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  1. Happy Birthday ! Catch you for some of these later maybe?
  2. I know of a boat that has/had a gazebo type structure on the back over a cruiser type stern. This got damaged recently in an accident so maybe he would be interested in something like a coveratory on the back instead!.
  3. The other year we mixed Damsons and sloes to gether with Tesco's Value Gin to amke DamSloe Gin and this was very good!!!
  4. We have a classic. WE start with wood and fire lighters or paper if the windi is up. Once going we get the smokeless coal on. I cook lots of home made soups, Stews, Curries, cottage pie, propper pie with pastry. You can do almost any thing you would cook on a normal stove you just have to get used to it taking longer than on gas or elcetric and if using the oven turn stuff around other wise one side cooks (burns) quicker than the other. Good luck!
  5. Can someone send some of the water the the GU north of Uxbridge. We are currently sitting on the bottom with a terrible list.
  6. I agree did our's yesterday and it all felt like I was ticking the boxes so as they could show they had asked some of us our opinions. Not sure they will do much with it though when they have all the responses back!
  7. Hee Hee Hee
  8. We tried to make use of the shallow depth here to try and get our rudder back into the skeg. One very cold spring Strads stripped down to his undies and slipped into the water to try re site the rudder. I was sure someone would come out and tell us to go away but no one did!
  9. I did a lot better with that one! Well at least I coudl hit them
  10. You did better than me I did not hit one in 10 goes but then I am a cat lover!
  11. We have a green & red engin with shiney metal bits (Strads has been at the brasso again!) dosn't everyone? We hope to see you all there maybe for a banter and a few beeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssss or two!
  12. I'm sure that will happen anyhow. look forward to seeing you again. Wot not got a wheel barrow!!!!!
  13. You should get him a wheel chair at least he would have his own seat then!
  14. From his post in here he is on his way to Chester!
  15. Gary Strads forgot to say it is an UNO does that make a difference?