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  1. Interesting thread. Perhaps it's a marmite boat. I do know that the owner Mike is set on selling it but it is breaking his wife Gloria's heart. She has my sympathy having been in a similar position. Regards Ditchdabbler
  2. Had exactly same problem on a Beta Marine domestic alternator. Turned out to be corrosion on the b+ terminal on alternator. Cleaned it up and all was well. Regards Ditchdabbler
  3. I requested a definitive answer from C&RT, below is their reply, Dear Chris, Thank you for your email. I am very sorry for the confusion. Here at customer services we were under the impression until recently that it was no longer a requirement to display a licence on your boat as the system is computerised. However, having looked into this further, there is still a clause in our updated terms and conditions which states that it is still a requirement that a licence is displayed. As it stands at the moment, customers are still required to display their licence discs on their boat despite what we were previously led to believe. Going forward, I'm not sure whether we will be going paperless with the licences although it is something which I'm sure you would agree would make things easier for everyone. For the time being, if customers are unable to print their discs we are able to send them out in the post for them as we had done previously. I hope this answers your question, but please let me know if I can assist further. Kind regards, Katy Ellis Customer Service Advisor Canal & River Trust E: T: 0303 040 4040 The Canal & River Trust is a new charity entrusted with the care of 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales. Get involved, join us - Visit Donate Volunteer at Follow the Canal & River Trusts Customer Service team on Twitter
  4. Thought you might be interested in this reply to my tweet, could not find any info on website CRT Customer Service replied to your Tweet. Reply Ditchdabbler @Ditchdabbler Apr 30 @CRTContactUs Any truth in the rumour you are no longer issuing licence 'disks'? CRT Customer Service @CRTContactUs May 01 @Ditchdabbler Sort of! We're now emailing licences rather than posting them, however there is no longer a requirement to display the discs. Bumbles, topic posted twice but I have no idea why. Perhaps a mod could delete one....
  5. Thought you might be interested in this reply to my tweet, could not find any info on website CRT Customer Service replied to your Tweet. Reply Ditchdabbler @Ditchdabbler Apr 30 @CRTContactUs Any truth in the rumour you are no longer issuing licence 'disks'? CRT Customer Service @CRTContactUs May 01 @Ditchdabbler Sort of! We're now emailing licences rather than posting them, however there is no longer a requirement to display the discs.
  6. I would think it depends on the contract between marina and c&rt. A few years ago my boat club was queried by BW because way more boats declared the club as home mooring than our contract allowed. BW supplied us with a list of said boats and asked us to confirm which were correct so we got to see who had falsely declared. It was not up to us to tackle the offenders we just confirmed to BW and let them get on with it. We now update c&rt from time to time.
  7. Paringa sums it up nicely. As a biker of some 40 years now and still riding (Sachs 650) I find the antics of 'power rangers' most embarrassing. Have a greenie sir. Regards Ditchdabbler
  8. It is possible the leak is from the joint of the case halves. IIRC Allan Jones had this on Keeping Up. Also possible it is leaking from the input shaft seal into the bell housing and then down the back if the gearbox and underneath. Regards Ditchdabbler
  9. This us very true. I usually do most of the steering and do try very hard not to speed. I have noticed that when I go below for a 'comfort break' and Landlady takes over the boat seems to speed up even though she has not touched the throttle as she pointed out once when I told her to slow down. Perception us reality eh? Regards Ditchdabbler
  10. Hi. The regulator is bottle mounted. The hose I fitted was BS EN 1763 class 1 which is the low pressure type. In fairness to the inspector he said that in his opinion it was a safe installation but that the regs demand class 2 or above which is high pressure hose and therefore he had to fail the system. It was only a ten minute job to change it once I bought it but I still cannot see the point of high pressure hose requirement when under normal operating conditions the hose will never see more than low pressure. Regards Ditchdabbler
  11. This topic is of interest to me because recently my little ship failed its boat safety due to me having fitted low pressure hose between the regulator and bulkhead fitting and within the confines of the gas locker. Low pressure hose is reasonable I thought as the gas released by the regulator to the appliances is low pressure (37 millibar) BSC requires high pressure hose, clearly I had not done my research properly. However the thought occurred to me that in the event of a regulator failure, high pressure gas (some 150psi) will reach appliances expecting only 37 millibar (a couple of pounds I think) which I would believe is highly undesirable and probably dangerous. The thought of being unaware that such high pressure is in the cabin and attempting to light an appliance is quite un-nerving. I would prefer to have a low pressure hose fail within the confines of the gas locker than high pressure gas in the cabin. I admit it is uncertain that the hose would fail before an appliance or that an appliance might already be lit at the time of regulator failure but a high pressure hose certainly puts the problem squarely into the cabin. So, I put these thoughts to the boat safety folk who have acknowledged receipt of my enquiry but have so far refused to comment. What price safety? I would have thought they might at least give me a rational for their requirement, the BSC documentation to my mind has confused hose within the cabin and hose without. Certainly any hose within must be high pressure no argument but within a gas locker? Regards Ditchdabbler
  12. My LPWS3 sometimes, when running for some 4 hours or so, dumps some water from the header. I think this is due to the relatively small size of the header tank compared to the volume of water in the cooling system (much more than in a 'standard' radiator) and being unable to cope with the expansion of such a volume of water. I have found that keeping just enough to cover the bottom of the header by half an inch or so minimises the loss of water to no more than a 'dampening'. I do find it annoying that the header-tank cap does not have a small pipe attachement so that dumped water can be directed into a container rather than just being sprayed over the engine. I have considered changing the header for a remote off-engine type but have am not sure which would be suitable as the Lister one seems to employ a sort of circulatory system from the exhaust heat exchanger to the header tank via a 8mm pipe. Regards Ditchdabbler
  13. I do not know the answer but am sure Beta Marine will and I think you should give them a call, they are very helpful folk. Do give them your engine no. to help them identify your build. Regards Ditchdabbler
  14. From the album Bits & Bobs

  15. From the album Bits & Bobs