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  1. Because there has to be a rule in the first place for an exception to occur. So the exception proves that there is a rule. There is another interpretation of the expression, which I don't care to give ear to, but which could even be right as well.
  2. That's because you look at narrowboats with a trained and experienced eye, as (to a lesser extent) do I. But the tyro would simply see a long slim thing with a high bow - just as you could tell the difference between, say, a JP2 and an RN DM2 instantly, whereas an uninitiated person would see only two big green things wot go plunk.
  3. Not the sort of braking news which you want to hear. Exception...proves...rule...?
  4. Yes indeed. Mel Davis, who built our 'Trojan' and a man whose word I will take as gospel when he's talking about boats, told me "I've never known Crowther get it wrong yet". As I am not a technical sort of person, I don't know exactly what info he gave them to enable them to make the correct prop. No doubt boat length (in our case 45 feet), engine type (2LW) and gearbox type (PRM 260) come into it but there are doubtless other factors. I think ours is 22 X 18, and it continues to give good service.
  5. ...or indeed what he had done. That is good news, thanks for reporting it.
  6. One rarely sees boats with those curved guards - which I know as "bridge bars" but that may not be the right term - these days. I wonder why not.
  7. Is that an impartial comment, or do you have a vested interest?
  8. Three now - I spotted the typo too!
  9. Presumably because it is a less secure way of tying up - Rachel was joking. That's how I interpreted it, anyway.
  10. Yes, it was clear, thanks. It's because of that bow shape that I think of them as "banana boats".
  11. I can see what he means: it looks like a Harborough Marine, until you see a Harborough Marine, whose "banana" bow is even more impressive.
  12. Thank you for that information. I have sometimes admired the sleek lines of these boats, one of which moors from time to time in nearby March, though I wonder whether the sleekness is achieved at the cost of limited headroom. I also wonder how often the occupants trip over when boarding via the well deck.
  13. Many happy returns!
  14. Yes, I get your point. There have been, from time to time over a number of years, occasional moves to introduce licensing on the Middle Level. Certainly there was one during the time that Trojan was moored at the end of our garden (circa 2006 - 2010). What generally happens, as I understand it, is that boaters then point out that if they're paying fees they'll expect more facilities (such as sanny stations, of which the March facility is the only one) and the idea is quietly shelved.
  15. Please don't refer to the Labour Party manifesto in those terms.