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    Being slightly drunk, slightly stoned and gently warmed by a friendly sun.
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  1. He got it from a lad called Alladin, who had a magic lamp.
  2. But not the Royal Navy interdicting the slave trade on the high seas world wide, best forget anything Britain has done that is not blameworthy. On the subject of comparative numbers, how many slaves do you think the Roman empire had in comparison?
  3. Always slavery in the popular mind means the capture of black Africans for Europe and north America, just one chapter in the history of slavery which is as old as mankind. It's a crime perpetrated against the weak by the strong for the purpose of commercial gain. The poor souls taken from English coastal villages and sold in north Africa were only available for enslavement because they were not Moslem but that was probably revenge for the invasion of Iraq two hundred years later.
  4. The new doctrine of original sin applies. Whatever the problem is, if you look back far enough there will be a white man to blame and that makes us all culpable. At what point in the future will our sentence for invading Iraq be served and the suicide bombers decide we are punished enough? When will it be allowed to suggest that slavery was not ever a race issue and nothing that can be pinned on you and me. There is a sort of virtue signalling defined by a. "mea culpa" on behalf of the Anglo Saxon peoples with sackcloth and ashes for all. However we are attacked there will be those who will point out that it's our own fault.
  5. can't find a report button on my phone. Anyone know how I can report offensive racist language?
  6. Well spotted that man.
  7. Can we lose the racist language please. It's a word that has been used against me in the past in a racist context. We wouldn't accept "darkie" now would we.
  8. Just you come back on change over day.
  9. That's right. I believe that many cyclists are totally oblivious to signage of any kind and don't see the red surfaces.
  10. I know a main road with, from left to right a cycle path about 2 metres, foot path about one metre, grass verge about one metre, kerb, another cycle path for another metre then the carriageway. So cyclists can choose their own passing distance. Guess where most of them ride, oh, forgot to make clear, that's ONE side of the road.
  11. Leave them alone. alternator brush wear comes in two forms, one means a couple of quid and change them, and the other has the slip ring demolished which needs considerable surgery. Why rush to meet it? How about the starter brushes? Solenoid contacts? come to think of it what are your valve seats like?
  12. I doubt it is beyond the wit of man to establish protocols. For instance any volunteer "carrying" should identify himself to any uniformed officer he encounters as a matter of course and then if an incident blew up he is at the command of the officer. If an incident occurred with no officer around he could draw his weapon and identify himself "ARMED RESPONSE!" and open fire if appropriate, clearly he would also be expected to stand down the moment ordered to do so by a police officer. It's just an idea, not a manifesto policy, I didn't really expect to be challenged this way. However I will comply with your request for an explanation and trust you will comply with mine. I am no expert on American problems with gun crime. I occasionally hear of yet another teenage maniac going to school with a long black coat and a gun to make them all sorry but not much more, I will hazard an explanation though. I put it down to the universal right to bear arms enabling the shooters, and the availability of long range sniper rifles and even assault weapons for goodness sake! So the citizen has no target, unlike a knifeman in the street. Now I would have thought that anyone who owns a gun is reconciled to one day maybe using it to defend themselves. I place that person in the vicinity of incoming rounds chipping the pavement and there they go running for cover and indeed escape. I can see that same man confronted with knife wielding nutters up the street confidently drawing his gun and saying a silent prayer of thanks to Charlton Heston. I doubt he has it in mind to close the range to within arms reach before shooting. However, he doesn't know does he that knives don't need reloading, further, nor does his gun since it is so overwhelmingly likely to jam as to be useless. Please would you explain why despite the shocking unreliability you describe, the worlds armed forces without exception rely on firearms as front line infantry weapons? Also how the police who arrived so quickly, having left their swords at the station managed to improvise a solution with mere gunfire?
  13. That's partly the point, they would have to find another method. Explosives are complicated and is a weakness that can be interdicted by good intelligence. Aircraft are a known point where security can be brought to bear. Attacks with vehicles and knives are an act of last resort because they cannot get hold of anything better. Use a truck because you can't make a bomb, a knife because you can't get a gun. It is precisely because other options are closed off that we see attacks that are clearly under resourced for the kind of thing the terrorists want to do. So let's make this option too, fight random unexpected violence with the potential for a directed instant response capable of bringing about the substantial failure of any attack, that would diminish returns and make the idea a less viable use of such human resources as they have. Who has mentioned anything about getting rid of foreigners?
  14. A few things occur. I am no expert but it seems to me that these vehicle/knife attacks which so afflict europe are absent from what surely must be these nutter's chief hate figure, the United States. Imagine if last nights events had taken place in New York. The terrorists would have almost immediately been the subject of concentrated return fire from an armed population. I have a radical notion. Supposing there were trained civilian volunteers going about their daily business covertly armed. In this sort of order,: Ex.... Armed police, police, service nco (commandos not clerks). Under orders only to draw their weapon when life is threatened and otherwise unnoticed but just "there". It would help public confidence and the would be terrorist would have to factor in that an armed response could be right next to him, or at least within shouting distance, he just doesn't know. Would that make such attacks less feasible from their point of view?
  15. And gets the bargee travellers on his back taking him to court. Making a family homeless for staying near school? Breach of human rights surely?