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  1. You miss a point breasted working boats can single out when needed. Even in the 80s we rarely went north of mars worth breasted why? You can't.
  2. Interesting comment that 50000 is strong for a boat too wide to go everywhere, given that people pay over 100000 for a new fat boat that can't go anywhere and will depreciate faster than a full elsan. All small woolwich boats have width issues, I recal a certain motor having the guards removed to get off the Llangollen.
  3. Apparently this year there is a measurement plan, and all will move on Friday to allocated spots. This should cause more of a shambles than the procession and be worth watching. Personally I have already started. A hirer getting me bored attempting to turn in braunston marina took so long it was easier to reverse the eight boat lengths to our slot. As a result we have a new sport reversing against oncoming historic boats. The hirer rather than turning under the bridges decided to attempt to turn the other way...... I believe he may be still up the mud pinned on the bank
  4. You can overtake a hirer on the Oxford canal at full throttle as long as you go into neutral when you get level with the boats moored on the towpath. The following wave will then bounce everybody including your own toy boat into the air. You then moor up 2 miles further down the cut and look aggressively at the boats coming slowly past. The tickover stick on was the last straw.
  5. Leave the excess packaging with the supermarket ... That is the main cause of excess garbage
  6. They will live for ever.
  7. Apparently if you have an ex working boat you can't share locks with moderns because your rubbing strakes are in the wrong place and will cause the painted hull sides to become scratched, not to mention the painted guards. the bloke who refused to go down with us today stated in 10 years boating and 1000 locks a year he had never scratched the paint and that modern boaters have to look after their ( fragile) craft, implying that the owners of 80 year old boats with rubbing strakes scratched raw from the Stratford don't maintain or care for their boats. Bet he leaves the car in the garage and makes his wife walk to m and s. she did not look happy with the idea of Hatton hard agin. saw them moored in warwick on the blind bend by tescos. Vandals busy eying it up.
  8. My last set did 2 years.... 6 months effective times twice. What killed them was some kind soul turning off the solar system whilst we were away in Oz for 8 months. The little green posts say they are fine... They charge to full in 4 hours and die to 10 volts in 6. Sulphatated to max.. Changed for the cheapest today which say. Max 100 cycles to 50%... Honesty rather than claiming 400 cycles Ie at something like 5%. new ones still charging 6 hours later ...
  9. Astron is a 70ft Trad (Woolwich Star Class Trader Replica) - just advertised psychic or what. Trader ? They were carrying boats on set runs organised by the company it's called commercial cargo.
  10. Glad you sold her....was only talking to the long suffering partner this morning about her, you know it's a josher and its full length and we really ought to stop trying to live in a 12 ft conversion, and we don't want a full length boat again but on the other hand LOOK AT HER.....and well we could try a josher and its got heating a kelvin and sitting down room. So the circular arguments can stop! I'm sure the new owners will be happy she is divine.
  11. There are bits on those wrecks that are suitable for existing boats... I know for a fact there are diesel tank fillers for woolwich boats that I need for my own boat but can't source.... Hateful to think they may end up scrapped....
  12. There are some lovely Narrowboats built by yards like cts without the need to claim them to be something they are not. When I find one at the right price with the right fit out I'll be replacing our " historic" with it.
  13. Congratulations for saying it like it is. Dave himself I know was never going to say in a public forum what had happened but I know how upset he was. However remember one thing with what he can teach the skills are maintained and people who he teaches can carry the standard forward when the current generation of skilled artisans stop. And that won't be long.....
  14. Clearly your knowledge is far better than mine. I have no clue des of their capacities blindly assuming a 160 was a bit stronger than a 150, but knowing an hb3 is a lot stronger than a 2!!! The only other observation I would make is that they are ugly and would not suit the character of your boat. Mecca a beautiful boat was a blank canvas in terms of build as her history was only in bits of the hull. The hb3 is also mounted in the wrong place....