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  1. Not a lot of difference in handling at canal speeds, but I found sharp bows a nightmare when breaking ice. The boat just followed the line of least resistance, along the crack to the nearest bank, despite any steering input.
  2. Or one of these and pein over the bolt ends. Probably more secure and neater to go the cut and re-weld link route, though.
  3. Have you tried running a separate cold water tap while showering? (Turned on just enough to get the pump to run continuously)
  4. Because the lock labourer has opened both top paddles to fill the lock, then opened the gate when it gets level. Closing one paddle before opening the gate loses some time, and, on some locks with leaky bottom gates, can prevent a level being reached at all.
  5. Can you actually remove the gearbox without the bellhousing? On ours, the bellhousing is attached to the gearbox by bolts accessed through the front of the bellhousing, which is obviously not possible with the bellhousing bolted to the engine.
  6. I'll pay 4/6 for the hairdryer : I've got a circuit board with a lot of surface mount components to solder up.
  7. If that's aimed at me, apologies, but claims that CaRT are unable to set any conditions to usage of the canals, and that contracts are unenforceable, need, IMO, to be challenged. It might not be the person making the claim who ends up proving it wrong!
  8. 1: Indeed so. Fairly detailed discussion here, for those interested. 2 : But as some enabling Acts provided for use without charge, further legislation was required, otherwise, by virtue of Sec.43(2) of the Transport Act 1962, the licence could not be charged for. 3: Section 43 does not contain any penalties for breach of conditions, other than the implied withdrawal of permission to use the services or facilities. Bye Laws do contain penalties.
  9. 1 : I did say, "It is at least arguable that "other enactment" could be construed as the Transport Act 1962 Section 43(3)." As far as I know, that has never been tested in Court. If that was held to be the case, then breach of conditions would allow the licence to be terminated under 17(9). 2 : 3 : Obviously no mention of licences in the 62 Act, as it predates licences. However, the 95 Act does not state that previous provisions regarding waterways use do not apply. The 62 Act does NOT "give BW unlimited powers to create bylaws without the consent the secretary of state, or revoke licences as they see fit, with no due process, and no rights for the licence holder to appeal", and I did not suggest it did. Section 43(8) specifically states that "The services and facilities referred to in subsection (3) of this section include, in the case of the British Waterways Board, the use of any inland waterway owned or managed by them by any ship or boat", and I cannot find anything that repeals this. Subsequent legislation adds to that gone before, and only subtracts if it includes a repeal of the previous legislation. 4 : Your second sentence does not follow on from the first. Where in the licence conditions does it state that CaRT can revoke it without reason or notice, or that they can refuse another one (apart from during the period of a revoked licence)?
  10. Kelpie has this one:
  11. Agreed, but a contract does not override statute if the statute is silent. What part of the licence conditions directly contradicts Section 17 of the Waterways Act 1995? It is ridiculous to assert that no other conditions than these stated in that section can apply to the issue or revocation of a licence. The most obvious one is that payment must be made, or are you asserting that I can insist on the issue of a free licence, provided I have insurance , a BSS and a home mooring (to keep it simple!) ? Section 17(9) of the Act states "Nothing in this section shall affect any power of the Board under any other enactment to refuse or withdraw a relevant consent." It is at least arguable that "other enactment" could be construed as the Transport Act 1962 Section 43(3). Edited to add : True, CaRT has no powers to levy fines. Neither do private parking companies.
  12. Or zinc. e.t.a. or build the whole hull out of gold. Would save a fair bit of ballast
  13. And, if the gold plating gets scratched, it won't protect the hull, which will corrode more rapidly. Gold has a potential of +1.5V, as against iron at -0.44V , with reference to a hydrogen electrode. That's nearly 2V galvanic potential. edited to add: in the Wikipedia article, compare the galvanised corrugated iron and the tin can
  14. Makes a change from pink elephants ...