September. This includes changing the oil and changing or cleaning, as appropriate, its filters. It didn't come with an hours counter. Would the average boatyard be able to fit one? The expression "premature wear" applied to a 1956 engine does make me smile, though to be fair, most of its insides were new in 2005.
  14. Tee-hee. But seriously, that amount of money must have bought a considerable amount of "Tupperware" - is she a sea-going craft?
  15. And how are you getting on with 'Whitefield'?