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  1. I have mobility problems, and Paola's sound similar. I think the idea of sturdy steps with wide treads so that she can feel herself firmly planted before she makes her next move would be the way to go. The other thing that would be of great assistance is plenty of grab handles, so that she could have 3 points of contact at a time.
  2. According to their website Freaky Friday is 7th April. 20% off in store and online.
  3. Police Forces (or whatever they call themselves these days) usually have twitter feeds or Facebook pages. Is it possible that Norfolk Police have put information about this in such a place, and a link could be put on CWDF?
  4. As the hull is steel presumably it needs blacking? That must be a bit of a kerfuffle to arrange, especially if it doesn't have any means of propulsion.
  5. Now you are being silly!
  6. I haven't seen what I would call a decently robust biscuit tin for years, and I think it would be hard to get and keep such an oven hot enough anyway (Athy's method uses the earth bank for that). Here is an idea for improvising an oven from other things for on top of a stove If you can look past this being a blog about vintage sewing machines, this blogger bakes rolls on a bakestone on their stove I would think that recipes described as for a slow cooker would work, as people mostly seem to cook stews and the like. May be not a standard loaf of bread, but a few ideas if you are prepared to be a bit adventurous
  7. Another one here who has great admiration for your courage in buying and trying to learn about your boat. Can't offer advice about how to remove your fridge but if even if you are not using it and plan to get rid, make sure to keep the door from closing or else the inside will go mouldy and that is horrible.
  8. There is an alternative that was mainly available at demonstrations at camping shows. They were available by post but that became a bit hit and miss for some reason. People on camping and motorhome forums rate them very highly, such that they were sought after and on the rare occasion that one changed hands it was done privately between forum members. I certainly never saw one on ebay despite having a followed search set up for months. I have seen reports of people baking cakes in them on camping gaz stoves. A new company is selling them now, but the price again is near the £50 mark. If we still had our van I think I would stump up for one of these. (this is of a demo by the previous sellers) (This is a video by the owner of a forum, and you can tell that they use their skillets a lot.) (The old website still appears to be live but I would be wary of ordering from there due to reports of waiting weeks without a response and chivving having to be done.)
  9. I thought about getting one when we had a campervan. and did some research. I found the hole up the middle a bit off-putting (although that is probably why it works, if it does) and couldn't justify £40+ to try it out, but would have bought a cheaper one at a boot sale in a heartbeat. I expect that you have found the company website I also found this US site which gives some recipes
  10. At least this one wasn't someone's home and all their belongings.
  11. Thank you to sueb, Geo and magictime for your contributions. For the life of me I cannot believe that anyone would put a toilet for disabled people upstairs! Perhaps a case of you don't really think about disability issues until you need them yourself. Good idea to think about where we might like to go, and then contact hire companies for some input. The trouble is that I would like to go to so many areas that it will be hard to choose!
  12. Thank you, Tizzie. It looks as though there may be more than one way for me to have a canal holiday.
  13. No worries, 8 Hairy Feet! It was very kind of you to look up what you did for me. That site was very interesting (but I wouldn't feel comfortable about not paying). I am not confined to a wheelchair indoors, although I have recently had to start using one outdoors as I cannot walk very far now. I think my main issue for boating would be getting on and off the boat as my balance is shot to pieces. I would certainly need a hand to steady me, and walking on grass on my own is difficult unless it is very short and lawn like. I have wondered about a hotel boat but we like the freedom of our own timetable, and they are a bit expensive. Thanks to Jennifer McM and Sea Dog for your replies too, all food for thought.
  14. When I was about 18/19 two friends and I hired a boat from Maid Boats (near Thames Ditton IIRC) and spent an extremely enjoyable two weeks travelling to Oxford and back. I think it was the best holiday I have ever had. Now much older, and disabled, I have been reading this website for sometime, trying to decide whether it would be worth my while trying to persuade my husband that my mobility issues would not preclude our hiring a narrowboat. This is the first mention that I have seen of moorings specifically aimed at disabled people. Could someone please tell me exactly how the signs describe these moorings, so that I can search for details of their whereabouts with a view to route planning?
  15. Have you seen the report on the facebook page for this forum of a black painted boat seen on the Great Ouse at Godmanchester? "Tuesday 26th?? looking at the planner 13days at 7hrs a day so if it was stolen on the 9th and cruised 12hrs aday could well be a possible. You said about the back-end cause it looked odd and the boat looking like a dodgy paint job" and "Like i said it looked stolen as it went passed ". There is more but these quotes give the essence of it.