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NB Esk

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    Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
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    Narrowboating, especially the self-build side of it. Mechanic by profession, I am currently restoring a vintage 2cyl Dorman diesel, which will ultimately power my NB.
    Currently building my own narrow tug shell (started in 2007 & still not finished).
    Interested in industrial archeology, especially coal mining.

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    MOT tester/ motor engineer
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    narrowboat ESK...same but different.
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    Rented yard at Quarmby, Huddersfield

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  1. Managed to get this round my prop on the Ashton. As I was just going into a lock, had to bow haul the boat out and then hope other boats, using the lock, didn't lower the pound too much when the hatch was off. Took some shifting but I made the weed hatch big enough and with a sloping front, so it could have been worse...
  2. Know what you mean, that deck is a concrete slab. I was too far away to tell if the guy had his finger on the down button but what I can say is it didn't come down level, one end came down faster than the other. It was at a jaunty angle and making a real protesting noise, I'm surprised it eventually landed squarely. Anyway, it looks like it's back working, at 6.30pm the two boats that were waiting, passed through. At least I should get some water down.
  3. Aye, that's the one. A ram failed that time and it was out of action for about a week. A CRT team are there now and looks like they're pouring oil in so maybe it was just a pipe had blown.
  4. I'm just off to get some lottery tickets. Just came through the Grimshaw lane lift bridge, about an hour ago, moored up for some lunch when I heard the barriers being operated. Grabbed my iPad, as I wanted to video it in action, bridge got about two to three feet up when there was a loud pop and a huge spray of hydraulic oil and down it came. I was under that an hour ago, lucky or what? Details are Grimshaw lane lift bridge, between locks 64 and 65, Rochdale canal. Inoperable at present.
  5. Ah ok, thanks Nick, makes sense now. Looking forward to it.....
  6. O Hi NickF, can you say how you found out about the overnight mooring and if you need a key code to get out, how do you get in? I'll be doing this ring in two or three weeks time, in my own boat so no time constraints. Thanks...
  7. You little tinker, lol.....
  8. I phoned and asked them to send mine, so they did, twice lol. So now I've four licences..... If you ask, they'll also send those little plastic wallets, stops the ink running.
  9. Not 100 percent but I don't think they have pump out facilities. If memory serves its just Elsan and showers, oh and the water pressure is a joke, so fill your tank somewhere else...
  10. If memory serves, Richard Bustens really did disappear, here one minute and then gone. That really was a blast from the past and not just the wind. John Orentas still owes me a pint after me standing him one, in the pub in Bugsworth basin. Then there was Wynd lass, alias Minerva, she really was a tyke, in more ways than one, lol....happy days.
  11. Hey up mate, doubt it'll ever be "finished" but it's usable and I'm living aboard and thoroughly enjoying it. I'll look into pics, used to be able to post them from a pc but on an iPad now.
  12. Thanks for that observation, it's not a spoof.
  13. I'm thinking of three or four months boating, in the better weather. I need to be back to my home mooring, in west Yorks, by around August, in order to make alterations to my central heating. Me? I'm newly retired, own my own narrow tug, am physically fit and have no financial issues. I enjoy alcohol but not to excess. She? Would be able to cope with boating stuff like locks and lock ladders (or willing to learn). Have her own boat which would be in useable order. Hopefully, the boat would be a narrow boat, so we can share wide locks. Would be great to hear from someone who's put off by being single handed or just through lack of experience. I'm an experienced boater and have plenty of patience. If this sounds like you, PM me and I'll give my number.
  14. Is it a Liverpool shell then?
  15. Not sure about this engine but a boat on the wharf where I moor has the 3 cyl version and swings a 6 foot diameter prop.