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  1. Summat to look forward to. Memories are made if this, someone sang in the past.
  2. What does it mean and do? It may bring a super revelation to me, so do I really want to say goodbye to it.
  3. I wasn't there, I don't know our or Liam,but I have followed your adventures. This photo brings sadness to me.
  4. I agree. It is unsightly but once you've passed it you forget all about it. Looks like she has had a clear out since we passed through Nantwich a few months ago. Allegedly the old lady gets the bus into the local big town which name escapes me,and she busks with an accordion. She's probably loaded then. Martyn CHESTER!
  5. ABC are more likely, but Castle Marinas are a progressive company. That doesn't help do it?
  6. I only opened it to see what you wrote.
  7. As I say,apparently annoyingly, when looking at pricelist outside eateries, "That's not cheap"!
  8. On the Avon recently a week was £50, the second week was £10 totalling £60 in all.
  9. I'm not after, 'getting my monies worth'. But we entered the Thames midday yesterday 19th. Paid for a week. License states departure midnight 25th. To me, unless I've really lost the plot, is I'm a day short. We may well leave within a week so it may not be relevant. We paid for two weeks on the Avon, once again I felt I was a day short,so I may be 'doing it wrong' or I'm gullible.
  10. Thanks.
  11. I don't pretend to understand electricity. Is the above a tongue in cheek comment? Would it be a risky thing to do? Yes. Very happy with ours. Rarely use the heater as we fill from hot water tap via short hose. Three years old now, liveaboard usage. Bought from AO. Not cheap.
  12. Boats with grass is okay yo a point. Bet the moles make a mess though.
  13. If a brassiere, that would be an uplifting site.
  14. So,in your view, when do I have to depart/leave?
  15. I've got it,I've got it. Executive Car Share. Can be big cars or the bog standard Mondeo. You register your need to go from Holborn in the smoke to,say, Gas Street in Birmingham. Hey Presto! Do a bit of cross business on the way. Express lanes on the M25/M40/M6 etc. Share the petrol/Diesel. or,don't go at all. Phone!! Less cars on the road, saving 'billions' of pound notes and no need for knocking down people's homes and destroying the country side.