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  1. Correct failed on cerificate in multiple fashion independant of survey. Done by different people. The certificate on a boat is valid at the time issued. 5 mins later anything goes including the owner sticking his petrol generator full of fuel back in the engine room or the well deck or under the boards next to the engine
  2. We used to use tile paint on cabin tops both wooden and steel for 25 years. We used brick red but other colours are available very hard wearing. However formulation have changed. Unfortunately we bought a job lot of international 4 years ago. Putting it on we were very impressed. It dried flat and Matt . Then I had to wipe a lister smut off the roof. While spirit softened it ( even though it was spirit based) . Two years ago get us through I dambolined the bad bits, a year later crazed and split but a pig to get off. now I am hand stripping and washing it all off with white spirit to get to the raddle red below, so I can repaint with damboline. 15 hrs to strip the short front cabin then engine ole and cabin. Very hard graft, but I will not sand it as most of the raddle and undercoat are good. damboline is great hard wearing and easy to use but bright. check ability to overcoat and clean...
  3. When I bought my current boat the seller proudly produced a survey and certificate. I walked into the boat went that's a fail that's a fail that's a fail. Arranged a survey. New surveyor was aware of first and said I'll look at itafter my survey. I walked round boat in dock and noted obvious thin bits ( pitted) . Went and looked at first survey.. Hmmm. ( 4 th boat purchase 3 historic) following discussion with surveyor and his opinion we compared surveys. some similarity. However where the original surveyor said it was ok the new survey said it was bad and reverse. That's when it dawned. The first surveyor didn't know left from right or port from starboard. ( he was good on paint finishes) We had 36 feet of new footings as part of the sale. Until the steel fell out on the dock floor everyone apart from the second surveyor said the boat was fine. Then we saw the 2mm bits... surveyors vary and get it wrong, certificates are invalid the next time something is altered buyer beware
  4. If I move the cats won't know where to come home to.
  5. It clearly works as there are no ants. Unlike the eco fan which just goes round and round, and takes the kettle space up on the fire. Talking of which a sign of the times just walked from blisworth tunnel mouth to the top of the locks. It's a cold evening well for us australian types anyway . Our boat is the only boat with a coal fire going. All others have various whines roars and hisses from exhaust outlets. And no the museum toilets are closed so it's the bucket in the engine room again.
  6. i don't have to move I've only been here 13 days, I'll move to the next ring tomorrow
  7. 95 amp alternator and ardvarc
  8. Just bought an eco fan wonderful. Next step is to put in on top of the lister and connect to the alternator for the bow thruster thingy. regarding the electric oven man answer is simple.yes you can, have a spare alternator or three and fry your bacon on the casing while the oven is on. What part of watts out is less than required watts in don't you get. 2.4 kW plus losses of an alternator is scary. We have. A 300 watt 12v immersion and a 95 watt alternator. You can hear the engine note change when the stat kicks in...
  9. Ebay Australia has Victron mppt controllers at much lower prices than in uk. Nearly brought one back when I finished work last month. Now kicking self as current controller stops charging as 13.5 volts for some reason.
  10. Sorry can't resist. its too fat to go to my pre arranged of line mooring so I'll just go on the pound the marina was located on and sit flatly on the towpath forever. The clarion call " it's not my fault"
  11. Warwick is fine leamington feels dodgy on the approach but have never had problems there. Time moves on. Banbury used to be no go 80s and 90s, but now ok. However Nuneaton and bits of Stoke have had trouble evolving. Removing lead from petrol and the preference for trouble makers to play on the net has reduced problems...
  12. 2 salaries loads overtime and double and night shifts, live on one, no children 500 quid cars No time to spend money so save money , bought a repossession repaired with help of interest free credit , sorted it out sold to some person, repeat, repeat repeat. Each move financed by capital gain and overtime.
  13. I had a mortgage for 2 years then I worked out what they cost over 25 years so I stopped. havent played that game again, other means of buying property are available.
  14. No grommets where the wires pass through the timber? Please leave this boat where it belong London.
  15. If the battery was flat everything would work once engine fires unless the battery is flat and the charge relays died . Our inverter failed today, just about to tear it out when I swapped the red key with a spare. Immediately fired up. The keys wear and are different lengths...