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  1. If they are still there next Sunday I shall be pleased to leave them there!
  2. "A Double Diamond works wonders, so drink some today"... TV ads where drinking the beer made the most improbable things happen. In one ad the guy just missed his tube train, bought a DD and as he sipped it, the train came back backwards out of the tunnel to pick him up. Even as a child I saw how ludicrous this was, but the Trades Descriptions Act held that claims for product performance had to be true, so the entertaining ad campaign had to go.
  3. Did they say how many of these blocks are taller than 18m, the legal limit for use of this material (mentioned earlier in this thread)? Or is the implication that there are 600 blocks taller than 18m with this stuff on them?
  4. There was a policeman on the radio a few days before this fire talking about identifying victims of bombs. He said there are only four ways of positively identifying a body, or part thereof: 1) Fingerprints 2) DNA 3) Dental records 4) Serial number on a surgical implant With a badly burned body it is quite possible that none of these methods will be viable.
  5. Call to the Fire Service from flats in such blocks in the must be getting treated with utmost seriousness and priority in the interim, for fear of a repeat runaway cladding fire.
  6. Do we know where exactly it was put down? If in long-ish grass it might yet still be there. I know when I throw my windlass onto the lockside whilst climbing a lock ladder it can take me ages to find it if the grass is long, and I know where it is to within about a metre.
  7. I half heard BBC R4 news just now, and I think they said that Mrs May has announced they have established there are loads of tower blocks clad in this stuff, and urgent action is being taken to ensure no-one has to live in such accommodation. Or something like this. I was distracted but it sounded like something urgent is being done about identifying and fixing other blocks clad with the same stuff.
  8. That was pretty much my own assessment of Tay too, but just by looking at the listing and knowing she was a tar boat. What's it like inside the hold? Covered in tar presumably!!
  9. Isn't that the hotel boat we can thank for the new Richmond Council bylaws?
  10. Nope, both sides are identical in their degree of smartness/scruffiness. I think one person probably had a boat scruffier than mine, and the other, shinier...
  11. I've been called a shiny boater and a scruffy boater both on the same day (by two different people, judging the appearance of my boat!) (Which suggests to me I have the balance just about right!)
  12. Everyone thinks this, but it illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of how TV adverting works. Consider buying a tin of baked beans. Would you buy the tin of beans on the shelf by a company you've never heard of, in preference to for example, the adjacent tin of Heinz beans? If you would chose the Heinz, as most people would, it is because the know and trust the brand. When advertising stops, the public profile of a brand slowly sinks away. TV advertising is to keep the brands in the forefront of your mind. THIS is why the most grating adverts work the best for the companies involved. Further, do you really thing Big Business would spend heavily on advertising without knowing it worked? MacDonalds for example spend $500,000,000 a year on advertising. How many burgers do they think they would sell with an advertising budget of zero?
  13. Ah right you are. Thanks! I was concerned in case something had gone unexpectedly wrong in his life leading to rapid sale of his boat.
  14. Isn't Tay the boat poster billybobbooth here purchased a couple of years ago?
  15. Or even the tendency to feel pleased at having done the job and get off back to the station to talk about how it went? These types of pressures are why I was asking if there is a protocol to follow before leaving site. A series of boxes to be ticked, for example, like waiting for ten minutes after all is packed up and ready to leave. This disaster might prompt the introduction of such a protocol. Would this perhaps have helped prevent this disaster? Possibly not.