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  1. Assuming you have a residential mooring then, do you not have a postcode? Or are you on an 'under the radar' leisure mooring? How does the fact that your fixed abode happens to be a boat rather than a mobile home or house get revealed? Do the applications forms actually ask what sort of premises you live in these days? Is it feasible to apply for insurance in Brittany using your address there? Is it a left hand drive or right hand drive van?
  2. Firstly I'm rather puzzled about what you class as a "vintage boatbuilder". Boats were never built as vintage boats in the first place. As Alan asks, do you mean you want what is termed these days a "historic boat"? Or do you just mean a modern style leisure boat twenty of thirty years old by a recognised builder and that that has taken a bit of a beating? The thing is, both historic boats and older leisure boats by good builders command a remarkable premium whatever the condition so hopefully you have very deep pockets. If on the other your plan is intended to save money, it won't! You're better off buying a boat in good condition in the first place. It costs LOADS more to restore a boast than its value once done. A labout of love these days for well off people able to outbid the competition for desirable boats.
  3. And a related point the OP may be wondering about, an alternator generates the same power spinning in either direction. So the fact his alternator works is not proof the fan is the correct hand. (Good thing the OP didn't rush out and buy a new alternator too, his initial intention. The new one wouldn't have worked either!) And credit too to the OP for sticking with it, answering the torrent of sometimes seemingly nit-picky and trivial questions coming from the board, posting all the photos, and finding the problem.
  4. Just need to cover the odd one who does none of those things and answers the survey with a pack of lies!
  5. And almost 100% either agreed, disagreed or expressed no opinion.
  6. Of COURSE I was. Only the other day on here I wrote (something along the lines of) "No matter how humourously ludicrous the thing I write, there is usually someone who takes my my facetious comment at face value and sets about correcting me! "
  7. A bit more on the subject here:
  8. Never mind what that nice Mr Athy thinks, the "On Line Etymology Dictionary" agree with you it is estuary English, originating in the 14th C, and quotes that well known 14th C illiterate, Chaucer. aha (interj.) expression of surprise or delighted discovery, late 14c., from ah + ha.
  9. Ah thanks, I missed it. Duhhh....! Probably because the bottom of the page is sooooo far down.... We dont seem to get the italics though.
  10. On the old software there was a line at the bottom of each thread listing the members reading the thread. And any member currently typing a reply, was listed in italics. Can we have this back please? Thanks!
  11. He must have done, or he wouldn't have known the fix didn't work.
  12. This has been tried earlier.
  13. Hmmmm that's annoying. Not the fault after all then. Disconnect it then and put it back to as it was before, I suggest.
  14. Looks a reasonably good electrical connection, despite the crappy workmanship and liberal use of bodgy insulating tape. Whether the circuit is correct though is open to conjecture. It probably is though, given it all worked correctly before the breakdown. I'd just put the tape back on and concentrate on reconnecting that resistor properly.
  15. I doubt the OP will swallow that one!!