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  1. Apparently it has; Rick on coal boat Auriga posted on Farcebook yesterday:
  2. Hi Tim When we were in Heyford a few weeks ago, I managed to get O2 with my TPLink router and no external serial. Granted, there was no reception on EE. 😬 Give me a call if you want more details Chris
  3. My friends have now successfully obtained spares and send grateful ;-) thanks to the information!
  4. Thank you linnit, it certainly looks like a Champion Korgen Multi Fuel Stove. Just need to check the dimensions tomorrow. http://www.charliesdirect.co.uk/champion-korgen-wood-burner-multi-fuel-stove-6kw?gclid=CPz8opCioc8CFSsq0wod5XwF5g
  5. Hoping someone will recognise the manufacturer of this stove, it belongs to some friends who inherited it with their boat but have never known the maker so it makes obtaining spares a bit tricky. The side panels are quite distinctive so hope this will help. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. I don't think anyone has answered this question from the OP, post #11. It's a mystery to me!
  7. Open again now as of 15:40 :-)
  8. Rodbaston Lock has had a gate 'lifted off' Team apparently on site awaiting delivery of A Frame to lift back onto pintle [?] Word on the Towpath Telegraph is that they hope to have it back in action late afternoon/early evening. C&RT are apparently now stopping any more boats coming past Gailey Lock. We're 5th in the queue down, hirers coming up are going to be late back to base. No stoppage notice from C&RT yet. UPDATE: A frame arrived but safety certificate out of date so back it goes, so waiting for another one.
  9. When you had the starter apart did you check the brushes were free to move in their holders and that brush springs were pressing them in nicely? One stuck brush or broken spring will make the motor draw excessive current. Hope this helps.
  10. For anyone interested his Yummy Ideas website is here http://www.yummyideas.co.uk/ and Facebook page is here https://www.facebook.com/mark.boardman.372 Edited to add website url
  11. I reckon this is on the South Oxford too at Nell Bridge 187 Compare with http://www.moore2life.co.uk/canals/oxfords/27nell2-10a.jpg
  12. Judging by the bridge number this must be Aubrey's Lift Bridge at Thrupp on the Oxford, looking towards the Boat Inn.
  13. Perhaps an adaptor for a 12v TV might suit? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-dc-adapter-for-Cello-C16115F-LED-C16230F-TP1438D-TP1510F-TP-1907D-TV-/391020389859?hash=item5b0aa1a5e3 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-5A-Car-cigarette-lighter-adapter-for-TFT-monitors-TVs-and-other-equipments-/390425107919?refid=store&ssPageName=STORE:HTMLBUILDER:SIMPLEITEM Chris
  14. That's odd, we came through on Monday and there were no problems evidant, perhaps they've fixed it?
  15. Went through this morning OK but just received this update: Works will commence on site tomorrow including instillation [sic] of stop planks to repair the ground paddle, works will continue over the weekend and an update will be issued on Monday 27th July