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  1. Probably, there are not even slots for one, hence making a self supporting one.
  2. We've just bought a Sh**line F/F. Changed the door hanging, went OK but the plugs I removed to fit the hinge don't fit in the old holes cos they are now to small to fit the holes that had the screws in and no spares are supplied. The radio [240v] now picks up interference whenever the fridge starts, never had that problem with the old one. The seperate freezer compartment doesn't come with a shelf so you have to pile everything up. Have now made one by heating some Perspex into an 'n' shape. Poor quality, considering the high price, and poor customer service received when phoning to ask about spare plugs and a shelf. Can't see me buying a Sh**line again or recommending them. Only reason we bought this was the depth, but I think we would have been better off resiting it and buying 240v F/F and inverter. Must be better quality out there surely.
  3. ............ find a new surveyor for the next boat.
  4. Just googled using the postcode provided [NN12 7SW] but the propery advertised and that shown when googled bear no resemblance! The googled property looks very crowded, don't think I'd like to live there, but the one advertised looks OK just as it is. Edited to add, just found it further up towards the museum, nice situation.
  5. What type of mooring does it come with, residential, leisure, marina, online, etc:? How much of the baseplate was replaced.
  6. Pics and dimensions here :- http://www.penninewaterways.co.uk/calder/handspike.htm Also info on lock sizes and access.
  7. Pic might help here, or look on ebay under '3 way electrolux fridge' might find one like yours there which may help you. Failing that pull fridge out and look on the back, should be a plate with model No: etc:
  8. Have to admit I thought you were a bit of a plonker at the start of this thread, but having seen the condition of the NB you intend to refurbish I can only admire your intentions, sincere good luck. Looked her up on Jim Sheads listing and she's seems quite shallow so should have no probs with Supermarket trolleys 'Draft 0.01 metres'
  9. Ignore my previous post as after having re-read properly, I think it's irrelevant. But, on post 4 you said :- the air filter housing seems to be a bit squashed and Rogers post 9 suggested :- On your main problem, black smoke is caused by over-fuelling, lack of full air inlet flow or over-loading of the engine such that the fuelling cannot be correct for the load demanded. Have you checked the air filter yet?
  10. How long have you had the boat and when was the engine previously run? When was the diesel last topped up?
  11. Be thankful for small mercies!
  12. I favour something to bring them face to face with the possible consequences of their actions, I think the locals might do that and some way of putting back into the system they have harmed. Give them the bill for ALL the costs that were incurred for their mindless actions and ensure they pay them. Whilst they are young enough, would it not be prudent to try and break the cycle and offer them the best possible chance to teach their kids properly? They are 19yrs & 17yrs old, they're not bloody kids.
  13. No! unless you're into old Leyland vehicles, then the first could be interesting.
  14. Use a torch and a mirror to see the levels. If they need topping up use one of the distilled water bottles that has a flexible tube and do it a little at a time. As you look in, if you can see the top of the battery plates above the water level then top up until just covered, you need to do this for each cell. If you can't see the plates above the water level then they should be OK. If in doubt ask someone to help you, most will. PS You're not an idiot, you've proved that by asking first. Edit to add, don't look directly/closely into the battery with the naked eye or light a match.
  15. As it only finished last night, and the guy has included a picture of himself in the listing, which would appear in itself daft if he were trying a scam, and I assume you have not parted with any cash, can I enquire as to why it's already turning into a legal case. I know it could be disappointing that he may have decided not to sell after having allowed it to run to the end on Ebay, and that in itself means he has broken his contract and could be guilty of breaching Ebay rules, but I would have thought that unless you've paid any cash that it wouldn't be worth the worry & hassle to pursue it further, or have I missed something?