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  1. I built my boat myself, cost me £8k in total, and that included all the fittings, the yard rent and the crane costs. But, if I couldn't do that I would advise him to borrow more money and put it with his £10k to get a better choice of boats.. Casp'
  2. Several years ago, a prop manufacturer told me the opposite, that an inch of pitch was worth 2 inch of diameter, which is why I swapped my Sabb's prop from a 16x14 to an 18x14, but then, this month, Crowthers said that an inch of pitch was worth an inch of diameter.. This is the problem with props, it's hard to find experts who agree. Casp'
  3. If I was after another engine, and I normally am, I would be going to look at the Lister CD currently on Ebay, they are lovely engines, basically the Lister version of the Ruston I've just fitted into my boat.. Casp' My Dad's 66' boat has an SL2 in it, rated at 11hp at 2000 rpm, ish. Probably the slowest boat about..
  4. And with a bit of paint.. I haven't bothered to grind the welds flush, I don't mind them showing and I've tested them with paraffin so I know they don't leak. I also made a simple bracket to hold the fuel return tank, and I had to move the thread on the air filter as it wouldn't fit on now I've altered the exhaust manifold. I just made a new bottom for the filter housing. Casp'
  5. I cut the bottom from the day tank and gave it a good clean out.. I didn't realise that when I made the tank I only put the take off pipe about half an inch into the tank, I thought I had allowed about 3" for crud.. Then made a new bottom with a lower section and a drain plug. Casp'
  6. My stuff is brown, think it's just the photo makes it look pink. I guess we will all end up using some sort of additive before long. he low drain i'll fit should help..
  7. Thank you for that, very interesting, though, as you state, I doubt it would tell me anything useful.
  8. This was in the day tank, which I have now removed to clean out. I plan to cut off the bottom so I can get inside and give it a good clean. I'll then weld a new bottom on with a lower section with a drain in for future use. I haven't looked in the main fuel tank, but that has the take off pipe quite high so it would take an awful lot of crud to reach that. For the past 2 years I have not pumped fuel from the main tank, I've just tipped fuel directly into the day tank from jerry cans. I started doing this as the water seperator started getting a lot of water in it and I wondered if it was from the main tank, but this crud now makes it look like it was the day tank getting water in. It's a shame we can't have the tank breather inside to stop the cold air getting in.. One question: is cleaning the tank sufficient to remove what ever it is, crud I can clean but is it good enough to just clean it thoroughly if it were bug? Oh, also should add that the fuel from the top looked perfectly fine, nice and clear. Would bug normally make all the fuel go cloudy, or does it tend to sit at the bottom. Thanks.
  9. It is as brown as it looks and some of it is thick. This is below the height of the take off pipe, and the diesel above it is nice and clear. I had drained a bit of diesel from the tank before the filter and, after settling, it did have some water drops in the bottom and some dirt, but the rest was nice and clear. I have removed the day tank for cleaning.. Is this just a lot of crud, which seems odd as the tank is only 6 years old, or is it diesel bug? Casp'
  10. Refitted the injector as it was tested and found to be fine. Sorted the diesel return pipes, as the previous owner had used plastic which had kinked and was blocked, just need to make a bracket to hold the tub to collect the return diesel in. Drained off some diesel from the day tank and left it to settle, it had some water in the bottom and some dirt, but the rest was nice and clear, even so I decided to remove the day tank to clean it out. Once removed I turned it over to see what the diesel was like below the take-off pipe, it was not good, Brown, mud like... Quite a lot of it.. I made this tank about 6 years ago, and it was, obviously, clean then, so can't see why it should have so much crud in it now.. Is this diesel bug or just crud? The rest of the diesel above it was nice and clear, which makes me think it isn't bug... I think I will cut the bottom off the tank so I can clean it thoroughly and fit a lower section with a drain in for future use. Casp'
  11. Haven't been to the boat for a while, but I have had the injector checked and it is fine. The chap who checked it says that these single cylinder engines can run as though they are missing! I also spoke to a chap who has the same engine, but running a genny, he said that his is the same, sounds fine next to it, but his exhaust runs about 10 feet out of his shed and from there it sounds as though it is misfiring, he said they just do that at certain revs.. So maybe i'm worrying over nothing.. Anyway i'll still check the fuel next time i'm there and i'm still searching for a smaller propeller for it.. Casp'
  12. Hi, I did look into whether your propeller would be ok to use. It's obviously too small, so I enquired about getting it re-pitched, but the cost of that made it a no go.. Unfortunately.
  13. The chart I found on the net quotes the shaft diameter and then gives all the corresponding measurements, indicating that they are all the same, but I bet there are odd ones out there. The one I was interested in will not fit, and I don't fancy getting it on a lathe to correct it.. I'm wondering whether I could get away with putting a 19" prop on my boat, but I seem to remember thinking 18" was the maximum..
  14. My Sabb had a splash system with no oil pump and a oil pot on the top. With no pump or oil pipes the oil couldn't really go anywhere so monitoring the pressure wasn't an issue. Mine was a single, of course, think it was a model G. Casp'
  15. My Sabb didn't have an oil pump, so I'm not sure what the benefit of a gauge will be.. Casp'