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  1. Deleted because duplicated
  2. Thanks for that link Ditchcrawler. I hadn't seen it.
  3. Happy Birthday...hope you've had a fabulous day. X
  4. Barry posting as Lemontoes...... We find ourselves overnighting in Shipley spending time with rellies..... We are staying in the Ibis hotel which is close to the canal. Can anybody recommend a dog friendly pub where we can get a meal this evening (Saturday)? Beside the canal would be a bonus.
  5. If they won't do food for Sunday, is it worth asking if they would allow takeouts?
  6. Treasures
  7. That's because he is a good boy, and his dad has told him he is not allowed.
  8. A friend bought me My Coo Ca Choo for my sixteenth birthday. We didn't have many records so it was played a lot. Along with Ringo Starr's You're Sixteen which I bought for her.
  9. Cheeky! (But it might be worth ringing ahead to make sure)
  10. I missed the train last year, so will look forward to that.
  11. Convenience
  12. Happy Birthday Monkey!
  13. Really sorry to hear about this. So glad you are ok Richard. Sue, you must have been worried sick. Hugs to you both
  14. Fantasy
  15. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I've missed you all here (though I do see some of you on FB, and at banters)... I'm going to have to visit a lot more