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  1. Shes lovely
  2. Brilliant - thank you
  3. Any pictures guys - or facebook link..? ...missed it this year....cheers
  4. that's why I couldn't find it anywhere cheers
  5. What sort of boat is Barcus 18...?
  6. ...yes - I sold to what I thought was her best home rather than the highest bidder...they seemed very pleased on the day but its a shame if they are not so pleased with her now - - they had the benefit of both the pictures here and advice from Trevor who was there on the day so certainly had the best infomation at the time.. She's a lovely little boat and we had some great trips in her in the short time we owned her. I lived in a back cabin for a decade or so and found it very comfortable but without a cross bed, Progress 'es internal layout needed to be substantially changed to fit with our needs and even then, her very narrow gunnels would have made social family boating not practical for us at all but I was sad to see her go... ....we continue to look for the right boat for us tho as one thing Progress did do was get my sons enjoying the actual boating - just not so much in Progress
  7. Im sure she still had this when I visited with a mutual friend of the owner - think? early 90's..
  8. Any pictures..?
  9. ....and Im sure I will try again in a little while... ...
  10. The deck wasn't any kind of issue for us - only added to her appeal...similarly the engine was something which could be swapped in the future as funds and opportunity allowed ..( for me :) ) her shape is correct at both ends - she is truly beautiful and has a brilliant 'feel' ...these tar boats resonate with me in a way that I cant really explain ...anyway,she needs a couple of things doing to her reasonably quickly - plank on one side and some plating to water line and caulking and tarring plus the stove isn't working - all relatively minor stuff...I offered what I felt was a decent price but I was a long way short of her owners valuation........and my wife stopped me bidding
  11. Tay is a once in a life time boat - to my eye anyway...sadly my offer wasn't accepted...
  12. Is the company making them still in operation..?
  13. Thanks Ian ...if I find any stock anywhere I will let you know