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  1. ...its fine - the 2 boats on dock in front of us have used it for years...
  2. Im sure it will be rubbish ...we used a glue instead of pitch for the seams so that will be interesting as well...
  3. ..she was floating when I left her this morning - thank God!
  4. All done - back in on Monday...................................just hope she still floats
  5. ..there was an unnoticed fault in the plank originally installed - the grain was open on the bend..water ingress gradually worked in and not noticed I guess? until I found it this docking - tbh it actually all looked fine until a much close examination of the plank showed the rott beginning... such is life
  6. ...caulked and tared the back end today....I definatley need help for the rest so jump on that plane
  7. Saw Towy today - looked nice and tidy ...Severn is nice as well .....
  8. Day 2 ..half the caulking done, all materials on site to finish the docking and wrapped in blue plastic! Its a long plank on the swim and doesn't need to be replaced yet so its all the rott out, couple of small blocks back in with lots of calico, pitch and tin plate and it will be good for a few years yet ...still time to get covered in tar people...? Don't be shy....
  9. End of Day 1 - docked, scrubbed and seams scrapped out very tired boy ( and ok - Dad as well! ) ...only one unexpected issue found and that's a structural fault in the plank at build rather than rott or damage so that's good really.. ..hopefully we have a dry couple of days now... PS - I have plenty of spare caulking irons so don't be shy
  10. Hi We are on dock at Hillmorton next week...if anyone is in the area and has time to pop in you are very welcome.. Cheers
  11. Thanks for the heads up on this item - looking forward to it arriving
  12. Nice looking tug
  13. Congratulations
  14. Will you put her tanked hold back in..? ...not very usable? but looks nice
  15. I remember her from the Forths ownership as well....she made a big impression on me - really nice butty