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  1. Hello. we have made the decision to not to go through Birmingham but to bypass to the east down to Stourport,River Severn,Worcester and then the W&B. My request. Are there any low height restrictions in Tardebigge,Shortwood and Wasthill tunnels. In addition anything else we may want to be aware of. Dodgy areas we have found become evident once upon arrival,but forewarned is an advantage.our aim is to get south either Southern GU or South Oxford. No rush, wedding to attend in London October time. Not travelling to London but want to be nearer than at present. Any advice and pee taking gratefully accepted and responded to.
  2. They do pass more often than they used to. At least yours got commented on. Nobody loves me. i might as well go and eat worms!
  3. How is Gregg?
  4. Today or in 46 mins.? if today,happy birthday Mike.
  5. Like this young man on Saturday night,who has possibly been brainwashed into thinking that all is bright a breezy ,on the other side, there are many many more in the pipeline. i have seen two quite strong short videos of ex military men,one an ex SAS soldier and an ex. colonel. Both put strong cases for these extremists to either be deported if not British or imprison any that aren't. Time spent collecting these people that has evidence of extreme material i.e. bomb making info. videos of IS or similar. I don't know how to post on here a link to Faceache but they certainly won me over. Having to have "hard" evidence before arrest in these cases is well past. They have now murdered our children. Strong divisive action is required immediately.
  6. Wasn't there a post or three on here referring to the start of a restoration project?
  7. Yes,ditto. Have a good day.
  8. That looks. Like the way to go. I'll sneak a look in the wife's money vault. Thanks.
  9. I have a victron MPPT75/15 fitted. All wired up but no panels,yet. i believe that the max I can put into this unit is 200w. Is this true? If I exceed the level,say 250w,will it just reject the extra or blow it to bits,so to speak? certainly on a day like today,I regret not investing in solar.
  10. Yeah! But, did he believe he would have?
  11. Possibly Dusty. Failing that Fenny Compton has fuel pump.
  12. We have just come off the Llangollen,last two weeks, and I can confirm it's just as picturesque as it was. Llangollen is great and the basin is worth the £6 in my opinion. In fact nice not to have to run the engine for battery topping up. We had a mix up with prescriptions so asked for permission to stay extra time. We did and we are grateful. You pay at the shop where the horse boats operate. Enjoyed the Llangollen.
  13. We popped in yesterday lunchtime about 1300. Margaret returned to boat at about 1400 ish,I stumbled back at about 1530ish. I do like a pint or two of 6x. Fantastic pub. Unique in many ways. Fully recommended. Martyn.hic!
  14. I noticed on the Bridgwater for instance that there was a crane and a one section dam ready to be placed.
  15. Church is good. Managed to moor there in both directions.