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  1. Is the company making them still in operation..?
  2. Thanks Ian ...if I find any stock anywhere I will let you know
  3. I had one of these when they first came out - were is the best cheapest place to buy them now..? Google isn't helping me today! Cheers Jon
  4. is too precious a thing to be wasted being 'sensible' is for living
  5. ....I skirted very close to that with purchasing Progress : the first time my wife realised it was 'ours' was while on what she thought was a day trip to meet old friends from the canal and the then owners wife congratulated her for buying the boat - it was only her desire to be polite and that we were a fair way from the bank that saved me ! ...its worked out for me as shes enjoyed our boating - just wants a bigger boat now
  6. Nope - that is probably more reflective of your character than mine Billbob - other than the pic I shared where we let a couple of blocks in she seems fine...the work was done to start the catch up of lack of maintenance properly ...and because it is fun to do ..she is now offered for sale because my family want a bigger boat and her sale would help fund that..
  7. I figured you would be the first Laurence ...actually wooden boats respond very well to being live don where they can be aired and kept warm and fussed over - it is the lack of those things which causes them issues..
  8. ..took you guys a few days to find the advert My family are getting the boating bug which is great news and Im very happy about that, but they feel she is a little small for 3 large kids, dogs and adults lol so I lost the family vote and she is being offered for sale to help fund a bigger boat ... .....although Im preeeety sure no one will buy her and I wont loose any sleep over that as she is lovely.. This forum has a reputation for some sharp comments on occasion so play nice guys
  9. I will get some measurements.. There are some big Dutch boats above Brausnton - does anyone know if they boated there or were they craned in..?
  10. Progress is lovely isn't she - and the work Chris does mind bending was the bridge oles that I was particularly interested in guys - Ive been around the cut for a few years so understand - broadly the beam stuff - probably should have been more specific in my original question - which are the tight bridge oles for a 9' wide boat going up the GU and how far could it get..? Cheers
  11. Thank you
  12. Haha -so its me you dont want boating a fat arse up the GU rather than fat arses themselves! ..that's charming..
  13. are not a fan of fat arses..?
  14. ..thanks guys - Ive got the map but doesn't show bridge oles as it were...I figured? the bridge at Blue Lias would be a squeeze but if a 10' has gone through I guess it will be ok..? What's the air shape of your wide beam please..? Thanks