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  1. Because CRT's objective is to erase all boating activity, so their only obligation becomes to maintain linear duckponds. Silly! This is consistent with their tendency to promote the idea of a 'boating season', outside of which we have no business going along in our boats.
  2. Bright and crystal clear night hear too. Freezing blustery wind spoiling it though. On the other hand very little light polution and a BILLION stars....
  3. Oh hang on. does it mean people like US???!!
  4. Yes. But the colloquial term for a 'socio-economic economic' group is a 'bunch of freeloaders' as any fule kno. A what on earth is an "ethnic Traveller" anyway, seeing as you mention them?
  5. Its a desperate shame no-one watching was brave enough to go and move the Fairline. I suppose the other boat appeared to be at more risk as the bow was closer to the fire...
  6. There is another curious thing about the composition of the photo. Although we see the tee stud perfectly, where is the prow of the boat onto which it would normally be welded? I'm tending towards the view it is a staged photo. A tee stud, some branches and a PIR operated camera set up on a riverbank somewhere, left for a few days to snap anything that comes along. Not a photographer-boater who handily happened to have a camera ready the second a kingfisher chanced to land on the tee stud of his boat.
  7. I've never encountered an oil level monitor in an IC engine but I've read of such things existing. Possibly just written by someone who thinks the oil pressure light is a oil level light though.
  8. Yes I agree. Buying a knackered old boat by a good builder then stripping it out, repairing the hull then refitting it seems to me to be about the most awkward and difficult route possible to ending up with a nice sound boat.
  9. Is it possible the oil warning lamp is an oil level warning lamp as opposed to an oil pressure warning lamp? If it is, then low oil level would occur long before the oil pump is starved and oil pressure fades away.
  10. Ah, just noticed two more pages of discussion!! Duhhh... Glad to see it is sorted out. Phew!
  11. Firstly, the awful rattling sound the engine was making is unlikely to have been anything to do with the loose 'pin' you mention. Secondly, all the engine oil appears to be in the bilge under the engine instead of being in the engine. This is almost certainly why the red 'Oil Pressure' warning light has been permanently ON. Your engine has no oil ,so no oil pressure, so no lubrication, so all the bearings are shot, hence the horrendous rattling noise. NEVER ignore a red engine warning light. EVER. They come on to warn of impending doom and to shut the engine OFF immediately. The one possible chink of hope is the warning buzzer would normally come ON at the same time as a warning light. Yours appears not to have. So possibly the oil pressure only just failed. A well worn engine with no oil pressure will occasionally go all quiet and carry on as before once oil is restored to the correct level in my experience. Try this, you might possibly be dead lucky!
  12. I think blue smoke is generally considered to be lubrication oil being burned, rather than a combustion fault. Worn piston rings usually, But I'm not expert.
  13. I have to say, I'm finding myself doubting the authenticity of the photo too. When I moor up, there is never an tree branch with some nice coloured leaves around the base of my tee stud, or even close in the background. I think those have been added in too to improve the appeal of the photo.
  14. This seems a far better idea than buying and doing up an old rustbucket by an originally 'good' builder.
  15. Seconded. Very resourceful idea, excellent stuff!! Will file away this idea for future use should I ever need it. Thank you for posting Greenied !