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  1. Did I sneeze then??
  2. Hey I've just found the scrap batteries on your boat you mentioned... Many thanks! P.S. They were a bugger to get the wires off...
  3. Errrr... I don't have a point... BUSTED!!!
  4. NOOOOO!!!! I'd be terrible at being a GURL. All that oil and diesel I spend my life dossing about in....
  5. With skills like that you're in danger of being reclassified an honorary bloke, innit...
  6. Lol, which one!!
  7. My mate used to be a pilot. He worked for Calor Gas.... God the old ones are the best, innit!
  8. Blimey, a GURL who can do accents! <Ducks for cover...>
  9. I still have relative times. Your post for example, was at "20 hours ago"...
  10. Oi! (Back...)
  11. Lol, you can't have bin looking properly, I'm ancient! Anyway I have a boier to mendy first thing in the morning, in Sutton Surrey at 12 midday so I better be careful...
  12. Gwarn then, what beer do you serve in that plaice of yours??!! Viognier. YERMMM!!
  13. My apologies, you didn't need to answer. Now, what about your boat... God, nice wine, this!
  14. I don't remember yours being especially fat. What beam are you? Oh, and same question for your bote <snigger>
  15. I have arranged with The Lord for yours to be declared an honorary narrow boat, so you're excused!