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  1. Absolutely correct: my birthday (always have pub lunch in Cambridge with best friend ) and Christmas Day (always walk down to the pub at the end of our road). They're but three days apart so I go quite a long time between lunchtime drinks.
  2. What do you mean? I do award greenoes but I can't be awarded them - isn't that the same for all the moddies?
  3. Apparently the Shipping Forecast has a legion of devotees amongst people who never go to sea and have no interest in ships.
  4. Do not judge others by yourself. I never drink in the daytime (well, on only two days of the year). It occurs to me that this topic has wandered rather charmingly and arrived far away from the original subject. Not unlike Test Match Special, come to think of it.
  5. How does this game, unknown to me, differ from the absorbing, skilful, often exciting game, also called cricket, which I have followed for decades?
  6. ...but not at either of the Cow Corners (these are where the mighty heave of the brawny but unskilled batsman will deposit the ball if he happens to hit it. There are two such corners, diametrically opposite each other). A cricket ball lustily struck, being 5.5 ounces of hard, stuffed leather, can give you quite a thwack.
  7. But surely, being on the Great Ouse rather than the Old Nene side, the work is being done for the EA, not the MLC?
  8. Not in the slightest. The radio remains stationary. My Dad used to have the T.V. on with the sound turned off, and the commentary on the radio, as the radio commentary was always far superior to the television one. When I lived in Sussex, I used to listen to Brighton's football match on Southern Counties Radio every Saturday. Are you suggesting that this is unusual behaviour (apart from my choice of team, I mean)?
  9. Obviously you aren't a follower of sport. It's England's most important summer sporting event, not to be missed if humanly possible. No longer on telly, but has comprehensive radio coverage. In recent years, international rugby games have also been called test matches, but I'm not sure if this has always been so.
  10. No, you're being considerate. You are enhancing his view and providing stimulus because, instead of the same old grass, water and houses, he now has a pretty boat to look at.
  11. That's exactly what I said, yes. For example, buses have signs on them informing passengers that smoking is not allowed on board. They do not have (at least, not round here) signs informing them that playing radios on board is not allowed. So, if someone is playing a radio quietly through headphones, that is fine; but if they're blaring out heavy mental music from a ghetto blaster, that will annoy people and should not be permitted. Listening to the Test Match should, of course, be permitted at all times.
  12. Yes, and when you're out cruising it is useful to know where they are!
  13. Silence implies consent. That is, of course, not the same as condoning inconsiderate behaviour.
  14. 4LK, then? Or another model from the same manufacturer? As a railway enthusiast I'm pleased that mine (another model from the same manufacturer) spent many years powering a narrow gauge railway locomotive.
  15. Fair comment, hope you're feeling better.