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  1. Growing at the water's edge.
  2. Thank you. Now a suplimentary question. I'm sure I should know this one but I don't, and can't find it in my Observers book of wild flowers. And my Rose's Key is 100 miles away in the other bote! Five petal flower about 15mm across. Very distinctive compound leaf growing out of each stem joint.
  3. Ok so my next question. Why is this plant called a celery leaves buttercup? The leaves look nothing like celery. (Amazingly I've just found another little group of them on the bank next to my other boat, 100 miles away. Again, a cluster of three and no others anywhere in sight.)
  4. This is a very good point, and relates to life jackets especially. When doing locks i.e. climbing ladders, crossing gates etc I always worry about catching part of my clothing on some bit of infrastructure just as I commit to something, e.g. stepping across the gates on a narrow lock, and half killing myself with an unexpected fall. Especially if conditions are wet or icy. The general strappiness of a life jacket adds significantly to this risk which is a major downside of wearing one. They are as likely to cause a serious accident in my view as to save you should you fall in.
  5. Bear in mind LadyG in handing down this advice has NO experience of narrowboating or canals.
  6. Ok thanks for the suggestions. I'm fairly sure there is a firm in the rugby/daventry area who make them up in a flash and reasonably cheaply too. When I had the kelvin fitted ISTR the yard in Hilmorton ordering a shaft then driving to get it next day, and only being gone half an hour!
  7. As title. Who is the 'go to' company for getting a Cardan shaft made for a boat please? I need one about four feet long with u/j each end and a sliding/telescopic section at one end. Many thanks for any suggestions.
  8. Try driving along the Thames Embankment, Westminster to Fulham approx, at 5pm. There are far more cycles than cars, and most of them ridden at breakneck speed by 20 and 30-something fit male lunatics. So many they form large clusters which split and overtake you on both sides as you approach one of the many junctions then all swerve in in front of you to occupy the safe braking distance you were maintaining between you and the vehicle in front.
  9. Gregg Klaes has three or four offside moorings at Claydon he's happy to rent to liveaboards. PM me for his phone number if you are interested.
  10. Fanx everyone!! I'm fed up with birthdays. There have been too many now. I've decided to stop having them...
  11. Oi SHADDUP!!! I yam 13 now, not 62 like what ze calendar sez.... And yes, yesterday. Looks like I share birthfdays with Dan! Fanx for the good wishes though
  12. Chill. This is twaddle spouted by someone with no experience, and possibly in a pub. Steel narrow boats in a lock might surge back and forth if the skipper is an incompetent goon, but most are not. Even so there is no disgrace in choosing to wait and transit a lock by yourself. Others will probably have better advice!
  13. Alternatively, how about running it on just three cylinders? It will still be plenty powerful enough for a narrow boat. Nice wine,this...
  14. Ah ok, your weekly bath and an early night eh? (Or did you mean posting alcohol-fueled tripe on CWF of an evening??!)
  15. Are you making chains then? This time of night??!!!